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warsaw food art reduced

Photo: Warsaw–Anna Keville Joyce’s ‘food stylist’
Photographer: Agustín Nieto

These meals are a delight! Self-styled “food stylist,’ Anna Keville Joyce joined forces with photographer Agustín Nieto to illustrate some famous capitals in Eastern Europe. How artists do love ‘playing with their food’! This particular series was commissioned for Foodie Backpacker, a travel site.

bucharest food art reduced

Photo: Bucharest–Anna Keville Joyce’s ‘food stylist’
Photographer: Agustín Nieto

[To see more, see Food Art Photography Illustrates the Delicious Side of European Capitals.] Enjoy!

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Flash mobs in food markets? In restaurants? Who knew “fruits and vegetables” could sing! Here are three musical interludes in Spain and the US, where—of course—the actual singers are professionals:

Video: Flashmob Valencia (Spain) : Opera at the Market

A not-so-ordinary day of shopping at the Central Market in Valencia, Spain: Verdi’s “La Traviata” startles and amazes shoppers.  Watch the faces. Some shoppers are moved to tears, but then, opera can do that to you!

Now, this: Opera Company of Philadelphia “Flash Brindisi” at Reading Terminal (video)

This is one of my favorites! Opera Company of Philadelphia teamed with Reading Terminal Market Italian Festival for a large-scale “Flash Opera” event! 30 Principal cast members of the Opera Company of Philadelphia Chorus performed “La Traviata.” Enjoy! Shopping is never THIS much fun at any of the markets I frequent!

Finally, this video from a restaurant in Bahía Blanca, Spain:

Video: OPERA LIBRE flashmob en Bahia Blanca

Opera excerpts include: “Brindis” La Traviata,  Guiseppi Verdi and “O Sole Mio.” A little culture to grace your day!

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Video:  My Potato Project: The Importance of Organic

“By little children we shall be taught.”  A surprise ‘sidebar’ to a little girl’s science project shows why we need to choose organic produce. Unlike Genetically Modified (GMO) or pesticide-sprayed produce, organic produce is alive. It’s alive! It’s alive!

This simple school project by a young student named Elise started as a task to see how long it would take for grown sweet potato to grow vines.  Then, “surprise” entered the picture. What “started as a simple science experiment quickly evolved into a potential and unintentional piece of evidence in support of the purchase of organic rather than conventional produce.”  [Source: Collective Evolution]

But, let Elise tell you in her own words: Why We Need To Choose Organic!

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Video: How to End Factory Farming

Factory Farms are a travesty! If you’re unfamiliar with conditions for animals on “Factory Farms,” then this video is an eye-opener.  Animals pay a heavy price for “cheap,” mass-produced meat: cruelty! Animals raised for food feel pain—and suffer—just like your family pets would, if you treated them as animals are treated in Factory Farms.

What can you do? As a start:

1--Refuse to buy factory farmed animals.

2–East less meat.

3--Educate yourself. Make informed choices.

4–Eat organic, certified organic and/or free range meats only.

5--Make a pledge to NOT support Factory Farms: Make It Possible.

Here’s how a healthy, happy, well treated–NOT Factory Farmed–pig looks:

snout kissing

Photo: Saying “hello” to a free range, well loved pig!

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Video: Chipotle’s Steve Ells quest for better tasting pork AND other natural ingredients

Video: Niman Ranch founder, Paul Willis, shares his story of raising free-range, pasture raised pigs for Chipotle

YouTube is so much fun! Where else can you get so “up close and personal” with the food we eat, or those who raise the animals? (No animals were harmed during the filming of this video.) These are pigs free of locked up factory farms and farrowing crates.  These pigs are drug and antibiotic-free, and ALL still have teeth and tails intack. Pig farming like this is STILL POSSIBLE!

Steve Ells, Founder of Chipotle’s Mexican “fast food” Restaurants, is happy about that. He wants only pork from “happy pigs” served in his restaurants! The philosophy is to honour the “pig-ness of the pig.” That means free-range, open forests, puddles and freedom to be “pigs.” The same rule applies to beef and chicken. Chipotle’s chicken and beef and pork are fed only natural, vegetarian diets. No hormones, no antibiotics, no cages—no factory farming!

What’s remarkable about this? Chipotle’s Mexican Restaurants are “fast food restaurants.” From a single all natural and organic, fast food “burrito stand” in Denver (Colorado) in 1993, Chipotle’s has grown to more than 870 restaurants across the US, Toronto (Canada)—and soon, in Europe (London). Chipotle’s “slow fast food” restaurants currently serve more than 700,000 people/day in North America. The Founder of Chipotle, Steve Ells, was even featured on Oprah.

On that show Ells said he wanted to “change the way people think about fast food….everything is made from scratch, everything is fresh….we only do a few things but do them really, really well.” All food is cooked in open kitchens in front of customers. Those “few things” Chipotle’s does “really, really well” include, not only some really happy pigs and chickens, but really happy customers. Chipotle’s is the real “Happy Meal.”

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Video: BBC Human Planet “Race against the tide”

The lengths (and depths!) humans will go to for organic food will take your breath away! This BBC video from the series “Human Planet” is stunning. The Inuit  risk death under huge, shifting blocks of Artic ice, to harvest mussels. Thirty minutes is the timeline! If you miss that, you’re dead! This is survival of the boldest for sure.

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frankenfood enlarged

Photo: Mock Monsanto–literally and figuratively–packaging!

This Monsanto “mock” packaging is of course meant to be humorous, but many consumers are IN FACT buying AND eating Genetically Modified (though NOT so blatantly labelled) food. The witty packaging shown above reminds us ALL to pay attention to what we buy and what we eat

How can you tell if a product in your grocery is GMO? By looking at the “product look-up” (PLU) code on the little label:

1–Conventionally grown food (not GMO, not organic): 4 digit PLU
2–Organic food: 5 digits starting with a nine
3–GMO food: 5 digits starting with an eight

Avoid number 3 in that list! Of course, buying certified organic food means that it is, by definition, not GMO. These days, if it’s not ORGANIC, then it’s probably GMO.  As many as 7 out of 10 items in a conventional grocery are GMO! 


Photo: Frankenfood poster [stock photo]

This “bite back” may be more literally true than we know–or would like to believe.  So, read labels. Go for ‘organic’ whenever possible.

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