This BLOGGER [Where Else Organic] is taking a much needed, long overdue BREAK.

That’s a break from seven years–uninterrupted, more than 500 posts, tens of thousands of visitors–from around the world! Readers hail from Canada, the U.S., Europe, South America–and even Australia. Who knew so many, from so many places, cared about ORGANIC FOOD! At the start–that surprised me. Now, I take organic food  interest everywhere for granted–and raise my glass of organic wine!

Hiatus starts now! Enjoy the 500 plus postings you’ll find here. AND, remember to eat organic, support organic–and celebrate organic food, and organic food producers–local and international. Cheers!


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Video: Down on the Farm: With Farm Animal Whisperer Susie Coston

More from Voices of the Food Revolution by John Robbins:  Down on the Farm with Farm Animal Whisperer Susie Coston. Up-close and personal at Farm Sanctuary.  I love this!

The videos above and below capture real, spontaneous moments on the Farm,  from pasture to pasture, in the barns.  This 175-acre Farm in Watkins Glen, New York rescues factory farm animals. For these animals, Farm Sanctuary restores life, a real life–pain-free and respectful, free-range, free-run–and open. Connection and kindness replace the cruelty and corruption of factory farms.

‘Farm Animal Whisperer’ Susie Coston shares anecdotes, stories and the bonds between those in  Farm Sanctuary, animals and people alike.

Here’s more:

Video: Farm Sanctuary’s 2013 Mother of the Year: Julia, the Pig

Here’s more:

Video: More up close and personal with Farm Sanctuary rescues

All animals at Farm Sanctuary have a story, like Bruno the cow. Enroute to slaughter, Bruno fell off of the truck. Farm Sanctuary rescued him–Bruno, and other animal ‘rescues’ just like him. Cheers to all involved!

Farm Sanctuary has locations in Watkins Glen, New York and Orland, California.

Video:  Crumpkin’s Pumpkins’ Pumpkin Song!

It’s that time of year again! Pumpkins galore! Those grown organically might be a bit more expensive than conventional, but here’s the upside to buying ORGANIC:

  • Support  for organic farming and the  health of farmers and farm workers.
  • Support for the health of the environment– rivers, soil, air, [people and animals.]
  • Support of other plants: “Two of the major herbicides used in pumpkins, clomazone and ethalfluralin, have either the potential to injure the crop being grown or cause severe injury to non-target plants.”

Who would WANT to eat the toxic herbicides used on conventional pumpkins? Give me organic any day, even on Halloween! Of course,  NO Halloween is complete without some singing PUMPKINS. Be sure to check out Crumpkin’s Pumpkins’ SINGING video (above).

Video: Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise (OFFICIAL VIDEO HD)

What if telekinesis was real? How would you react? This hidden camera experiment in a coffee shop captures the reactions of unsuspecting patrons. Hilarious! So well done!

Add one coffee shop, multiple remote controlled tables and chairs, bookshelves and books, actors playing patrons “from the beyond”–and what do you get? Best Coffee Shop Prank Ever! I’ll be laughing every time I set foot in ANY coffee shop this Halloween! Bravo to whoever is responsible for this wit!

Video: How Stuff Works–Free Range vs. Organic Turkey

Free range? Organic? For Turkeys–for Canadian Thanksgiving next week, and American Thanksgiving in November–what’s the difference? The video above from Mary’s Turkeys will clue you. “Free range” is what you’d expect. Turkeys are allowed to roam farms unconfined and free–unlike Factory Farms which immobilize the birds in cages. Definitely turkeys are much happier “free range” than none!

“Organic” restrictions are more complex. Soil on organic turkey farms MUST be free of pesticides for at least 3 years. The diet birds are fed is all organic, all vegetable (corn and soy), and supplemented with vitamins and minerals. (You probably don’t want to know what Factory Farms feed turkeys.) Organic feed for turkeys, you could gobble down yourself!

Photo: Free range turkey farm

Could  George, Sally, Frank or Gladys (pictured above) be coming to your house anytime soon? That might be likely–even IF naming thousands of turkeys on an organic turkey farms probably is not.

Oogle a gaggle! The organic turkeys in this YouTube video will have you smiling.  It’s a short and humorous glimpse of “conditions” on an organic turkey farm, close up and personal! Have an oogle, and be oogled right back by one really curious turkey! Even turkeys love a camera!

Video: Free range and organic turkeys “oogle a google”

apple worm 2

Photo: Surrealist art by Russian artist Vladimr Kush

Everything in this painting is “organic,” even the caterpillar! This Vladimir Kush painting  is definitely memorable! Kush is an artist who transforms the ordinary into the fantastic. This “butterfly in the apple” is just one example of his artwork.

For any Vladimir Kush painting you’ll have to look twice–at least–to fully GET what his paintings show. Kush calls his style–or approach‘metaphorical realism,’ and he’s clearly a master.

Here’s more wit and wonder from Vladimir Kush:


Photo:  “Sunrise” surrealism from Vladimir Kush


Photo:  Painting “Breakfast” a la Vladimir Kush surrealism

These paintings from Vladimir Kush give new meaning to a standard breakfast egg order of  “over easy.” Fun. Maybe “fun” should be  a requirement for art–and food!  Kush’s paintings certainly deliver! [For more Vladimir Kush surrealism (or ‘metaphorical realism’), see Journey in Metaphorical Realism. For even more, see Artists Inspire Artists.]

everything santa

Photo: Artist Unknown but highly creative!

May your Holidays ALL BE COVERED with  appreciation and laughter–and a belly full of organic food! Happy Whatever, Whenever!