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Photo: Front and Back Cover of Capers 1993 Recipe Book

Posted by Adriane Saunders.

My copy of TO LOVE and FEED PEOPLE arrived today from Amazon Books. Apparently Capers recipe book has often crossed the US/Canada border over the past 14 or 15 years. Those of us who Googled “used books” before the Holidays managed to find copies. Probably, by now, all the top of the list sources have been tapped, like Abebooks (all gone but you can place “a want” online and Abebooks will search for a copy for you), Alibris (same instruction), and Amazon (no copies currently). I bought the last copy Amazon had in stock for $4 plus shipping and handling. The condition is “good as new.”

Do not despair! If you don’t find a copy on the first page of Google listings for “used books,” persevere!There are almost half a million HITS for “used books” on Google. Anyone willing to spend a few minutes searching databases online will FIND A COPY.

You might also try LOCAL “used” booksellers or even ask for the book from any regular bookstore (and see what happens). To Love and Feed People is still listed currently as “in print” in Books in Print (at the West Vancouver Library). This may be a mistake, as the publisher of the book (and holder of the copyright) no longer exists. But that is, as they say, “another story.”

Good luck in your search! May all who want To Love and Feed People find the book!

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Original cartoon by Adriane Saunders

Sml Violinist 1Sml Violinist 2Sml Violinist 3Sml Violinist 4Sml Violinist 5Sml Violinist 6

Copyright 2007 by Adriane Saunders. All Rights Reserved.

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Posted by Adriane Saunders. 

We have a milestone to celebrate today!

Our “Saying Thank You to Capers” community BLOG is “featured” on “Wordpress” (our service
provider or webhost).
WordPress hosts over 2 million blogs (4,000 new blogs were added today alone). 

Having our blog singled out as “worth a look” to TWO MILLION computers is remarkable feat!
We must be doing something right!

Have a look: http://wordpress.com/tag/where-else-organic/ 

Thanks again for all your contributions!


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Christams photos (below) compliments of Tanya Coade.
Thank you, Tanya!

[Editor’s Note: If you know the names of any of the people in the photos, 
leave that in”Comments”. I’ll then be able to match names with photos.]

Xmas Party

Photo: Christmas Party in the Loft

Xmas Display

 Photo: Store Holiday Food Display

Production Bakery 2

Photo: Production Bakery

Production Bakery 1

Photo: Production Bakery (another view)

Xmas Front End

Photo: Front End (before check out counters reversed!)

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Delany’s Staff

Photo ( Top/Left to Right): Thomas, Lloyd and Ashley;
              (Bottom/Left to Right): Robyn, Marzie and Claire

Christmas CHEERS! to the whole COMMUNITY from the staff
at Delany’s Coffee House in Dundarave.
 (There’s more staff than shows
in the photo above! Some get “days off”! Ho! Ho!) Delany’s misses Capers too!

You can get ORGANIC “fair trade” coffee on tap anytime at Delany’s. There
are lots of different blends with two new ones just added. My favorite, though, for the season is “Christmas blend, dark” accompanied by a big “ginger bread people”cookie (frosted snowmen and santas). Delicious!

Posted by webrapper.

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Video: INSIDE West Vancouver Capers
Videographer: Tanya Coade

This just in from Tanya:

“I have a few more video bits and pieces. My daughter uploaded them to YouTube for me. The image quality
suffers so much in the transfer, but it’s still better than nothing.

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Side Sign 3

Side Sign 2

Side Sign 1

 Photo: Capers sign in West Vancouver X-Capers

A photo montage from our “roving photographer” Kay Bruheim.

“Give us a “C”…! Give us an “A”…! Give us a “P”…! Give us an “E”…!
Give us an “R”…! Give us an “S”…!” We continue to CHEER on this

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