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Video:  Crumpkin’s Pumpkins’ Pumpkin Song!

It’s that time of year again! Pumpkins galore! Those grown organically might be a bit more expensive than conventional, but here’s the upside to buying ORGANIC:

  • Support  for organic farming and the  health of farmers and farm workers.
  • Support for the health of the environment– rivers, soil, air, [people and animals.]
  • Support of other plants: “Two of the major herbicides used in pumpkins, clomazone and ethalfluralin, have either the potential to injure the crop being grown or cause severe injury to non-target plants.”

Who would WANT to eat the toxic herbicides used on conventional pumpkins? Give me organic any day, even on Halloween! Of course,  NO Halloween is complete without some singing PUMPKINS. Be sure to check out Crumpkin’s Pumpkins’ SINGING video (above).

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Video:What’s Organic?” Animation [2.27 minutes]

What IS organic food? This animated short explains. The answer might surprise you. ‘Organic’ does NOT necessarily equate to nutritious. Organic has nothing to do with how good a food is for you. The organic label speaks only to HOW the INGREDIENTS were created, prepared, or raised.

In an organic nutshell, here’s what ‘organic’ means:

1–NO Genetically Modified (GMO) ingredients;
2–NO chemicals used to kill bugs or weeds;

3–ALL pesticides used, natural;
4–NOTHING fertilized with sewage sludge;
5–NO radiation exposure;
6–NO industrial solvents used for cleaning;
7–NO food additives used for freshness;

8NO antibiotics or hormones used, if meat.

Though ‘organic’ does NOT necessarily mean “more nutritious,” this created-prepared-raised list certainly implies “healthier”!

Video: Support Organic Food — Animation

This is the musical, foot-tapping version of “What’s Organic?”. Creators: Turn Organic. An organic sing-a-long!
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This is a REAL orchestra with REAL  musicians! I doubt any of the rest of us, playing with our food, could get anything near a muscial result. If you’d like to see how it’s done, check out the video below:

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Video: Sacla’ Stage Shopera in London Foodhall

Add flash mobs and food and what do you get: More impromptu singing and dancing in the food aisles round the world!

In the video (above) London’s John Lewis Foodhall slipped in a handful of opera singers to pose as “secret shoppers.” What happened next, you can see for youself:  Italian opera classic “Funiculi, Funicula.” Credit to Sacla the Pesto Pioneers for serving up the surprise!


Video: Food Court Musical a la Improv Everywhere

Next: “More Napkins Please,” a food court improv musical. In this video sixteen members of Improv Everywhere break into song in search of just ONE napkin. Cameras were all hidden behind two-way mirrors, all microphones, wireless.

AND, this performance is only ONE of 100 different “musicals” Everywhere performed over seven years in New York City. Enjoy! The more than 9 million people who have viewed this video to date already have.


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Flash mobs in food markets? In restaurants? Who knew “fruits and vegetables” could sing! Here are three musical interludes in Spain and the US, where—of course—the actual singers are professionals:

Video: Flashmob Valencia (Spain) : Opera at the Market

A not-so-ordinary day of shopping at the Central Market in Valencia, Spain: Verdi’s “La Traviata” startles and amazes shoppers.  Watch the faces. Some shoppers are moved to tears, but then, opera can do that to you!

Now, this: Opera Company of Philadelphia “Flash Brindisi” at Reading Terminal (video)

This is one of my favorites! Opera Company of Philadelphia teamed with Reading Terminal Market Italian Festival for a large-scale “Flash Opera” event! 30 Principal cast members of the Opera Company of Philadelphia Chorus performed “La Traviata.” Enjoy! Shopping is never THIS much fun at any of the markets I frequent!

Finally, this video from a restaurant in Bahía Blanca, Spain:

Video: OPERA LIBRE flashmob en Bahia Blanca

Opera excerpts include: “Brindis” La Traviata,  Guiseppi Verdi and “O Sole Mio.” A little culture to grace your day!

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Video:  My Potato Project: The Importance of Organic

“By little children we shall be taught.”  A surprise ‘sidebar’ to a little girl’s science project shows why we need to choose organic produce. Unlike Genetically Modified (GMO) or pesticide-sprayed produce, organic produce is alive. It’s alive! It’s alive!

This simple school project by a young student named Elise started as a task to see how long it would take for grown sweet potato to grow vines.  Then, “surprise” entered the picture. What “started as a simple science experiment quickly evolved into a potential and unintentional piece of evidence in support of the purchase of organic rather than conventional produce.”  [Source: Collective Evolution]

But, let Elise tell you in her own words: Why We Need To Choose Organic!

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Video: BBC Human Planet “Race against the tide”

The lengths (and depths!) humans will go to for organic food will take your breath away! This BBC video from the series “Human Planet” is stunning. The Inuit  risk death under huge, shifting blocks of Artic ice, to harvest mussels. Thirty minutes is the timeline! If you miss that, you’re dead! This is survival of the boldest for sure.

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