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Photos: “Mona Lisa” Edible Street mosaic by curator Laura Hadland, made entirely from bread

Where is this masterpiece of bread? White, toasted and chocolate-covered? In Italy, of course! The mosaic was assembled at “Vittorio Veneto” Square in the south of Italy, a location famous for its bread.

Whether “toasted” with organic bread or not, Laura Hadland’s “Mona Lisa” is impressive !

Dimensions:  9 x 11.2 meters (29.5 x 36.7 ft, approximately), made from 10,080 pieces of plain white bread, toasted bread, and covered-in-chocolate bread. Each piece of bread had to be cut manually to fit 10×10 cm (almost 4×4 in) squares to fill the blueprint. Glucose syrup was the glue to put it all together.

There’s no mention of what happened to all the bread after the piece was finished and photographed. But, I doubt anyone would want to eat it, even if any of the bread was organic! [To read FULL ARTICLE, see “Mona Lisa gets toasted on Edible Street mosaic.”]

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carrotlines-shoppers 2

Photo: Shoppers using CarrotLines iPhone app

Tired of scrutinizing food labels? Fed up with trying to decipher tiny print  and unpronounceable words on food labels? Well, there’s an “app” now for iPhone that will save your eyes from strain! It’s called CarrotLines.

The CarrotLines app provides detailed nutritional information on products How much and what kind of fats? Are the ingredients are organic, kosher, vegan, or halal? Does it contains nuts? “CarrotLines will also tell a product’s country of origin. A “profile tab” allows users to personalize the app by choosing the foods they’re most interested in.” [Source: Epoch Times]

carrotlines-iphone 2

Photo: CarrotLines app on an iPhone

All you do–when you get to the store–is point your iPhone camera at the product bar code.  Your iPhone then scans the bar code and tells you everything that’s in the product–and whether, by your already programmed preferences, you’ll want to buy it. How cool is that!

Check out this short video introduction:

Video: Carrot Lines App

[For more information, see Epoch Times “New iPhone app takes the guesswork out of food shopping.]

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Photo: Book cover for Eat Papaya Naked: The pH Balanced Diet for Super Health & Glowing Beauty by Susan M. Lark, MD

This visually exquisite book is full of colorful photos, organic recipes, remedies, and TIPS for getting maximum “health benefit” from WHAT YOU EAT. Here’s one example:

How to Erase Age Spots:

These “spots” are described in Eat Papaya Naked like this:

“Age spots are the harmless, round or oval, flat, irregularly-edged brownish spots on the skin that begin to show after menopause. [These spots are] caused by an accumulation of debris in skin cells, due to free radical oxidation damage occurring throughout [the] body.

Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, heat, trauma, radiation, heavy metals, and changes in oxygen potential also affect the formation of melanin—the dark pigment of the skin—and hasten the formation of age spots.

And, according to Chinese medicine, dairy foods, red meats, and saturated fats congest [the] liver, blocking the chi (energy) and preventing [the] liver from detoxifying the blood. The result: age spots, acne, eczema, boils, and other types of skin lesions.”

But all is not lost! There are remedies, in fact, more than one!

Here’s what the author of Eat Papayas Naked, Susan Lark, suggests:

1) Increase your Vitamin-A intake. Research has shown that Vitamin-A can significantly reduce the appearance of age spots. AND your supplements do NOT have to be tablets or capsules. Two-four heaping teaspoons of spirulina (a greens food) per day can provide 20,000—40,000 IU of Vitamin-A;

2) Combat “free radical damage with foods rich in beta-carotene, such as kale, spinach, squash, sweet potatoes, mangoes, cantaloupe, apricots, carrots, and cabbage”;

3) Up your intake of “collagen-building” Vitamin-C by eating foods such as cantaloupe, oranges, mangoes, blackberries, broccoli, and cauliflower.”

ORGANIC is recommended for all of these foods, of course.

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Video:  WWoof is All of This

WWoof? WWoof with two “w’s”? That’s your chance to “go organic!” for your holidays–as a volunteer. WWoof is a worldwide network which allows volunteers to live and work on organic farms. You could say, “WWoof is a “matchmaker” for organic enthusiasts” and for those who like to “get their hands dirty.”

woof around the world

Photo: Volunteers tending a WWoof sponsored garden

Your choices where to “WWoof” include more than a hundred different countries worldwide. All the organic you can eat? Perhaps! But, you’ll  be getting your hands dirty. Your exercise will be without a gym and nothing, except your volunteering stint with WWoof, will come in a package!

[For more information, see “What are the aims of WWOOF” and “WWOOF your way around the world.”]

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gravity in a cup reduced

Photo: “Gravity” in a cup, compliments of barrista Mike Breach

How about a cup of Leonard Di Cappuccino? It’s possible! The steady hand and foam and artistic eye of barrista Mike Breach can supply just that. In fact, he did–for this year’s Oscars! Barrista Breach drew a specialty coffee design for ALL the Best Picture Nominations.

As proof, here’s a slideshow of them all in Vanity Fair: No, That’s Not Photoshop. Have a look!

 To see how it’s done, here’s Mike Breach in action:

Video:  STORYBOARD: The Fine Art of Coffee Portraiture a la Mike Breach

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Video: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie  BRANGELINA WINE “first tasting” by wine critic (2013)

That  new “organic” wine launched in 2012 by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt–at their once leased, now owed–1,000-acre Chateau Miraval in France is a hit! The Chateau in Correns, France, includes a 75-acre organic vineyard, where “Brangelina Wine” is produced AND now winning awards!

The launch for the new organic Miraval wine label was a vintage pink rose. That Jolie-Pitt & Perrin Cotes de Provence “Rose Miraval” has been named by Wine Spectator as the “Best Rose Wine in the World.”

Not bad, for beginners! Organic reds and whites are slated to follow, and are now in process of development.

Each of Miraval’s specially designed bottles will include a label which reads: “Bottled by Jolie-Pitt and Perrin.” Perrin is Marc Perrin, French winemaker and partners with Jolie and Pitt in this new award-winning wine venture.
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