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Photo: “Buy, Buy American Pie” video 

This YouTube parody “tells it like it is” in the food industry. More than one million hits and counting. All in good fun!These comments from Her Bunk Productions provide a “teaser”:

“Uncle Sam points out the problems we have when we buy cheap products from China. “Buy, Buy American Pie” was written and performed by the Capitol Steps This is a parody and involves exageration. Tastykakes are made in the United States and not in China and definitely contain no harmful ingredients.  Little Debbie is also located in the United States and not in China and their products contain no harmful ingredients.”

[To view the video, click “Buy, Buy American Pie.”]

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Photo: from Ken Kirkwood’s “Raw Milk: Public Health Issue or Crying over Spilt Milk?” 

This is from a Toronto Globe and Mail article “Victory for the Milk Man”:

“In a surprise verdict that stunned even the defendant, a justice of the peace has dismissed a slate of raw-milk-related charges against Ontario dairyman Michael Schmidt and simultaneously delivered a boon to Canada’s food-rights movement.

Mr. Schmidt supplies raw milk to a small network of people with ownership shares in his dairy cattle. He was facing 19 charges related to public health and milk marketing….The judgment, the culmination of a legal battle that was launched in 2006 after a raid by the Ministry of Natural Resources on Mr. Schmidt’s farm in Durham, Ontario, does not mean raw milk can be commercially sold in Ontario….However, it gives a boost to the burgeoning sector of creative farm-to-consumer food delivery-programs, including “cow-shares,” which have grown in popularity as mistrust in the industrial food system has increased.

Score ONE for “food choice freedom” in Canada. Yea, Michael Schmidt!

[For more information, see “Victory for the milk man” and “Raw milk fight becomes a symbol of food freedom.”]

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