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Video: Two unsuspecting pumpkins find out what Halloween really means in this hilarious Jib Jab creation

More than 4.5 MILLION views and counting! That’s how many people have seen this Jib Jab video “Pumpkin Massacre” to date.  It starts with a couple of pumpkins chatting about what they’ll be doing on the weekend and ends with pumpkin gore galore and viewer hilarity.

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Photo: Blaize, Cecilia & Welly of Forstbauer Family Farm at the Vancouver winter Farmers’ Market
Photographer: BC Association of Farmers’ Markets

Is there a winter Farmers’ Market in Vancouver? Yes! Absolutely! And that’s cause for happy laughter from organic food lovers and farmers alike.

WHEN:  Saturdays, November 3 to April 27 (except December 29) 10 am – 2 pm
WHERE: East Parking Lot of Nat Bailey Stadium – 30th & Ontario Street in Vancouver

[For other BC locations, see “Find a Market.”]

You can enjoy continued access to “fresh from the farm” to your table produce and preserves year round, not just in the Spring! Cheers for that!

shopping at the winter Vancouver Farmers’ Market
Photographer: BC Association of Farmers’ Markets

[For more information, visit BC Association of Farmers’ Markets.] 

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Video: Master Pumpkin Carver Ray Villafane Brings Ghoulish Zombies To Life

Add three 1,800 lb pumpkins (largest in U.S.), Ray Villafane, partner Andy Bergholtz, and a talented team of carvers–and what do you get? Masterpieces of pumpkin created nightmares! All these imaginative and highly original pumpkin ghoul carvings started innocently enough, even ‘as a lark’ for teacher/artist Ray Villafane. Now he does little else. Pumpkins are clearly Villafane’s passion!

Can you match him? Here’s Villafane demonstrating to Martha Stewart--on air--the art of pumpkin carving:

Video: How to Carve Incredible Pumpkin Faces Ray Villafane ⎢ Martha Stewart

In this Martha Steward video Villafane offers tips, techniques and tricks for carving lifelike faces from Halloween pumpkins. Brilliantly creative! Stewart will need more practice!

If you’re ready to try carving pumpkins yourself, check out this short Villafane video tutorial. Need tools? Villafane can provide them: Master Pumpkin Carving Tool Set. Dazzle your friends! Happy Halloween!

Video: Ray Villafane mini-tutorial for carving pumpkins

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best-of-local-farmers-markets 2

Photo: Best of Local Farmers’ Markets poster

It’s that time of year again! Transition from Summer/Fall to Winter/Spring Farmers’ Markets is almost here!

Dundarave’s Saturday Farmers’ Market in West Vancouver closed in mid-October, but Ambleside’s is still going strong. That will be open until the end of the month, Sunday, October 27th, from  10 am–3 pm, across the street from the Ferry Building Gallery. In North Vancouver the Lonsdale Quay Farmer’s Market also remains open until the end of the month, but on Saturdays, from 10 am — 3 pm. [For more information, visit “North Shore Farmers’ Markets.”]

For dates and times of Farmers’ Markets open until the end of the month in Vancouver, see “Eat Local Markets.”

Only ONE Farmers’ Market happens throughout the winter in Vancouver. That’s the Farmers’ Market at Nat Bailey Stadium (30th & Ontario Street), East Parking Lot. It’s open from November 2, 2012–April 26, 2013, 10am – 2pm each week. [For more information, see “Winter Farmers’ Market.”]

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Video: kitty litter facial tutorial

It’s Halloween! A happy time for witches! Every witch has a “familiar.” It’s usually a cat. Who knew why, until now? For the litter, not the cat!

Actually, the woman in this video is from Malaysia. She’s NOT a witch AND she has the most beautiful skin anyone could imagine–unlike the more cartoonish depictions of a Halloween witch. Unscented kitty litter is DEFINITELY ORGANIC!  If it works for smoothing skin, that’s an added plus!

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Photo: Colorful October! (Stock Phot0)

Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving today! There’s much to be thankful for–not the least of which is “organic food” and the farmers and suppliers who provide that REAL food. Thanks to you all!

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Video: Genetic Roulette and Seeds of Destruction  author Jeffrey M. Smith reveals Monsanto’s “Game Plan”

This video is a MUST WATCH for any who might wonder “the reason” for yet another “March Against Monsanto” yesterday, worldwide.  Agri-business giant Monsanto’ Genetically Modified (GMO) or Genetically Engineered (GE) food is a HUGE threat to this planet and to all of us now alive–and to those born in the future.

Monsanto wants to own and control every seed on the planet. That means Monsanto wants to control everything we eat–without the testing required even to ensure that GMO or GE foods are safe to eat!  In fact, more and more evidence and studies indicate just the opposite. GMO food safety is questionable at best, and may IN FACT be making people and animals and the planet sick.

Even more scary: No technology currently exists to reverse damage done to the environment–or to the health and well being of any of us on the Planet who eat GMO or GE foods.  Avoiding GMO or GE foods is likewise increasingly more difficult, as more and more Genetically Modified (AND unlabelled) foods fill grocery store shelves!

Yesterday, thousands marched to keep a spotlight on this insidious threat, and on the Darth Vader of multinational agri-businesses, Monsanto. [Here’s an example of just one article covering yesterday’s international, 50-country event:  2,000 March Against Monsanto in Queen’s Park (Canada).] For more, check out YouTube  and/or Google: March Against Monsanto, October 2013.

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