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Video: The Mini-Farmery urban farm and market

Up close and personal! Pick and buy your own salad right on site at The Mini-Farmery. This is a fresh approach to food production and delivery. The Mini-Farmery–now a prototype located in North Carolina--aims to eliminate the transport and waste of “the middle man” by growing and selling food at the same location–in shipping containers!

This “first” Mini-Farmery is located in front of Burt’s Bees Headquarters at American Tobacco Campus in Downtown Durham. Kickstarter contributors, a sponsorship from Burt’s Bees, and progressive thinkers at American Tobacco Campus provided the funds for “start up.” Ultimate goal: a Mini-Farmery in every city across the US. The prototype in North Carolina is simply the first.

Let’s hope Canada will follow!

cutting_crops enlarged

A “Vertical Mobile Panel System” is what is used to grow lettuces, greens, herbs, dwarf chilies and strawberries. The panels hang on a track along the walls of shipping containers. [See below.]

salad bar at the Farmery enlarged

Photo: Mini-Farmery greens

At the Mini-Farmery you get to pick your own greens, select your own salad. All the benefits of having your own organic garden without all the work!

mushroom_growing_system the Farmery enlarged

Photo: Gourmet mushrooms at the Mini-Farmery

These mushrooms are almost too beautiful to disturb! But, fresh, fresh, fresh cannot be disputed.

[For more information, visit The Mini-Farmery.]

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Photo: Voices of the Food Revolution by John Robbins book

John Robbins (and son, Ocean Robbins) new book, Voices of the Food Revolution, is a MUST  READ.

I couldn’t put this book down. Voices of the Food Revolution, released in September 2013, is riveting–even for those of us who think we know a lot about food, an eye opener! What’s healthy, what’s killing us and the planet, all the politics, and corruption, what really is known about nutrition and health…so much.

The book is billed as “21 Life Changing Conversations,” and it lives up to the billing. Robbins interviews 21 of the world’s leading food experts and thinkers. What we need to know that no one’s been telling us: This book’s a “tell-all”…definitely worth a read!

The book consists of interviews with 21 of today’s leading-edge food experts–medical doctors, nutritionists, philosophers, and activists. John Robbins asks the questions. The illuminating answers come from Dean Ornish, MD, Marianne Williamson, Joel Fuhrman, MD, Elizabeth Kucinish, Frances Moore Lappe, and 16 other thinkers and experts in food, health, and environment.

The book is a “tell-all”:

–What can you do to get healthy?
–How can you help the environment through your food choices?
–What do you need to know that no one is telling you?

The answers are in Voices of the Food Revolution!

Video:  What Earth Savers Eat

Quote from Paul McCartney on the cover: “Empowering. This book highlights ways to set a new pattern for the future of the planet.” All of us, included. Voices of the Food Revolution.

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Photo:  Maizz Visual “Dioses del Maiz” display in Mexico City

Mexico invokes pre-Hispanic gods to protest GMO corn.

Behold! Mexico’s pre-Hispanic Gods are on the rise again! Why? To protest Genetically Modified (GMO) corn, and to protect Mexico’s native maiz (corn) from Monsanto and other mega-corporations. To rally support, Maizz Visual created “Dioses del Maiz,” a monumental audiovisual installation that projects 3-D faces of Mexico’s corn gods over the top of trees in Mexico City’s Parque Mexico.

Though Mexico currently imports significant amounts of corn from the United States—where nearly ALL corn (except organic) is Genetically Modified—the hope is to stop Monsanto from moving forward with plans to plant millions of hectares of GMO corn in Mexico, thereby, cracking the door for complete privatization of maize seed market by a few giant corporations.

All is not yet lost! Last September a Mexican judge banned cultivation of Genetically Modified (GMO) corn in Mexico. Of course, Monsanto is contesting the ruling.


Photo: Close up of  Pre-Hispanic Corn God in Mexico City GMO protest

Maizz Visual’s 3-D pre-Hispanic gods raise awareness of the conflict between GMO corn and native maiz. The hope is to rally support to continue the BAN. Fingers crossed for Mexico! [For more information, see Pre-Hispanic Corn Gods Protest Genetically Modified Maize in Mexico City.]

Related: Peru Has Banned Genetically Modified Foods for 10 Years. Yay, Peru!
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terry-border enlarged

Photo: Artist Terry Border at work

terryborder-banana enlarged

fortunes-lost enlarged

Photos: “Chainsaw Banana” and “Fortune’s Lost”

More “bent and twisted” (like his sense of humor) art from artist Terry Border! I love this guy! His art is definitely “organic,” whether the food used is–or not!. For EVEN MORE, see “Bent Objects” a la Border’s blog. Border’s art is also featured in three books available on Amazon.

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Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Photo: Farmer’s Fridge vending machine organic salads

Three cheers! A vending machine that dispenses organic–AND local veggies!

Where? In a Chicago Food Court, right between a McDonald’s and a Dunkin’ Donuts. Fresh veggies and yogurt parfaits, no less! No more excuses for patrons munching down burgers or donuts that healthier options are not available.

Video: Chicago’s New Salad Vending Machine

The vending machine option for local organics is called Farmer’s Fridge and was created by Luke Saunders.
According to Saunders:

“The idea came to him while he was working his previous, travel-heavy job. He noticed that fast food restaurants dominated rural markets. Saunders distilled his observation down to two key factors — start up-cost and convenience.”

Viola! An organic vending machine was born. [For more about this anything-but-easy-start-up, see Vending Machine That Dispenses Local Organic Veggies.]




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Videos: Two excerpts from the award-winning animated film, The Meatrix

If you haven’t seen this DVD, you’ve missed a treat!  It’s a parody based on “The Matrix” series of films. Animated humor is added to the chillingly accurate portrayal of “our world,” this time “our world of food.”

The heroes of The Meatrix (NOT Matrix): “Leo, the young pig who wonders if he is “the One”, Chickity, the feathered family farm defender, and Moopheus, the trench-coat-clad cow with a passion for green pastures.”  These characters “expose the problems with factory farming while making the world safe for sustainable family farms.”

Who knew chartoon characters could reveal so much, so simply. Kudos to  Free Range Studios  and Sustainable Table for creating this film!

The outlook–not just for farm animals–but for us all, is ultimately upbeat in this animation. More and more people are “waking up” to what’s being done to our food by giant agri-businesses and multi-national corporations. We’re saying “no” to factory farms, and saying “yes” to healthier, more humane food production by our purchasing power–organic, free-range, chemical-free food preferred!

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lol-cat-milk-squirt enlarged

Photo: “lolcat”/unidentified photographer

[Editor’s Note:There’s a term for humorous cat photos that circulate online: “lolcat.” The “lol” part is webspeak for “laugh out loud.”]

This cat photo demonstrates NOT ONLY online humor, but 100 percent ORGANIC! That is, if the cow is only fed organic. Otherwise…maybe not! It’s a tough call!

What about you? Any “ORGANIC NEWS” leads or links you’d like to share on Where Else Organic? If yes–contact: newpostings@gmail.com. All leads, links and/or comments are WELCOME.

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