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Terrorizing children? Farmers taken away in handcuffs? This is not the plotline for a horror movie. This is a reality these days for more and more small, sustainable food farms. Small farmers are persecuted for trying to provide us, food consumers, with healthy, organic, or local and sustainable food.  Large multi-national food corporations are not happy with competition. So the corporations (with government sanction)—literally—attack small farmers. In the US this attack on food systems grows more alarming by the day.

Since 1970 eighty-eight percent of the dairy farms in the US have been lost! EIGHTY-EIGHT percent! Why? There are NOT a lot of advocates for sustainable or organic food within governments. The goal of multi-nationals (and “factory farm”) lobbies is clear: Make the ONLY option available to consumers mass-produced food distributed through multi-national food store chains.

There is a new food documentary to be released this month called, appropriately enough, “Farmageddon.” The film is the work of one self-proclaimed “ordinary mom” who was becoming increasingly distressed by NOT being able to feed her children with produce from “the farm next door,” and to her increasing alarm with what IS happening NOW to food in North America (and world-wide).

Healthy food is our right! That right we need to take back from governments and multi-nationals.  We need to speak up for ourselves!  Awareness of what is really going on in the food industry is a FIRST STEPFilmmaker mom Kristin Canty says: “Without food freedom…We are not free.”

[For more information about the film, see “New Food Documentary Farmageddon Announced,” and “Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.” ]

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Photo: Yonas Jongkind at the Yarrow Ecovillage organic farm

What’s an “ecovillage”? An “intentional community” which aims to be socially, economically and ecologically sustainable. I like that word “intentional.” The word implies a community that’s awake and responsive not only to society but to the planet.

The plan for the ecovillage is this: 1–Intergenerational Cohousing for a happy mix of children, adults and seniors; 2–Commercial but with a sense of place in the style of a medieval village (narrow pedestrian focused streets); 3Organic Farm on 20 acres of Ecovillage property; and 4–Seniors Cohousing “for adults to plan to be seniors one day.” [For more, see Yarrow Ecovillage.]

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Video: “Coffee Service at the Valley of the Moon”

Chemical- Free, GMO-Free, BioDynamic–ALL ORGANIC! This describes the Valley of the Moon™ BeyondOrganic™ coffee and restaurant in Chiriquí Province, Panama.  The Valley of the Moon™  is an “Eco-Community” (established by Panama Natural Solutions Foundation) that produces BeyondOrganic™, the BioDynamic, zero-emission coffee at the Valley of the Moon™ Coffee Farm. Valley of the Moon™ Coffee is “beyond organic” by being the first “Friendly Food Certified™” food.

What that means:

“Friendly to the Workers, Friendly to the Environment and Friendly to the Consumer!  Discussions with the Government of Panama are underway to make “Friendly Food Certified” the national Panamanian certification program as a step to internationalizing this way of assuring consumers that their health, and their values, are supported by Friendly Food Certified™ purchases.

The intent of the Foundation is to marshal the intellectual and financial resources necessary to establish BeyondOrganic™, BioDynamic, Zero Emission demonstration and teaching farm facilities in the Panama Highlands, with satellite classes in the lowlands of Panama as well and in Benin, Africa.”

For those NOT in Panama, here’s a link to order BeyondOrganic™ coffee via the Natural Solutions Foundation.

If you’re lucky enough to be THERE, pull up a chair, enjoy the view, the Panama heat, and the ALL ORGANIC fare at BeyondOrganic™ Restaurant. [For more information, see “Valley of the Moon™ Private Eco Community Project.”]

Photo: Outdoor terrace at Valley of the Moon™ BeyondOrganic™ Restaurant in Panama

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Photos: Walt Disney World (Florida) “Tree of Life”

The massive 145-foot tree in these photos is artificial, but the art is definitely ORGANIC! This tree is a carved sculpture, and it’s the centerpiece of Disney World’s “Animal Kingdom” theme park in Florida. From a distance the tree looks like a normal tree. Up close is something else again!

More than a dozen artists have carved dozens of animals all around the tree. Look closely! Animals are everywhere!

[To see more photos, see “Carved Tree of Life in Disney Theme Park.”]

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