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pirate joe's owner michael hallatt cropped

Photo: Entrepreneur Michael Hallatt, owner of Pirate Joe’s in Vancouver/Canada

Local Vancouver Pirate Joe’s US Court victory against health food giant Trader Joe’s (in the US) has emboldened owner Michael Hallatt for another BIG challenge! Hallatt plans to open a healthier–much healthier–version of MacDonald’s. No golden arches. Instead–when up and running–look for a giant black “M”, “M” for “Black M Burgers.”

What will make “Black M Burgers” healthier? Answer:  Grain-fed beef burgers with organic, locally grown toppings–even gluten-free buns! All this, and speedy service in a rooftop vegetable garden. Sign me up!

Hallatt says, “It’s basically to show MacDonald’ what they should be doing.” He adds, “They’ll probably sue me, but I’ve been there and I’m not afraid.” Three cheers, Michael Hallatt!

[To read more, see Pirate Joe’s set sail for fast food giants.]

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green for life enlarged

Photo: Green for Life (book) by Victoria Boutenko

Raw is NOT good enough for greens! Pulverized is way better, if you want maximum nutrtional benefit from salad greens. In other words, “Green Smoothies” rule! That’s the main point of this “can’t put it down” read, Green for LifeAuthor Boutenko is engagingly informative. All health challenges for her whole family were remedied almost entirely by adding “green smoothies” to the family menu. This could work for you, too!

Green for Life includes lots of recipes for Green Smoothies plus recommendations for blenders which can actually thoroughly pulverize “greens.” (Most regular blenders cannot.) A few recipes are featured on the author’s websites, Green for Life and Raw Family. Have a look!

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Video: EWG’s “In the Dark”

I love this short, whimsical  video. Not only ARE we consumers–in North America (US and Canada)--deliberately kept in the dark by Genetically Modified (GMO) food producers such as Monsanto, but our governments collude in supporting multinationals rather than consumers.

But, all is not lost! In the US state-by-state campaigns to label GMO foods are “in the works.” The organization  Environmental Working Group (EWG) is partnering with “Just Label It” campaigns to petition the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to label “genetically modified” (GMO) or (GE) “genetically engineered” foods.  Organic foods are ALL labelled. Why not genetically engineered foods? What are those producers hiding? Why are governments allowing this subtrefuge to continue?

Labelling GMO food in the US affects Canada too. Not only does Canada also NOT label GMO’s,, but much of Canadian produce and other food comes directly from the US.  We consumers have a right to know what we’re eatingand to choose freely!

The EWG is currently lobbying the US Congress to label genetically engineered foods. You can help that process by signing an online PETITION to tell the US FDA you favor “truth in packaging” or labelling of ALL GE (or GMO) foods. [Sign PETITION online:  “Tell the FDA to label genetically engineered foods.”]

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Video:  What’s Organic About Organic?  (Trailer for film/DVD documentary)

What’s Organic about Organic? That’s the title of a documentary film–available on DVD–about organic food and social responsibility. The film rings the alarm for our need to develop a planet-savvy, ecological awareness—to guide to our food choices and actions.

The film shows how “eating organic” extends well  beyond simply personal choice and into realm of social responsibility.

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Video: Tim Herzer’s whimsical “I Will Survive Thanksgiving”

Hilarious foot stomping, NOT neck chopping spin! Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans! May ALL survive!

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Photos (above AND below):  Terry Border “Bent Objects”


Photos (above):  Terry Border “Bent Objects” (food art)

Artists do so love playing with their food! Maybe that’s the kid in them, or just the “bent” adult trying to get out. Whether or not this food is organic, the visual delight (and humor) of these Terry Border works of art definitely IS, and CERTIFIABLY so!

[To view more of artist Terry Border’s “bent objects,” check out this YouTube “Hilarious Food Art” video.]

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