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march against monsanto guillotine reduced

Photo: Los Angeles “March Against Monsanto” (May 25, 2013) guillotine

Yesterday–in honor of a worldwide March Against Monsanto–Los Angeles protesters evoked the sweeping horrors of the French Revolution: the guillotine. A more graphic illustration of the dangers of genetically engineered or genetically modified (GMO) food could hardly be devised.

Either “mankind stops Monsanto, or Monsanto stops mankind.” That’s how much is at stake–and despite the mainstream TV media blackout of coverage, 2 million people marched worldwide.

A sampling of the “turnout” is the video below, recorded in Vienna, Austria.

Video: Vienna marches against Monsanto on Saturday, May 25, 2013

That good old corporate TV media ignored the global March Against Monsanto all day. If you don’t think there’s a corporate conspiracy protecting BIOTECH, consider this: the only major coverage of March Against Monsanto was from Al Jazeera and Russia Today television. Newspapers like USA Today fared better: “Protesters From Around the World March Against Monsanto”.

Still, GMO producers worried–worried enough to be planning a “bite back”! [Check out “GMO Food Labeling Drive.“] Saturday’s March Against Monsanto is just a start to raising awareness worldwide.

What MUST be done about Monsanto and why the MarchAgainstMonsanto was important? That, the Green Shadow Cabinet answers in this informative and insightful article: “What Must Be Done About Monsanto.”

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march against monsanto may 25

Photo: March Against Monsanto poster

Worldwide! Tomorrow!  Everybody–everywhere who can! March Against Mosanto–May25 – 2 pm (EST). Say NO to #GMOs!

An estimated 70 percent of food on North American supermarket shelves now contains GMOs. These genetically modified “food-like” ingredients are unlabelled, untestedand of questionable benefit for supporting a healthy life. This truth more and more people are beginning to realize–worldwide.

Video: Stars Align In Protest Against Monsanto

These are the countries which have already BANNED GMOs:  Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Madeira, New Zealand, Peru, South Australia, Russia, France, and Switzerland! [For more about actions–and INactions–underway in other countries, see “Monsanto Has Been Banned…”]

Kudos to ALL  COUNTRIES which have already banned Monsanto. May many, many more follow!

For details of what’s happening tomorrow, Saturday, 25 May 2013, worldwide, see “March against Monsanto: Global day of action to ‘take back the food supply.”]

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Boston Farmers Market

Photo: 24 Hours (Vancouver Edition) Boston Farmers Markets Turn to Vancouver for Expertise

Farmers’ Markets are growing in number–and location–and Vancouver, Canada, is leading the way. Vancouver’s expertise in the “how tos” of running successful Farmers’ Markets is in demand!

Locally grown produce is readily available in Vancouver but–until recently–not common in Boston, Massachusetts. In Boston reliance had been on fruits and veggies from wholesalers--not farmers. When Boston decided to “go local” for its Farmers’ Markets, Vancouver became “the model”…and the inspiration!

According to Vancouver Farmers Markets operations manager Roberta LaQuaglia: “Vancouver has a great reputation for being a green city,” noting City Council recently approved a long-term food strategy that will boost the number of Farmers’ Markets from a current nine to 22 by 2020.

“There’s definitely an openness to Vancouverites really wanting to know where their food comes from.”

[To read FULL ARTICLE, see 24 Hours “Markets’ expertise goes international.”]

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Photo: Farmers’ market produce featured on Dundarave Village website

It’s that time of year again! Local FARMERS’ MARKETS are starting up! On the North Shore Dundarave Village Farmers’ Market starts next weekend (Saturday,  May 4th).  Fresh, locally grown, and often ORGANIC, vegetables and fruits will be again “for sale” outdoors from 9am — 3pm. Other North Shore locations, including Lonsdale Quay and Ambleside also start the first weekend in May. For a schedule of days OPEN, see 2013 Market Dates.


Photo: Trout Lake Farmers’ Market in Burnaby

For May 2013 start dates and times for Burnaby and Vancouver locations, see Vancouver Farmers’ Markets.

[For those across Canada, see Farmers’ Markets Canada. For US farmers markets locations and schedules: Pick a State.]

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