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Video:  Eleven year-old Birke Baehr talks about “What’s Wrong with Our Food System?”

“Are organic foods really more expensive? Well, we can either pay the farmer or the hospital. I know which one I would choose,” so says 11-year-old Birke Baehr. This is only one of many astute observations by a remarkable kid who once wanted to be an NFL Football player (when he grows up), and NOW wants instead to be an ORGANIC FARMER!

Yea, Team! There’s hope for our future with this kind of draft pick!

When asked whether “organic toasted O’s or frosted flakes” preferred for breakfast,  Birk’s reply is this: “Never eat sparkly cereal!” Good advice for us all!

Have a listen to Birke in this short 5 minute YouTube video [LINK above]. You’ll be cheered by the prospect of a kid so young “preaching the gospel” of organic food.

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Photo: Eyes Big as Plates #9 by photographers Hjorth and Ikonen

These photos feature alarmingly ORGANIC headgear! In fact, the headgear photographed here is so obviously organic that all I can think, looking at it is: “How many bugs must be crawling all over these guy’s heads?!”

“The models in the photographs are captivating, not only for the strange organic headwear or clothing they wear in the photographs, but equally for the character they project through the images.” [Source: Visual News]

The project is called “Eyes as Big as Plates,” and it started “as a play on characters and protagonists from Norwegian folklore. But then, for Norwegian photographers Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen, the series [became], as they put it, “exploring the mental landscape of their neighborly and pragmatic Finns.”


Photo: Eyes Big as Plates #7 by photographers Hjorth and Ikonen


Photo: Eyes Big as Plates #5 by photographers Hjorth and Ikonen

[For more, visit the websites of Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen or their new Eyes as Big as Plates site.]

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Farmer PJ Ryan from Newport, Co Tipperary, in his prize-winning selfie

Photo: Farmer PJ Ryan from Newport, Co Tipperary, in a prize-winning felfie. Photograph: Twitter

Is felfie, the NEW ‘selfie’? Yes, it is–but for farmers! The ‘felfie’ is how farmers are now embracing social media, by posting their own selfies, or ‘felfies’ online–especially on Twitter.

This adds a bit of fun, and humanity to a lonely profession, namely FARMING. Social media brings people together. Farmers these days are seldom without a tablet or smartphone, even when perched on a tractor or otherwise working outdoors.

A blog called Farming Selfie, set up by UK farmer @willwilson100, collects all the latest farm ‘felfies’ worldwide–spotlighting farmers lives everywhere from Argentina to Finland. Can ‘cowfies’ be far behind!

Pork felfie by Long Bush Pork in New Zealand

Photo: Pork felfie by Long Bush Pork in New Zealand. Photograph: Long Bush Pork/Twitter

[For more information, see The Felfie: How Farmers are Embracing Social Media.]

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Video: Oscars Pizza Delivery Man’ Brand New Restaurant 

Edgar Martirosyan ’15 minutes of fame’ pays off! Months after delivering pizza to Ellen Degeneres–and friends–on the Oscars, Martirosyan now owns (with his brother) a brand new restaurant in Los Angeles. The offering is pizza, Italian-style–and the ingredients are local, organic and in-season!

Martirosyan ‘claim to fame’ came earlier this year, when he delivered 20 pizzas to DeGeneres (ordered from Big Mama’s and Papa’s) and to stars Julia Roberts (his favorite), Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt and others A-List actors inside the Dolby Theatre (where Oscars were held).

Martirosyan, then owner of the Mama’s and Papa’s chain at the Sunset Boulevard location, now says:

“I thought it was just a regular delivery. I didn’t know I was going to go on the stage.”

Apparently, “all the world IS” a stage! Martirosyan and brother Erik decided to cash in, and fulfill a dream of owning their own pizza restaurant. That restaurant, which opened earlier this week, is called Wood. What’s served is artisanal pizzas from wood-fired ovens in the Neapolitan tradition.

[For more information, see Guy who delivered pizza to Oscars is now making pizza at Wood.]

Kudo to 15 minutes of fame—and to Erik and Edgar for following a dream!



