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Photo: Organic dark chocolate facial

Attention chocoholics! Not ONLY does dark chocolate lower blood pressure, cholesterol and generally make you feel good all over, but now you can clean (and nourish) your face with chocolate. Let’s hear it for “multi-tasking”!

Chocolate masks are all the rage overseas. The woman in the photo is in a Notting Hill, United Kingdom salon.

Take heart, though. Here are the steps for a “do-it-yourself” version, generously provided by Wikihow.

How to Make a Chocolate Facial Mask:

1–Heat dark chocolate in a double boiler.
2–Mix salt and 1/4 of a cup milk in a bowl.
3–Remove melted chocolate from heat. Mix melted chocolate with salt/milk mixture.
4–Allow to cool.
5–Apply to your face while cool but not hardened. Before the chocolate becomes hard,
smear on your face and leave it on until it hardens. Relax lying down while waiting.
6–Wash or chip off with a mild cleanser and warm water.

[Tip: be sure to wear clothes you can get dirty. This can be messy!]

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Photo: Book cover for Eat Papaya Naked: The pH Balanced Diet for Super Health & Glowing Beauty by Susan M. Lark, MD

This visually exquisite book is full of colorful photos, organic recipes, remedies, and TIPS for getting maximum “health benefit” from WHAT YOU EAT. Here’s one example:

How to Erase Age Spots:

These “spots” are described in Eat Papaya Naked like this:

“Age spots are the harmless, round or oval, flat, irregularly-edged brownish spots on the skin that begin to show after menopause. [These spots are] caused by an accumulation of debris in skin cells, due to free radical oxidation damage occurring throughout [the] body.

Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, heat, trauma, radiation, heavy metals, and changes in oxygen potential also affect the formation of melanin—the dark pigment of the skin—and hasten the formation of age spots.

And, according to Chinese medicine, dairy foods, red meats, and saturated fats congest [the] liver, blocking the chi (energy) and preventing [the] liver from detoxifying the blood. The result: age spots, acne, eczema, boils, and other types of skin lesions.”

But all is not lost! There are remedies, in fact, more than one!

Here’s what the author of Eat Papayas Naked, Susan Lark, suggests:

1) Increase your Vitamin-A intake. Research has shown that Vitamin-A can significantly reduce the appearance of age spots. AND your supplements do NOT have to be tablets or capsules. Two-four heaping teaspoons of spirulina (a greens food) per day can provide 20,000—40,000 IU of Vitamin-A;

2) Combat “free radical damage with foods rich in beta-carotene, such as kale, spinach, squash, sweet potatoes, mangoes, cantaloupe, apricots, carrots, and cabbage”;

3) Up your intake of “collagen-building” Vitamin-C by eating foods such as cantaloupe, oranges, mangoes, blackberries, broccoli, and cauliflower.”

ORGANIC is recommended for all of these foods, of course.

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saveitsunday reduced

Photo: They Draw & Cook header for Save It Sunday recipe party/contest

They Draw & Cook and Glad are throwing a party, a $5,000 Illustrated Recipe Party! We’re all invited invited!

The party’s called Save It Sunday. Save what, why? Save food, and eliminate food waste!  According to the sponsor of this party–Glad–almost twenty-five percent of all the food we buy goes bad before we even have a chance to eat it. Bad planning, on all our parts, for sure!

So, Glad–and They Draw and Cook—want to expand imaginations. The Save It Sunday campaign/party invites anyone and everyone to “illustrate how to prepare ONE ingredient THREE different ways”. Reduce waste with creativity!

If They Draw and Cook picks your recipe illustration as best, you win $2,500 US. Second place prizes for 5 other contributors are $500/each.

[For more details, deadlines, rules and examples, visit They Draw and Cook.]

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Photo: illustration from “Crunchy Domester Goddess”

E-How? Did you know there’s  a “how to” website that tells how to make organic Easter Egg dyes? There is and here’s how–E-How:

“Hard cook eggs with one tablespoon vinegar in water. Place dying ingredients in aluminum pans with water and boil for at least five minutes to release the pigments. Crush and stir to release the colors and make enough for one cup of each, starting with at least two cups of water. Strain dyes before adding eggs. Most dyes should be used hot, although the temperature of the eggs doesn’t matter. After mixtures are somewhat darker than your desired color add eggs and allow to remain until the wanted effect is achieved. Some take longer than others, up to one hour.” 

[For more Easter Egg dye-making and applying “tutorial,”  see Crunchy Domestic Goddess.Have fun and Happy Organic Easter!

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Photo: a selection of dried fruits 

This recipe is based on a Christmas Cake original from Robert Edge, Capers Bakery Supervisor in 1993. It’s designed especially for those who do NOT usually enjoy Christmas Cake.

Ingredients for TWO CAKES:  organic apricots, pecans, almonds, raisins, cranberries, dates, orange juice, apple juice or cider, brandy, butter, gmo-free canola oil, organic brown sugar, honey, organic or free range eggs, organic flour, cinnamon, baking powder, allspice and sea salt.

In bowl # ONE (a really BIG bowl) mix together:  ¾ c butter, ½ c gmo-free canola oil, 1 c plus a tablespoon organic brown sugar, 1 c  honey and 5 large free range or organic eggs.

In Bowl # TWO (not so big) mix together:  2 c organic flour (wheat unless allergic and prefer substitute), 2 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp allspice, 1/4 tsp sea salt AND ½ lb dried apricots (coarsely chopped), ½ lb large pecan pieces, ½ lb coarsely chopped almonds, ¾ lb raisins, ¾ lb frozen cranberries, and ¾ lb pitted dates (coarsely chopped).

Now, ADD 1.2 c plus 1 tblsp fresh orange juice to  Bowl # ONE (containing creamed butter, oil and sugars) and mix. ADD flour and fruit mixture from Bowl #TWO to Bowl #ONE (the BIG bowl). Stir until the fruit  is ALL evenly distributed.

BAKE at 275 degrees in two well-greased 10-inch round, 3” deep baking pans for 1 ½ to 2 hours (until toothpick comes out clean).

FINALLY, mix 1/3 c of brandy and ¼ c of apple juice or cider in sterile spray bottle. While cakes are still warm, spray generously. Let cakes cool before wrapping tightly and refrigerating. These Christmas Cakes improve with age!

Editor’s Note: This recipe is of course for those who like to bake. For those of us who don’t own cooking bowls or baking pans (and think “baking soda” is only used in refrigerators to absorb odors), here’s a suggestion: BUY Capers Christmas Cakes right off the shelves at Whole Foods Robson, Kitsilano, Cambie Street or Park Royal stores. The Christmas Cakes are available in two sizes. No baking pans required!]

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Video: “Valentine’s Chocolate Truffles at Hollyhock”

For some Valentine’s Day organic “deliciousness,” check out the video recipe above. This video is compliments of Cortez Island’s Hollyhock education centre and the “Hippy Gourmet.” In case you haven’t yet explored this wonderfully informative “organic” website, now’s your chance. The Hippy Gourmet is  full of recipes and links, videos and books, ALL about healthy organic living.

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Photo: Capers founder Russell Precious cheese cake delight.  Russell’s and wife Teresa’s original recipe! (“used with permission.”)
Indulge yourself with a little cheescake from Capers founder Russell Precious and his wife Teresa!

This recipe is featured in Capers 1993 recipe book,  To Love and Feed People. If you search, copies are still be found online. This delightful and charmingly artistic book consists of original recipes, drawings, and lots of organic food tips. Might take you awhile online, but the search is definitely worth your time!

Meanwhile, enjoy this Precious sample from Russell and Teresa! Capers “original” cheesecake!


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