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Photo: Beaver Log Company’s tree-house for The Whistler Celebration Plaza Playground, Whistler BC

Everything from organic  food to sustainable fashion is featured at the Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living EXPO this weekend. These are the details from today’s Vancouver SUN, the WHERE, WHEN and HOW MUCH:

WHAT: The Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo, or EPIC (Ethical Progressive Intelligent Consumer)
WHERE: Vancouver Convention Centre West
WHEN: Friday, 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.; and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

PRICES: Tickets are available online (at a $5 discount) or at the door, and range from $7 for a one-day seniors and students pass, to $25 for a multi-day general pass.”

[To read MORE, see “Vancouver Sun’s Epic Expo turns a brighter shade of green” by Jenny Lee.]

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Photo: Victoria “carrotmob” in front of Wannawaffel

What’s a “carrotmob”?  It’s CONSUMER ACTIVISM at its smartest.  Rather than boycott merchants who do nothing to protect or support the environment, “carrotmobs” REWARD those businesses that do it the best. How? By “mobbing” those businesses with business!

This is from carrotmob online:

“Businesses compete at how socially responsible they can be, and then a network of consumers spends money to support whichever business makes the strongest offer. We harness consumer power to make it possible for the most socially-responsible business practices to also be the most profitable choices.”

Smart! This is “how organized consumer purchasing can change business,” and carrotmob  events are worldwide.

The most recent event happened in Vancouver at Salt Spring Coffee on Main Street. Salt Spring Coffee features coffee that’s all ORGANIC, all Fair Trade, and farmer-friendly. Check out this video about Salt Spring Coffee.

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 Photo: a “foodie-friendly” iPhone

If you’re looking for local or organic food,“there’s an ‘app’ for that.”  iPhone seems to have an “app” (application) for practically everything these days. Now, that includes food.

On Slashfood writer Pervaiz Shallwani says this about “foodie-friendly iPhones”:

“We’re big proponents of buying local when possible and just spied some curious data about 5,500 iPhone users buying a $3 Locavore app (created by a Slashfood friend) in a mere month. It tells iPhone addicts what’s in season, what’s en route and where nearby farmers’ markets are located.”

That’s cool! [To read FULL ARTICLE, see Foodie-Friendly iPhone Apps On Rise.]

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Photo: 2 varieties of “RAW ORGANIC Food Bars”

“Wow and double wow!” That’s my critique–in four words–for this line of “energy bars.”  My “follow up” critique is this: “Taste: 10 out of 10, Energy: 10 out of 10.” These are the best organic energy bars I’ve tried. Health and fitness nut that I am I have definitely tried lots!

These raw organic bars are  a
bout the size of the photos above. Price is usually $2 or so (astonishingly economical for an energy bar!).  All are available locally at all Choices Markets, Capers and Whole Foods Markets, and most any health food store in Vancouver. For those not in Vancouver, you can buy the bars online (though at a higher price) at AViVA. You can probably also Google for other online sources. (I get my supply at Choices Yaletown store and Nutraways in North Vancouver.)

These bars are so good (and packed with “energy”) that I buy boxfuls and hand out Raw Organic to friends, saying “Try these!”

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Photo: Everyday Raw, organic food cookbook by Matthew Kenny

This is a book for organic raw food lovers: Everyday Raw. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

“Blended and squeezed (smoothies and juices) — Snacks — Unbaked (crackers and breads) — Starters — Spreads, dips, and sauces — Salads and dressings — Larger dishes — Desserts — Ice cream.” 

Raw foods contain healthy enzymes not found in cooked foods.

“Whether it is a smoothie, a salad, or a mid-morning snack, you will love the tantalizing and delicious recipes included here. Chef Matthew Kenney has been preparing raw food and developing recipes for years and offers up a variety of delectable recipes….that will leave you wondering why you haven’t started eating raw food sooner!”

[For more information about Chef Kenney’s books and products, see Matthew Kenney Cuisine.]

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