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Video: “Store Wars – Organic food versus chemicals and GMOs”

Back by popular demand–this hilariously apt “grocery store wars” video produced and uploaded to YouTube in 2005!  Follow the lede “Not long ago in a supermarket not so far away”  to a brilliantly hilarious spoof of “Store Wars” (credits to “Star Wars” the film, and Free Range Studios).

The universe has been taken over by the “Dark Side” of the “Farm.” “Obe-won Canoli” clues “Young Cuke Skywalker” (both organic) about the “ways of the Farm,” so that Young Cuke can rescue Princess Lettuce. Of course he gets help, starting with “Ham Solo” and “Chew Broccoli”.  Light sabers, a Death Melon, and Darth Tatter.  ALL the action is here in this short, clever, and hugely entertaining video. So far 5,969,940 people have viewed this satirical spin on organic versus chemical and genetically engineered food!

“The (organic) Farm is what gives us our power,” says Obe-won, “but alas, the Market has been taken over by the Dark Side of the Farm” (Pesticides, GMO-foods). But, yay! All is not lost, “a resistance called the Organic Rebellion is fighting back!” Join the fun–AND the fight!

Music, sound and visual effects for “Store Wars” are all straight from the “Star Wars” mold. I love this video! Kudos to Free Range Studios for “creativity with a conscience”!

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MAM 2014 reduced

Photo: 2014 March Against Monsanto poster

Heads up! The next March Against Monsanto happens Saturday, May 24—worldwide! Thousands of people round the world will AGAIN take to the streets to protest Genetically Modified (GMO) food.

Calls for “Ban it, or–at least–label it” will be heard. Add your voice. [For events near you, see  March Against Monsanto, Events Calendar.]

Here’s WHY we March Against Monsanto:

Video: March against Monsanto May 24, 2014

Monsanto’s GMO foods can lead to serious health conditions, including cancer, infertility and birth defects. In the US, the FDA—the agency tasked with food safety –is coordinated by ex-Monsanto executives. Talk about “conflict of interest”! The U.S. Congress–and President–recently passed a bill nicknamed “Monsanto Protection Act” which bans courts stopping the sale of Monsanto’s GMO seeds. Corruption taints our food supply–at EVERY LEVEL.

Last year March Against Monsanto marches happened on 6 continents, in 52 countries with events in over 400 cities. In the US, March Against Monsanto marches were scheduled in 47 states. This is how that looked:

Video: March Against Monsanto (Remix)

If you can participate in this year’s May 24 March Against Monsanto–do! Monsanto CAN be beaten! The BIG Island of Hawaii, just last month, banned GMO crops . The state of Vermont, last month, became the first state in the US to make labelling of GMO foods ‘mandatory’.

As Yogi Berra once so eloquently said: “It ain’t over ’til it’s over”! Join the March Against Monsanto on May 24!

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Inhabitat chefs daniel-boulud-michel-richar adjusted

Photo: Chefs Daniel Boulud and Michel Richard Photographer: ©Yuka Yoneda

French-born founder and CEO, Ariane Daguin, of D’Artagnan—a gourmet supplier—had an idea.  That idea is Green Circle.  In a phrase: Forget factory farm chickens with Genetically Modified (GMO) feed. Instead, provide chickens with gourmet food scraps to enhance flavor. Maybe “Green Circle” should be called “full circle”, back to basics, back to organics–away from GMO and factory farm flavors.

The idea to “feed gourmet scraps to chickens” was prompted by Daguin’s distaste of overfed and caged American factory farm chickens. She approached celebrity chef Daniel Boulud to create the taste of more “naturally-raised hens.” A half dozen other chefs have now joined the project.

“Daguin poured more than $250,000 into research and cross breeding just the right bird from a rare French breed that’s usually seen in Gascony, a southwestern region of France. The resulting pampered chickens are currently raised on an Amish farm in Pennsylvania.”

“Some of the chefs participating in the program have their own theories about how to enhance the flavors of the birds. For example, David Burke believes you can start marinating your chicken while it’s alive by feeding it ginger and lemon to make it taste gingery and lemony.” [Source: Inhabitat]

It’s an idea, anyway–in process. Tasty chicken to follow! [To read more, see These Chickens Eat More Food from Four-Star NYC Restaurants Than You Do.]

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