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Photo: Juice bar manager Gustavo Gonzalez (Nature Mart)
Photographer:  Anthea Raymond

Photo: Nature Mart Organic Food Store near Los Angeles (California)

Another community-beloved organic food store bites the dust!  Nature Mart, a pioneering organic food store near Los Angeles, is shutting down after38 years in business. According to Eagle Rock Patch online news, Nature Mart is “losing its lease.”

“The beloved purveyor of all things organic—including wheatgrass juice—is going to be replaced by an outlet of a chain from Camarillo, Lassen’s—at least according to some speculation.”

Those of us in Vancouver, Canada can definitely sympathize! Here we lost the pioneering organic food store West Vancouver Capers after more than 25 years as the heart of the community. Later, Robson and Cambie and Kitsilano Capers stores were all swallowed by mega-store Whole Foods.

As one Tweeter noted about the Nature Mart closing, “I have worked for Nature Mart since I was 12 years old. I am very sorry to see it go!”  We feel for you!

[To read more about this pioneering organic food store, see “Nature Mart.”]

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Photo: Sunday Farmers’ Market shoppers at Ambleside

At least ONE Farmers’ Market is still OPEN through October! That’s the Farmers’ Market near the entrance to Ambleside Park in West Vancouver. That Market is open Sundays. Fresh produce, pesticide-free AND even Certified Organic food (including eggs, meat, and produce) are still available direct from farmers.

The Certified Organic AND biodynamic produce (available at Ambleside) comes from Forstbauer Family Farm in Chilliwack. This Farm was a Capers supplier way back when. Now (other than “at Farmers’ Markets”) Forstbauer organics are distributed through Discovery Organics (wholesaler). You can check Forstbauer and Discovery Organics websites for retail outlets for Forstbauer biodynamic organics.

Meanwhile, you still have two more SUNDAYS to enjoy buying directly from the farmer at Ambleside Farmers’ Market!

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