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dna-barcoding 2

Photo: DNA barcoding illustration from Canadian Press

Three cheers for technology! First, we get satellites certifying organic food from space. Now, thanks to Canadian technology, “food frausters” had better beware! DNA will give you away! GMOs might be UNlabelled on packages, but DNA will tell what’s really inside!

DNA “barcoding” is what’s happening now:

“Researchers from around the world are “fingerprinting” most of the planet’s species by taking samples of their DNA and cataloguing them in a comprehensive reference library. The DNA creates a so-called barcode that can identify real ingredients in food, quickly analyze water quality and reveal how the environment has changed over millenia.”

“Bob Hanner, a professor at the University of Guelph where the technique was developed, said barcoding gives governments, businesses and people a reliable way of knowing what they’re eating, importing and buying.” [Source: Alison Auld/The Canadian Press]

According to Dr. David Schindel, Executive Secretary of the Consortium for the Barcode of Life (CBOL), soon “there’ll be an app for that.”:

“Using your cellphone, you’ll be able to scan a barcode on a restaurant menu. Where was it fished? What fisherman caught this? When it was caught? Was it tested? Does this fisherman have a good record of authentic labeling?”

It’s a brave, new world for sure AND some of that even favors consumers!

[For more about DNA Barcoding, see “David Schindel: Feeding the Future.” (video included)]

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Photo:  “Ocean Sunrise” painting by surrealist artist Vladimir Kush

More than 50,000 people worldwide have visited this Where Else Organic? food-themed BLOG, since inception in October 2007!! From one hundred and eleven different countries!!

Surprisingly, THE most viewed posting of the past TWO years on Where Else Organic? was “Surreal Food Art” (re-posted below).  Kudos to artist Vladimir Kush!


Photo: surrealist art by Russian artist Vladimr Kush.

Everything in this painting is “organic,” even the caterpillar! This Vladimir Kush painting  is definitely memorable! He transforms the ordinary into the fantastic. AND this “butterfly in the apple” is just one example of his artwork. Here’s more: “Surreal Paintings of Vladimir Kush.” The artist himself is shown below in his studio.
Vladimir Kush

Photo:  Vladimir Kush via Wikipedia

Notice the eye on his leg, showing through his jeans. Surrealist humor…definitely organic!

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kona coffee

Photo: Illustration and logo for Kona Coffee farmers

“Shade Grown, Bird Friendly, and Fairly Traded,” that’s Kona Coffee.  That’s how Big Island farmers describe Kona Coffee.

1. “Shade Grown” means “shade trees have been planted to protect the coffee from the Equatorial sun and to increase yields with an added benefit of protecting the soil.  In Kona, it happens naturally. The coffee is grown under natural afternoon cloud cover, often interplanted with a mix of fruit, nut, and avocado trees.”

2. “Bird Friendly” means that “Kona coffee orchards support large numbers of endemic birds which control insects and provide natural fertilizer. And no pesticides to poison them!

3. Fair Trade of course means “that farmers have been guaranteed a fair price for their crop. In Kona, most of the coffee is grown on family farms….Workers are paid and treated in full accordance with U.S. labor laws. The farmers can sell their coffee to processors, or sell their green and roasted coffee directly to customers all over the world.”

Kona Coffee is deliciously organic, but make sure the label reads “100% Kona Coffee.”  [For more information, check out these YouTube videos: “100% Kona” and “Kona Joe’s”.]

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