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Photo: a Junnar Tuluka farmer’s banana bonanza

Check out this record-breaking banana tree! This ONE tree produced four hundred and seventy-seven (477) bananas. ALL organic, I hope–AND not all ripening at the same time! Where’s this tree? In Junnar Taluka, 50 km North of Pune District, in the Maharashtra State of India.

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Video: Just Eat Organic! rap, courtesy of Stonyfield Farms

President and “CE-Yo” of Stonyfield Farms, Gary Hirshberg, is a rapper! Who knew! This video is a delight! Not only that! You can be IN the remix yourself. All you have to do is “film yourself screaming, singing, or yelling to the world “JUST EAT ORGANIC,” upload to YouTube and submit that link to Stonyfield Organic online at  Just Eat Organic. Or, if you just have LYRICS you’d like to see added to the video, tweet those to Stonyfield.

Here’s your chance to be a rapper! Maybe you’ll “go viral.”

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Surreal Food Art!

Photo: surrealist art by Russian artist Vladimr Kush

Everything in this painting is “organic,” even the caterpillar! This Vladimir Kush painting  is definitely memorable! He transforms the ordinary into the fantastic. AND this “butterfly in the apple” is just one example of his artwork. Here’s more: “Surreal Paintings of Vladimir Kush.”

If you’d like even more, check out “The Colour of My Dreams: The Surrealist Revolution in Art” at the Vancouver Art Gallery until Sunday, September 25, 2011. That’s less than TWO weeks from now!

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Photo: Robson “Capers” store before sign removed and replaced with “Whole Foods” 

“Capers Community Market,” the used-to-be SIGN on the Robson Street store is no more! “Capers” ID still appears (for now) on receipt slips, but Whole Foods is ALL that shows outside the store. C’est la vie. Whole Foods let us keep our illusions for nearly 5 years that Capers still existed. That’s appreciated.

I guess, after 5 years, Whole Foods management did not think the community would greet the change with pitchforks and fury.  At least organic food is still available inside the Robson “Capers” cum Whole Foods store!

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Photo: cover onew book by Carolyn Herriot, The Zero Mile Diet (A Year Round Guide to Growing Organic Food) 
Writer and organic gardener Carolyn Herriot will be in Vancouver this month to speak about her book The Zero Mile Diet (A Year Round Guide to Growing Organic Food).  
WHEN: Friday, 23 September, 6:30–8 pm. WHERE: Banyen Books
Never mind the “100-Mile Diet” for organics! Try your own backyard instead! Herriot’sbook includes all the ”how to’s” you’ll need to get started with your own organic garden.  Says Herriot:
“People are increasingly looking to their own backyards rather than supermarket shelves for their fresh produce. If they don’t have a yard, they’re being very creative about where to plant their veggies….rooftop gardening…horizontal gardening, on walls, and…in old bathtubs—anything they can get their hands on.”

At the Garden Path Centre in Victoria Herriot also offers workshops on the “Zero Mile Diet” and  ”a host of other topics, including the basics of organic gardening, growing vegetables in containers, “edible landscaping,” how to save seeds, backyard fruits and berries, and growing a winter food garden.”  The Garden Path is open to visitors every Friday until 25 September (for the season).

[For more information, see The Epoch Times:Zero Mile Diet Fosters Greater Food Self-Sufficiency,” or Common Ground “Phenomenal Food Garden.”]

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