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Sml Them Apples Photo: from painting by Rene Magritte (20th century Surrealist painter)

Say there everyone, Adam here. I have met some verrrrryy interesting folks out here in Co-opistan who are putting together an organic food co-op on the North Shore. Two guys and a woman. They were not too talkative though, must be some kind of a secret. One of the fellows introduced himself as Curtis Whitechurch, but the others in his party were not giving out names.

I asked them if they were interested in sharing any information about their project or even about co-ops in general and they all slid their eyes sideways at each other. If I haven’t totally put both my feet in my mouth, I will try again to get them to talk. I am very curious!

Adam S.

Here’s more:

My friends, who wish to be nameless at the present time, are working together with me on this co-op. My name I can tell you, Curtis Whitechurch, (pronounced “wit-church”! Yes, my friends and I are working on a co-op, a food co-op. In fact, it is an organic food co-op that we are in the midst of planning. We have just not discussed our plans with anyone because there are parties out there that , for their own reasons, wish not ‘to go with the flow’, so to speak.

I have involved myself in this North Shore co-op project because I believe in organic and natural foods. I will tell you this. Our small group, that your Adam has encountered, is just the tip of the iceberg. We are a mix of customers and employees of the ‘lamented’ Capers of Dundarave fame. There are legions of us from both camps who are participating in forming and opening an organic food co-op on the North Shore.

My colleagues do not wish to identify themselves just yet because the project is in its infancy, and their ideas, wishes and philosophies are not yet ready for publication. We will tell you more when we feel that publishing our plans and activities will not compromise our project. Keep your eyes open to this space for more…later on.

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vitamin house

Photo: Vitamin House at Dundarave

Posted by Ann, original and re-owner of “The Vitamin House” in West Vancouver. 

Since the disappointing news of Capers closing in Dundarave, Vitamin House has been working to provide many of the products so missed by regular Capers customers, such as Bio-K, fair trade chocolate, platinum supplements, organic grains, teas and of course vitamins. If there are any favourites that you want to see stocked, please come in and let the staff know.  

We are happy to order it for you. Vitamin House is located at 2470 Marine Drive, West Vancouver.

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cookies recipe

Photo: oatmeal and dark chocolate

Cookies, of course! AND for cookie dough lovers, this used-to-be-Capers recipe refrigerates well and will keep fresh, if well covered, at least a week in the fridge. Recipe yields 2 dozen cookies, more or less.

In large bowl:

Cream together 1 lb. butter, 2 cups organic fair trade brown AND 2 cups white sugar, 4 large free-range eggs and 2 tsp. vanilla extract.

Fine chop 8 ounces of semi-sweet Callebault chocolate. Set aside 2 ounces for cookie topping. Add remaining 6 ounces of chocolate to the already creamed ingredients, along with 6 cups slow organic oats, 3 cups organic flour, 1 tblsp baking soda and 2 tsp. salt.

Mix all ingredients until evenly distributed, then roll dough into 4 or 5 logs and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Cut logs into disks ½ inch thick. Place on cookie sheet with at least 1 ½ inches between disks. Add a few chunks of chopped chocolate on top of each cookie.

Bake 12-15 minutes. Let cool until chocolate is firm again. Store at room temperature in cookie jar. Enjoy!

Posted by “Retro Chef.”

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bioethique organic cosmetics

Photo: Bioethique “Certified Organic” Cosmetics

Posted by Gisele Rasmussen, owner Facial Fitness Vancouver.

I’ve just started using Bioethique “Certified Organic” face creams. After only a few days I couldn’t put my regular NON-organic body creams on my body anymore. It was like, after my body was introduced to ORGANIC, it refused to have anything else! It was almost like my body was saying, “Forget about it! You’re NOT putting that old stuff on me anymore! No way!” I was surprised, but I got the message. Organic ONLY from now on for my body!

After two weeks of using the Bioethique Certified Organic hand cream, someone was holding my hand and said, “Oh my gawd, your hands are so soft!” When do you ever get compliments on how soft your hands are? I mean, especially at this age! I’m 55 years old! That’s what Certified Organic skin care products do.

The skin lotions just disappear. You put them on and they completely soak in and moisturize. They’re not greasy. There’s no film.

Bioethique also includes a foot cream in the product line. My feet have never felt so good! And I’ve never before even wanted to put creams on my feet. Always, until now, my feet have been resistant to creams. Only in desperation would I have put on creams previously (like for cracked skin).

Bioethique also has massage oils, three different kinds of Certified Organic massage oils. These oils are fabulous. There’s a “Calming” oil I use in the evening before I go to bed. The fragrance, when you put it on, is so relaxing and it’s all natural. The other two oils are “Refreshing” and “Uplifting,” but I haven’t tried those yet. I will later.

France is where the best essential oils in the world are produced. All of the products in the Bioethique line are made in France, totally. Part of what “Certified Organic” means (which is what Bioethique products are), according to the French Certification Board:

1) Your lab needs to be green;

2) Your containers need to be green;

3) Your brochures need to be green; and of course, obviously!

4) Your ingredients need to be green.

These Bioethique skin care products are made totally in France, with the best of the best ingredients, ALL green, ALL Certified Organic! I’m so impressed with Bioethique Certified Organic skin care products that I’m now carrying them in my salon, Facial Fitness Vancouver. These products are fabulous!

For more information: Bioethique and/or Facial Fitness Vancouver, or call 604-731-0044.

