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Capers Love
It’s good to remember NOT ALL Capers stores are gone! I shopped today at Capers on Robson. YeeHaa! Happy Days are here again…or still! Walking into Capers (even on a different street) felt like a “homecoming,” after wandering around for three days wondering where to eat!

ONE BENEFIT in WV Capers closing is discovery, discovering ALL THOSE OTHER STORES out there who offer ORGANICS.

Examples so far discovered:

1) Delaney’s (some organic coffee and even a huge sign in the Dundarave store pointing that out, which I never noticed before!); 

2) Kin’s Market at Park Royal. While waiting for a bus connection yesterday in front of Kin’s, I noticed yet another “sign” (which I asked a friend to photograph) which lists “10 Reasons to Eat Organic.” Lots in Kin’s Market is “organic,” and NOT ONLY fruits and vegetables but salsas and cereals and eggs;

3) The Bakehouse at Dundarave serves organic coffee. (I haven’t yet asked about anything else there).

So “Where to From Here?” Send your suggestions to sayingthankyou@gmail.com. All leads welcome!  “Big Box” stores can survive without us, but definitely NOT the “little box stores,” smaller merchants. Let’s spread the wealth around.

I had fun “shopping” this week. Instead of just ONE STORE, I shopped in FOUR! It was less like “trick or treat” than a “treasure hunt”!

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Skeleton in Window

Photo: From a previous Halloween. Tia, the artist. 

Nothing left now at WV Capers BUT BARE BONES!

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A “Where to From Here?” lead from West Vancouver librarian Jane Lucas: Tama Organic Produce. Here’ what she says: 

“The people are really nice at Tama and the location is pretty convenient. It is right on Marine Drive in North Van on the north side of the street across from Capilano Mall.  Tama Organic isn’t big (which is a plus). The store  specializes in seasonal produce.  That’s another plus.  A lot of the produce at Tamu comes from the organic farms at Cawston.

You can  get a weekly email with the price list of the stock for the current week.  You can either have it delivered, or else come in and pick it up yourself. The store is open Tuesday through Saturday each week.”

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End of the Line!

 Photo: Last Day Shopping! Shelves Already Bare!

[Editor’s Note: WV Capers founder Russell Precious was in town last week for Capers “Last Hurrah.” His comments follow below.]

From Russell:

“I like chapter II better than chapter I, but I  supect the real juice
comes from embracing both!
 Rumi says it quite nicely:

   “Yesterday was glory and joy
   Today, a blackened burn everywhere!
   In the book of my life,
   These two shall be put down as one.”

I made an unplanned trip to Vancouver overnight [last week] and was in the store late
Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning.

The store did have a bit of the ‘blackened burn’ feeling–like a whole lotof energy had been slowly leaking out of the place, starting with the Wild Oats takeover 10 years ago and hastened by the WFoods announcement this Spring.  I spent most of my time doing ‘grief counseling’ for long time customers I hadn’t seen in some time.  People are pretty upset, and I suspect that WFoods could have maintained the store as a gesture (and a real contribution) honoring local and diverse neighborhoods.  That is what they did in Boulder, where they didn’t close a single Alfalfa’s/Wild Oats store.

Oh well………….could well be that the closing is necessary so that [a] new project can get lift-off.  It’s a funny thing how endings create new beginnings……..the challenge being that the ending comes first, often before any new beginnings even show their face.

I spent some time in the store with Brian Burke [another WV Capers founder] who said  that [he’d heard a possible North Shore] ‘co-op’ was still tracking. I’m so delighted to hear that it is…..Seems like it is taking on a life of its own, which is always a good sign.  Like the only things worth doing are things that are much bigger than our own personal longings (like building an ark).

So, I am happy to help in any way I am able.  Will be in Vancouver in the second half of November for a few days…..Keep me looped in!

Best wishes and much love……….r u s s e l l.

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Kevin and Hugs

 Photo: Kevin with “Big Hugs”!

Now that West Vancouver Capers is NO MORE, where can we go? What other small community stores can we NOW support? Where NOW can our community find ORGANIC (and environmentally friendly) products? Tell us where! “Share Your Story” on this BLOG!! We’ll shop there!

If you’re a LOCAL merchant, tell us what ORGANIC PRODUCTS you stock! Tell us where you are, what you have. We’ll shop there!

For all of us: IF we want our communities to stay COMMUNITIES, then we MUST SUPPORT small, independent MERCHANTS, not only US owned “Big Box” stores. There’s room for ALL! Celebrate that! Remember the “little box stores” TOO when you shop in the COMMUNITY! Celebrate what West Vancouver CAPERS was and STILL IS in memory: a COMMUNITY store. We have LOTS of stores in our community! Support them ALL! That’s HOW  “in spirit” WV Capers COMMUNITY MARKET lives ON!Posted by webrapper.  Send your “Where to From Here” LEADS to sayingthankyou@gmail.com or leave in the “Comments” below. Thank you!

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Kay B

Photo: long-time West Vancouver resident Kay Bruheim

West Vancouver’s Kay Bruheim was at the door of Capers Community Market before the store even opened in 1984. “Organic” perked her ears.

She and a friend were the FIRST TWO PEOPLE to enter the THEN brand new store! When WV Capers closed on Saturday October 27, 2007, Kay was one of the LAST TO LEAVE!

Text for Kay’s THANK YOU letter to Capers Community Market (originally drafted and typed on a genuine manual NOT ELECTRIC–she insists! typewriter) follows below. 

To Capers with love:

My first encounter with Capers happend one evening as I was seeing a friend off on the bus. There were these three young men inside the store, which had not yet opened, and in conversation with Russell, Brian and Jim, we were told they would be dealing in organic produce. I was overjoyed.  Since then I have found Capers to have great integrity, and their philosophy has educated so many, including very young people. I think the legacy is immense.

We are a sad lot here at Dundarave as this heart and soul of the community vanishes. It was a great meeting place. Fanny Keifer referred to Capers in that vein last night on Shaw Cable, referring to the feeling of Dundarave Villiage.

Thank you to the Founders and all the wonderful staff through the years.

My sister Billie Smith, who lives in Kelso, Washington, said that when she came to wown, she always looked forward each time to having breakfast at Capers, remembering those whole grain waffles with the organic whipping cream.  Where else but Capers would you get such wholesome treats! Capers will be missed!

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Karon with Farewell Sign

Photo: WV Capers “Florist” Karon

Note the signs in the window. FOND FAREWELL? Surely a jest! We’ll miss this store!

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