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Photo: new “Ethical Kitchen” in North Vancouver, one block west of Capilano Mall

About the restaurant:
Ethical Kitchen, 1600 Mckay Rd. North Vancouver, (just behind indogo books off Marine Drive)

This information is provided by the owner of the Ethical Kitchen, Barbara Schellenberg:

Our menu is 100% organic. Most ingredients are sourced locally. Anywhere we have the chance to substitute a local ingredient for imported, we adapt recipes to accommodate the region we live in! For example we serve only organic locally grown hazelnut oil for our dressings, mayonaises and marinades.

We make all our own berry sodas from wildcrafted berries, including oregon grapes, choke cherries, blue elder berries, salmonberries, etc. All the water on premises goes through a high end water filtration system, so we can make our own carbonated water rather than buy imported water!

Ethical Kitchen is also the outlet for Pasture to Plate Grassfed meats, 100% BC grown beef, lamb, pork, chicken and specialty poultry. The meats are served in our restaurant, can be purchased through the deli or picked up wholesale in bulk on location at the restaurant!

Our deli also features a beautiful selection of only BC cheeses from small artisan processors. Our house- made baked goods feature traditional European-style, high end ingredients.”

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 8:30am to 6pm.
Saturday 10 to 5pm.

LINK: www.pasture-to-plate.com

[Editor’s Note: This restaurant is a “wow!” Warm, open, ALL food freshly made with your order–EVEN soup! The food is awesome!]

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Photo: 1964 print by artist Rene Magritte called “The Son of Man”

It’s really happening! The North Shore is getting an organic food co-op!

Spring Crocus Community Market Co-Op is official. [See Crocus Cooperative Incorporated!

Opening date: September 2010, in time for the Olympics! This just in from “Adam” of “Them Apples” fame:

“The Board [of Directors for Crocus Co-Op] met in an all day Strategic Planning session on Sunday last. It was a long day, but much was planned and decided:  Mission Statement, vision, goals, objectives and timelines running from now right through to opening (but counting backwards) Labour Day, 2010!

Location [for the food co-op] will be east of Pemberton and south of 13th (the hospital). Our splash page is up: www.crocuscoop.com  Our office address is: Suite 300-1497 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, B.C. V7T 1B8. Telephone: 604-925-1147.

There are eight directors. Two of the Directors will change very soon for family and health reasons. We will be issuing investment dividend shares to a small group of investors with a minimum value of $150,000.

That is all for now. We will talk again soon.
Spring Crocus Community Market Co-op.

 Cheers from Adam, reporting for the Start Up Committee!”

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Bali Organics

Photo: Architectural Digest article about John Handy’s family compound

Jewelry-designer John Handy’s Bali home was shown recently on the HDTVand wowie! This open air home on Bali is spectacular! But the real story is the sustainability incorporated into everything about living and working on this Bali compound. The compound includes organic farming, which not only feeds but employs many in the community on Bali. For more, see “The Workshop Farm.”

Another family lending a hand to ORGANIC FARMING on Bali is the Ripples. An article written by Gisela Williams for Yahoo’s “Food & Wine” tells all about the Ripples contribution: “Saving Bali: Organic Farming.”

Photo: American-born owners of Bali’s Big Tree Farms, Ben and Blair Ripple
Photographer: Frédéric Lagrange

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GE Free BC

Photo: header on BC’s GE (Genenetic Engineered) Free, UNdo GE BLOG

Nigel Nigel Tunnacliffe is CEO of GE-Free Solutions, and a member of the Society for GE Free BC. Says Tunnacliffe:

“GE-Free Solutions is a social enterprise dedicated to providing food producers with support to become non-GE, and offering consumers with a choice as to whether they eat genetically engineered foods. I became interested in genetically engineered foods after taking a course at university. It seemed shocking to me that our government would refuse to listen to the advice of the Royal Society of Canada, calling on the government to improve regulation of GE foods. I spent my final year studying GE foods almost exclusively, and that inspired me to start GE-Free Solutions, a verifier for companies who want to voluntarily label their products.”

What can you, the consumer do? Here are “10 Things you can do for a GE Free BC.”

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Photo: Martha Bowen, founder and CEO of Latin Organics, fair trade coffee company
Photographer: Paul Joseph for Canadian Immigrant magazine September 2008 issue

If this woman looks familiar, it’s because she, once-upon-a-time, worked at West Vancouver Capers, first as “staff,  and later as an entrepreneur offering samples of fair trade, organic coffee–her company’s own, imported from Columbia.

The woman is Martha Bowen. She is this month’s “cover story” for Canadian Immigrant magazine. “Brewing Up a Better Future” is the tagline for magazine covers, while online the title is “Coffee Maven.” Sophia Kim researched and wrote the article. [Free copies of the magazine are available locally as well as online.]

 Here’s an excerpt:

“A Colombian-born immigrant, Bowen is many things at once. She is a wife and a mother of three. She is an entrepreneur. And, for the farmers she does business with on the coffee fields in Colombia, she is a hope for a better future. But her journey to get to this point was not easy.

In Colombia, Bowen, her husband, Frank, and her family, smaller then with only Manuela and baby Thomas on the way, had many prospects. Bowen worked as the food and beverages director for a five-star hotel in Bogota, while her husband owned a corporate events management firm. But a road trip to see Bowen’s parents changed the direction of their future forever….”

“I made a joke,” says Bowen. “I said, ‘And tomorrow in all the newspapers it will say this Colombian family was kidnapped on the way to Valledupar.’ And I looked through the window and saw these little points.”

Bowen and her family where kidnapped for ransom by armed guerrillas! For the full story, see Coffee Maven.

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Photo: farmers’ market stock photo

Farmer’s markets are alive and well and “growing strong.” There are lots of advantages to buying produce (and other homemade products) directly from producers. For starters, with “middlemen” (or “middlepersons”?) eliminated from the equation, transportation costs can be reduced (applause for the environment), and farmers can be paid prices closer to retail. 

Add to that this bonus: we consumers can get our food fresher and hand-delivered face-to-face with chat and laughter, like in an old time general store. Let’s hear it for farmers markets!

For more about BC farmers markets in particular, check out Brian Lewis’ article in the weekend Province newspaper: “Local farmers’ markets going strong.”

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