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Video: “Growing Doubt” about Genetically Engineered or GMO Foods

Score ONE for safe, healthy food production–in Europe, at least! Genetically Modified Food (GMO) giant Monsanto is withdrawing all European Union applications for approval of new crops. Yay! If only this was happening worldwide!

According to , Senior Political Correspondent at The Telegraph (UK):

“Monsanto currently sells only one biotech seed product in Europe — a biotech corn which is modified to be resistant to a destructive pest called the European corn borer. It accounts for less than one per cent of the corn grown in the EU.” Monsanto’s decision to “pull out” means 10 applications withdrawn, and 10 fewer risks for new GMO crop approvals in Europe.

That’s good–in fact, great–news for Europeans!

Not only will 10 potential GMO seed patents be withdrawn, but Monsanto intends to even stop promoting GMO foods in Europe! [Source: Greenpeace/EcoWatch]

The video (posted above) provides a “taste” of Monsanto’s misleading, frequently false advertising. Farmers who were once “believers” in Monsanto’s “claims” now have “doubts” (to put it mildly!). The video is 18 minutes long, but illuminating, and definitely worth a look.

Even Monsanto does NOT believe its own hype about the health or safety of Genetically Modified Foods. NONE are served in Monsanto’s cafeteria! Monsanto employees only eat organic!

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No GMO app

Photo: iPhone screen shots illustration on Politico News

No labels, no problem! There’s an app to AVOID GMO foods! You can do an end run around Monsanto and other multinational GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) producer attempts to fool you, to fool ALL consumers. It’s at least a start!

If you have an iPhone, you can download the app on iTunes: ShopNOGMO. (For Android users, check Google Play Store on your phone for ShopNOGMO.) The ShopNOGMO app includes  brand ID and multiple food catagories: “Cereals, Dairy, Condiments, Feed and Seed, Fruits and Vegetables, Grains and Beans, Herbs and Spices, Meat and Fish just to name a few.[Source: Politico News]

Also available–this from True Food Now–is the New True Food Shopper’s Guide to avoid GMO foods, updated in 2012.

Download: NEW True Food Shopper’s Guide or  True Food Shoppers Guide mobile application for iPhone and Android!

[For more information, see “New App to Avoid Buying GMO Foods” on Politico News.]

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Photo:  Mosaic artist assembling King Tut’s mask entirely from cups of coffee

King Tut in a coffee cup?  That’s right! But, THOUSANDS of cups, rather than just one. Seven hours and several artists (lead by mosaic artist Sophie Drouin) were required to assemble a King Tut replica using nothing but cups of coffee in various shades. This happened in Waterloo Public Square (Ontario).

Three thousand cups of coffee and the result is a work of art! 

Photo: “King Tut in caffeine”  installation in Waterloo, Ontario

[For more  information and photos, see “3,000-plus cups of coffee equals King Tut image at Waterloo Public Square.”]

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Photo: Candice Meighen’s food truck in Stanley Park. Photographer: Jason Payne The Province

Organic fruit smoothies? Smoked fish? Wood-fired pizza? Healthy food is now available in two Vancouver Parks! Three new food trucks are “open for business” in Stanley and Queen Elizabeth Park. Organic, smoked and wood-fired are included!

Constance Barnes, Park Board Chairwoman, made the announcement, saying emphasis is not only in providing healthy food, but in supporting family-owned businesses. Says Barnes:

“These are great food carts. We hope to capture peoples’ imagination as well as their stomachs.”

[For more INFORMATION, see Healthy Food in Vancouver Parks ]

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