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Video: Health Ranger, Mike Adams “How GMO foods alter organ function and pose health threat to humans”

“The more genetically altered foods you eat, the LESS human you become!” This is NOT a metaphor. This is reality! That’s the MESSAGE of the video above. Extensive scientific evidence is summarized, not simply to scare you–but to inform you.

Here are theTop 20  Genetically Modified Foods To Avoid” [Source: Organic Foods Seattle]:
Cotton Seeds, Jatropha (Palm Oil), Rice, Soy, Sugar Beets, Yeast, Cassava, Papaya and Banana, Potatoes, Corn, Artificial Sweeteners, Tomatoes, Squash, Oils, Animals Fed GMO, Salmon, Peas, Alfalfa, Pork and Honey.

For complete details about each of the GMO foods listed, see “Top 20 GMO Foods to Avoid”. Even without labels to identify which foods (or “food-like substances”) contain GMO ingredients, you’ll be a smarter shopper! Educate yourself!

To be as sure what you’re eating IS actually healthy food, look for CERTIFIED ORGANIC on labels–and Good Luck!

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Video: Ominivore’s Dilemma introduction (4 min 12 sec)

Philosopher as much as food writer, Michael Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals will have you thinking and re-thinking what you’re eating, or feeding your family—even IF “organic” is on the label.

What started years back as a “dream of eaters to make food less perishable” is now more  the “dream of feeders”, all those corporations that produce and sell us our food. Unfortunately, this has meant pesticides and genetically engineered ingredients added to the food chain.

But, all the news is NOT bad. Pollan’s findings include inspiring notes from organic farms, which offers hope for a quality, locally-sustained food economy.  The book is a thoughtful examination of how what we are fed affects our bodies and our land.

If you prefer audio to visual, YouTube includes Pollan speaking to many of these issues. The video below is one example.

Video: Michael Pollan’s: “Don’t Buy Any Food You’ve Ever Seen Advertised” (10 min 53 sec)

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