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Nuke Ready Corn?

Video:  Go!Animate “Nuke Ready Corn” animation (1 min. 30 sec.)

This Go!Animate animation is a hilarious “in a nutshell” (or “corn cob) view of genetically engineered Frankenfood. The corn in this feature is definitely NOT organic. Read labels! If ingredients list corn but do not mention “organic” or “certified organic,” then what you are eating IS “Nuke Ready Corn.” 

For a more serious (though much less catchy) animation about GE foods, check out the Greenpeace VIDEO below: 

Video: Genetically Modified Foods–World’s Greatest Scam?

Even more serious is this! Instead of proper trials for genetically modified foods, United States Department of Agriculture in alliance with the Chinese government have been secretly testing their latest GMO rice on young Chinese children. Greenpeace–and consumers–say STOP!

[To read FULL ARTICLE, see Health Freedom Alliance “US and China exposed secretly testing GMO rice on children.”]

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Worlds-Largeest-Pumpkin-by-Ray-Villafane-5 cropped

Photo: Artist Ray Villafane with giant pumpkin

It’s that time of year again! Ready to whip out your carving tools–and shop for pumpkins? Halloween is just round the corner. For inspiration, check out New York artist, and master pumpkin carver, Ray Villafane’s masterful creations [below]:

ray-villafane-pumpkin-carving-7 enlarged

Photo: Ray Villafane’s sculpture impersonates Rodin’s ‘Thinker’?

Ray Villafane takes pumpkin carving to a whole new level with animated expressionsand decidedly hilarious realism.


Photo: Artist Villafane’s Knockout Punch?

Who is Villafane? He’s the two-time champion of Food Network’s Challenge Show “Outrageous Pumpkins” as well as a contestant on Season One of the Food Network’s “Halloween Wars,” author of a pumpkin bookand wit extraordinaire! I love this guy’s pumpkins! Enjoy!

ray-villafane-pumpkin-carving-1 enlarged

Photo: Ray Villafane pumpkin carving leaves ever the pumpkins speechless!

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Photo: courtesy of Los Angeles Times “Pets Join Organic Trend”
Photographer: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

Pets (and pet food stores) are joining the organic food trend happening worldwide.  Natural, organic and gourmet foods are increasingly taking up shelf space in pet stores. Dogs and cats are scoring BIG TIME!

Take Gabriel, a 10-year old Los Angeles rescue cat, as an example.  No Friskies or Meow Mix for this cat!  Tuna and duck are what you’ll find in Gabriel’s bowl. His owner, Jason Lanum, says, “I eat natural food, and I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t give it to my cat.”

Here’s more from the Los Angeles Times:

“Big-box pet stores and precious pet boutique shelves are increasingly stocked with gourmet edibles that are corn-free, wheat-free, locally sourced, by-product-free, free-range, minimally processed and raw.  Many come with homey, inviting labels, and some look palatable even for humans….If you think your pet’s diet is still lacking, you can bolster it with supplements — containing brewers yeast, alfalfa, blueberries and more — that promise shiny coats, bright eyes and limber joints. As more of us turn toward more healthful foods, we’re doing the same for our pets.”

If this keeps up, our pets may NOT even WANT to eat off our plates! We may be eating off theirs! [To read more, see Los Angeles Times “Pets join in on the organic food trend.”]

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Video: Monsanto, Mega Corps Destroyed by Activism

Grassroots food activism is paying off! “2014 is shaping up to be the year of victories!  2014 is shaping up to be the year of awakening!”  [Source: Anthony Gucciardi]

In the past few months alone consumer activist strikes against key mega corporations, like Monsanto, have been paying off! These mega corporations collude to trash consumer and farmer health, wealth, and food safety. The only goal of mega corporations like Monsanto is financial gain and world domination. Consumers be damned.

But, the tide is turning! Victories are happening for consumer activists!

Here are highlights:

1—Activists are pushing through and blocking, in some case, drones, and big banks from spying on us;

2—Consumer activists  are demanding  mega corporations like Monsanto stop putting garbage in our food, stop  attempts to control our food supply;

3—Small farmer activists are launching class action suits against (Genetically Engineered) GE or (Genetically Modified) GMO contamination.

WIN examples in this food fight’ include Kraft and Subway making a 180-degree shift towards removing toxic substances from their products:

“In fact, Kraft’s act to remove artificial preservatives from their highly popular ‘cheese singles’ signifies the reality that these corporations know that they are quickly going to lose their entire customer base if they do not start removing the synthetic garbage from their food.

An even BIGGER victory:

“Subway announced it would be removing a rubber chemical from its bread just 24 hours after the issue was brought up on The Alex Jones Show with a food activist. And that is just on the food front.” [Source: Health Freedom Alliance]

Activism is paying off! Speak up, speak out! Consumer activism is making a difference, a HUGE difference!

For more, see Activism Is Destroying Monsanto & Other Corrupt Mega Corps.]

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Photo: Illustration from  Dundarave Village website

Farmers’ Markets will stay open through October this year! That’s “thanks to an exceptionally warm and sunny growing season,” for local farmers. Fresh, locally grown, and often ORGANIC, vegetables and fruits will continue to be “for sale” outdoors.

For North Shore location schedules, including Lonsdale Quay and Ambleside, see 2014 Market Dates and North Shore Farmers’ Markets.

Photo: Opening day Vancouver Farmers’ Market

[For US Farmers Markets locations and schedules: Pick a State.  For those across Canada, see Farmers Markets Canada.]

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michelangelo reboot

Photo: Terry Border “Bent Art” Hand of God!

Make my day! This Michelangelo ‘reboot’ from artist Terry Border has me laughing. The ‘Hand of God,’ for sure!

more nuts

Photo: Peanuts a la Terry Border! Who else!

marshmellow bonfire

Photo: Marshmallow Roast! Terry Border

This bit of Border “Bent Art” has my mouth watering! Must be all those nights at camp–as a kid–roasting s’mores over an open campfire.

banana chain sawI

Photo: The real ‘Chainsaw Massacre’? Artist Terry Border (shown below).

Terri-Border will work for food

Photo: The one and only Terry Border of “Bent Objects” fame.

I love this artist’s wit! I applaud artist Terry Border. Food is never THIS MUCH FUN at my house.  ‘Bent and Twisted,’ for sure! Border’s art is definitely “organic,” whether the food used is–or not!. For EVEN MORE wit and wonder, see “Bent Objects” a la Border’s blog. Border’s art is also featured in three books available on Amazon.

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Video: Buy Local. Eat Natural. Exploring BC Agricultural

Buy Local, Eat Natural-There’s an app for that in British Columbia. It’s called WeHeartLocal, and it’s  available free for download on iTunes. What do you ‘heart’ in BC’s farm-to-table experience. Sustainable, healthy, natural, organic? What’s your pleasure? WeHeartLocal can help you find it!


*Geo-targeted maps for local BC food

*Recipes based on fresh, local BC ingredients

*Seasonal guide for BC farm-to-table experience

*Opportunity to share your favorite local food places and recipes with friends

*Information about the We Heart Local community.

Video: Introduction to the WeHeartLocal app [1.5 minutes]

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