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Video: Part One, Bioéthique Certified Organic video series on toxic and harmful ingredients found in cosmetics

Video: Part two, Bioéthique Certified Organic video series on common harmful ingredients found in cosmetics

These TWO short videos from Bioéthique Certified Organic give a “head’s up” about which ingredients commonly found in skin care products to avoid–and why. Bioéthique Certified Organic products are free of synthetic ingredients of any kind.  All ingredients in these products are locally sourced from the finest certified organic and wild harvested botanicals. No animal testing or animal ingredients are ever permitted for Bioethique products. All Bioéthique products are completely pure and 100% natural.

“Bioéthique has created one of the world’s first and only lines of Third Party Certified Organic skin and body care products….Bioéthique’s entire process is meticulously monitored and regularly inspected to ensure it meets the highest organic and quality standards in the world. Bioéthique skin and body care is carefully crafted in small batches in the heart of Provence, France.” [Source: Bioéthique]

[For more information or to purchase, visit Bioéthique Organics online.] Bioéthique certified organic skin care products are also available locally from Facial Fitness Vancouver in Kitsalano.

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Photo: the Jane Goodall chocolate bar from Theo Chocolate

Money may not “grow on trees,” but Theo Chocolate does! What’s Theo Chocolate? For starters, it’s the ONLY CHOCOLATE FACTORY in the United States! AND this factory is organic and fair trade focused.

Here’s an excerpt from the Theo Chocolate website:

“We follow our passion for excellence to bring you chocolate that will delight your palate, ignite your imagination and inspire you to think and act sustainably! Be a part of our movement to save our planet and its capacity to nurture and sustain all living things. We can’t do it without you!

“Ignite imagination”? “Save the planet”? Chocolate may be more “wake up” call than we guessed (chomping for energy boost or pleasure)!

[For more about the Jane Goodall bars, see Theo Chocolate Initiative.]

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Photo: contest sketch from They Draw and Cook 

Here’s your chance to free up extra Christmas cash! The delightful and original They Draw and Cook blog is running a contest. You can win $1.000 for your best, most artistically presented Christmas recipe.  If you make your recipe organic, that may set you apart from the competition!

If you are as handy with a sketchbook as a spatula, you will love this blog. In fact, anyone who likes something different will enjoy They Draw and Cook. This site was only launched in February of this year, but already They Draw and Cook has received hundreds of submissions.  AND, all this culinary art is headed toward a book!  This is your chance, not only for inclusion in a book, but to cash in for Christmas!

[For contest details, click on They Draw and Cook.]

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manor house

Photo: Manor House Agricultural Centre (Kenya)

What’s Organics 4 Orphans? A great idea! In a nutshell:

Organics 4 Orphans“seeks to address extreme poverty by helping African communities move from food reliance into conditions of self-sufficiency – even into surplus…..by equipping small-scale farmers with the resources and knowledge to farm organically and productively, and then asking those farmers to help the orphans in their communities.”

The inspiration for this initiative was Manor House Agricultural Centre. This 20 year-old centre teaches communities to make their own organic fertilizer, pesticides and save their own seeds…Once tools, fencing, seeds and watering equipment are bought there are no future costs” for a community to grow its own  organic food…..Using ingenious techniques, Manor House offers education in cultivating abundant, nutritious, low-cost organic produce. Participants learn through both theory and hands- on practice how to apply the eight principles of the bio-intensive method.”  [Source: Organics4Orphans]

Organics 4 Orphans continues this hands-on training for community self-sustainability through organic food.  You can help! You can sponsor a villiage! The cost is $42 a month, but here’s what that money buys:

“$42 buys seeds, fencing, tools and training for a whole community, enabling them to produce nutritious food warding off disease and hunger and eventually support themselves and others.”

How cool is that! [For more information, visit Organics 4 Orphans.]

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