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michelangelo reboot

Photo: Terry Border “Bent Art” Hand of God!

Make my day! This Michelangelo ‘reboot’ from artist Terry Border has me laughing. The ‘Hand of God,’ for sure!

more nuts

Photo: Peanuts a la Terry Border! Who else!

marshmellow bonfire

Photo: Marshmallow Roast! Terry Border

This bit of Border “Bent Art” has my mouth watering! Must be all those nights at camp–as a kid–roasting s’mores over an open campfire.

banana chain sawI

Photo: The real ‘Chainsaw Massacre’? Artist Terry Border (shown below).

Terri-Border will work for food

Photo: The one and only Terry Border of “Bent Objects” fame.

I love this artist’s wit! I applaud artist Terry Border. Food is never THIS MUCH FUN at my house.  ‘Bent and Twisted,’ for sure! Border’s art is definitely “organic,” whether the food used is–or not!. For EVEN MORE wit and wonder, see “Bent Objects” a la Border’s blog. Border’s art is also featured in three books available on Amazon.

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VideoBrothers Create Orchestra From Market Vegetables

Wait until you hear the Pan Pipes these two brothers from Beijing have carved from carrots and other vegetables!  Nan Weidong and brother Nan Weiping only started playing fresh vegetables three years ago, but already their “repertoire ranges from traditional Chinese flute music to modern pop to western folk songs like Auld Lang Syne.”

Even more impressive, the brothers are PAID to make music from vegetables! Both have appeared on talent shows in China and receive payments of 30,000 to 50,000 yuan (£3,000 to £5,000) for a performance. [Source: UK Telegraph online]

More music, less explanation:

Video: Aksi Musisi Sayuran China

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Photo: Terry Border “The American Way”–Statue of Questionable Liberty!


Photo: Terry Border “Practical Yolker”


Photo: “Bruised” (and beaten?) by artist Terry Border

More witty creations from ”bent objects” artist Terry Border–playing with food. Border’s art is definitely “organic,” whether the food used is or not! Bent and twisted humor included, no extra charge. For even more from Terry Border, visit his official website. Border’s art is also featured in three books available on Amazon.

To see Border’s imagination-in-action, check out the video below!

Video: “Sofonisba Anguissola’s Self Portrait” c.1600 (and Terry Border’s response to her masterpiece!)

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warsaw food art reduced

Photo: Warsaw–Anna Keville Joyce’s ‘food stylist’
Photographer: Agustín Nieto

These meals are a delight! Self-styled “food stylist,’ Anna Keville Joyce joined forces with photographer Agustín Nieto to illustrate some famous capitals in Eastern Europe. How artists do love ‘playing with their food’! This particular series was commissioned for Foodie Backpacker, a travel site.

bucharest food art reduced

Photo: Bucharest–Anna Keville Joyce’s ‘food stylist’
Photographer: Agustín Nieto

[To see more, see Food Art Photography Illustrates the Delicious Side of European Capitals.] Enjoy!

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Photo:  Saxon Freymann’s broccoli food art

Food art is too delightful to pass up, whether organic or not!  Whimsical produce art may have started with Saxton Freymann in the book Play With Your Food (published in 1997). His  brussels sprouts pigs, broccoli poodles and bok choy fish have been featured on greeting cards, calendars and in several subsequent books.

433_Freymann_6 sheep reduced

Photo: Saxon Freymann cauliflower food art

Look what he started, though! If you google “food art” and you’ll get nearly two BILLION hits! Kudos to Freymann!

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samantha lee food art snoopy

Photo: Samantha Lee food art–Peanuts character, Snoopy

ninja food art samantha lee

Photo: Samantha Lee Ninja food art

Fame: just ‘plateful of food art’ away for Malaysian mother Samantha Lee.

The first step was simply a desire to make meals more fun for two daughters. This was followed by Lee photographing and uploading her food art to Instagram. Now, four years later, she has more 312,000 followers on Instagram. Her artistry has been featured on Today.com, Daily Mail and Huffington Post. Mothers round the world have been delighted—and inspired—by her art.

Lee’s tools are ordinary household items, knives and scissors. More surprising, Samantha Lee has NO professional culinary training—not even a cooking class!

[For more information and examples of her art, see Stay-at-Home Mom’s Adorable Food Art Rockets Her to Fame]

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Photo:  Joost Effler food art

The art above is NOT an anatomy study by Rembrandt! This hilariously appealing “headshot” is by food art specialist Joost Effler.  Anatomical, maybe, but definitely a different  kind of “yummy.” Whether the food used is organic or not is anyone’s guess!

Who is Joost Effler? He’s an artist and author of childrens books, who frequently collaborates with Saxton Freymann (whose art has been featured previously on Where Else Organic). What Joost Elffers and Saxton Freymann want is to change the way we eat, by reversing the constricting rules of food play.  Their ever-expanding collection of childrens books are all available on Amazon.

Creating snacks like these for your kids might be a stretch, given the complexity of Effler’s and Freymann’s “simple” food art creations. But, think how eagerly they’d look forward to every lunch you pack for school!

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