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BC Organic book

 Photo: cover “BC The Organic Way” by Marya Skrypiczajko

This from Marya Skrypiczajko in her book, BC The Organic Way:

“Whether you spend your money on organic food or not is a matter of priorities. At first glance organic food can seem expensive, but when all the short and long term externalized costs of the food system’s impact on the earth are considered, [organic food cost] seems quite reasonable.”

Organic may sometimes seem more expensive, but food choices have consequences. Not all costs are up front. One way or the other we “pay” for our choices. Choosing ORGANIC may in fact be “cheaper” overall, not only for nutrition and health but how we impact environment.
Here’s a link for a review and  “where to buy” Skrypiczajko ‘s  book:
BC the Organic Way (Where to Buy Organic Food in British Columbia).

Another author, David Hennessey, has written a guide to help you buy organic and still save money: How to Buy Organic Inexpensively. This book can help you keep your costs “reasonable” all round,  nutritionally, environmentally and INexpensively.

 inexpensive book

Photo: cover How to Buy Organic Food Inexpensively by David Hennessey

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choc 2choc 3choc 4choc 5

Posted by Edouard (www.altereco-usa.com) in San Francisco.

Help support small-scale farmers around the world this Valentine’s Day with Fair Trade new ORGANIC Dark Chocolates.  By buying organic Fair Trade Certified organic chocolate you can enjoy exceptional quality and actively contribute to sustainable development and the livelihoods of small-scale farmers in developing countries.

ALTER ECO’s new chocolates include the following depths of flavors and cocoa percentages:

• Dark Blackout Chocolate (85% cocoa, intense cocoa, vegan) – An amazingly intense and deliciously dark chocolate.
• Dark Cacao Chocolate (73% cocoa, vegan, with very dark with crunchy nibs of roasted cacao beans) – A fine, dark chocolate with the perfect balance of bitter and sweet.
• Dark Mint Chocolate (61% cocoa, vegan and bittersweet with crystallized bits of mint) –Infused with mint, this dark chocolate is refreshingly intense.
• Dark Twist Chocolate (57% cocoa, vegan and bittersweet with bits of crystallized orange peel) –– A zesty, dark delight with sharp hints of orange.
• Milk Hazelnut Chocolate (32% cocoa, with roasted whole organic hazelnuts) – A perfect blend of milk chocolate and organic roasted hazelnuts.

ALTER ECO chocolates are made with the finest of cocoa sourced from Bolivia – the Criolla bean — and delicately infused with bits of natural mint, orange, cacao and almonds. The cocoa in all of the chocolates were grown and harvested by organic producers of the El Ceibo cooperative located in the heart of the Bolivian Amazon. The unrefined, organic sugar was harvested by farmers of the Alter Trade Foundation in the Island of Negros of the Philippines. Since these chocolates are Fair Trade Certified®, these farmers were paid a better, more stable price for their crops than in conventional trade.

By purchasing these products customers are directly helping small-scale farmers in Bolivia and in the Philippines earn a higher wage while promoting sustainable agriculture.ALTER ECO chocolate products are free of soy, gluten, and GMOs and contain no emulsifiers, artificial flavors or sweeteners. These products are also cultivated using sustainable farming methods that preserve the local agricultural biodiversity. All of the products are Fair Trade, natural and most have completed the process of becoming certified organic.

The five new 3.5 oz bars are available directly to consumers online at http://www.altereco.com. Or,  check your local ORGANIC food store for these bars. Alter Eco distributes organic chocolate bars worldwide.”

For more information on Fair Trade, its impact on farmers all over the world, and the third party certification organization for Fair Trade products, visit:

To read more about the El Ceibo farmers in Bolivia, please visit: http://transfairusa.org/content/certification/producer.php?floid=1471
To read more about the Alter Trade farmers in the Philippines, please visit:

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Eduoard at Alter Eco for ALL the above information.]

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calendar 1

Photos (above and below) : from the cover of “2008 Cascadia Organic Calendar
(available free in Choices Markets)

calendar 2

Photo: More from the front cover of 2008 Cascadia Organic Calendar

Posted by webrapper.

Imagine West Vancouver Capers newer, bigger and located in Yaletown and you have Choices Market Yaletown! Talk about “coming home”! That’s exactly how Yaletown Choices Market feels.

Choices Markets (now 8 locations in British Columbia) are 100 percent Canadian-owned and operated.  Unlike Whole Foods, Choices Markets (and previously, Capers Community Markets) produce is supplied by “small, independent farmers.”

[See Editor’s Note 2 in “Them Apples.”]

The 2008 Cascadia Organic Calendar (available free in Choices Markets) celebrates these Choices Markets suppliers, the small independent organic farms and farm families. Examples: 1) Kildara Farm in Sidney, BC, owned by Daphne and Brian Hughes (year-round unheated greenhouses), 2) Salt Spring Seeds, Dan Jason (one of the world’s leading bean experts), 3) Meyers Farms, Bob and Marlene Myers (greens producers).

The 2008 Cascadia Organic Calendar is fascinating and informative.

ALSO, there’s another ORGANIC treat just a block away from Choices Market in Yaletown: “Simply Produce.” This is a fruit and salad bar which features ORGANIC flax breads.  (Website for “Simply Produce” is “under temporary construction” (meaning an update or a brand new website). The organic flax breads, though, are provided by Flax is Good (and that website comprehensive).

Yaletown Choices Market is located on Richards and Davie in downtown Vancouver.

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