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Photo: the latest in “daisies”? No photographer identified.

The signs are everywhere! It’s Summer at last in Vancouver! The daisy ring might be fake, but the dog is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT ORGANIC!  AND Farmers Markets are ALL open again. Three cheers!

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Photo: Tortoise and the strawberry. Photographer: unknown.

Is this just another “so cute” photo, or a fable in the making? Maybe “slow–and organic–food wins the race” for this tiny competitor!

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diane with fish

Photo: Diane Latimore aka the “Fish Maestro”

All you fish fans out there! Our “Fish Maestro” Diane Latimore, (previously at West Van Capers for 16 years until Wild Oats merger with Whole Foods moved her to Park Royal) is NOW moving back again to Capers. But, this time her location will be in downtown Vancouver, Capers Kitsilano (Whole Foods) store.

Tomorrow, April 12th, is Diane’s last day at Whole Foods Park Royal. Stop in a say “Good-bye”! She will for sure miss all her “regulars” on the North Shore! Be sure to visit her in Kitsilano!

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All these photos are created entirely from food! Organic, I hope. I’ve no idea who the artist might be. The photos are circulating emails today without a “credit.” If anyone knows the artist or

photographer’s name, let me know (in “Comments” below).


food 1

food 2

food 3

food 4

food 5

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Squirrels and Flower

Photo: circulated Emails/No photographer named

From webrapper aka Adriane Saunders:


We will continue to post your Capers stories, leads to “Where Else Organic?” all round Vancouver (and the Lower Mainland), original artwork, and your comments.

This blog  CELEBRATES all things ORGANIC (and “environmentally friendly”).  That includes regular “Co-Opistan Updates” (about the new organic food COOPERATIVE planned for the North Shore).

This BLOG is a work in progress (with readers now from all over the world). Special thanks to WordPress (our blog’s service provider).  Wordpress “featured” this blog (in December 2007) as “worth a look” for its over TWO MILLION users. We have fans now who never (until seeing the videos on this blog) set foot inside any Capers store.Thanks to Internet we are definitely ALL CONNECTED!

Email address for this BLOG: newpostings@gmail.com  Everyone’s contribution is welcome! Happy New Year to ALL!

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Christams photos (below) compliments of Tanya Coade.
Thank you, Tanya!

[Editor’s Note: If you know the names of any of the people in the photos, 
leave that in”Comments”. I’ll then be able to match names with photos.]

Xmas Party

Photo: Christmas Party in the Loft

Xmas Display

 Photo: Store Holiday Food Display

Production Bakery 2

Photo: Production Bakery

Production Bakery 1

Photo: Production Bakery (another view)

Xmas Front End

Photo: Front End (before check out counters reversed!)

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Side Sign 3

Side Sign 2

Side Sign 1

 Photo: Capers sign in West Vancouver X-Capers

A photo montage from our “roving photographer” Kay Bruheim.

“Give us a “C”…! Give us an “A”…! Give us a “P”…! Give us an “E”…!
Give us an “R”…! Give us an “S”…!” We continue to CHEER on this

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