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Photo: Liberal candidate Dan Veniez (left) with Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff during a campaign stop at the Savary Island Pie Company restaurant in West Vancouver. Photographer: Carmine Marinelli (QMI Agency

Hoping for a big slice of BC’s political pie, Liberal leader Ignatieff (earlier this week) sampled organics at West Vancouver’s Savary Island Pie CompanyThe pie (and everything else) at Savary is all ORGANIC! That’s more than can usually be recommended about politics.

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Photo: Organic Lives Restaurant owner Preet Marwaha and chef Christine Derek.  Photographer: Ian Smith

How’s this for an introduction to “Organic Lives,” a just as the name proclaims “organic” restaurant in Vancouver:

“We’re all about the food – how and where it’s grown and sold, the purity of the preparation process, the quality and quantity of the nutrients inside, and, of course, the taste. The mind-blowing, zen-inducing, can’t-peel-the-smile-off-my-face taste.”

Even better, this restaurant (reviewed earlier this week in the Vancouver SUN) apparently lives up to the promise.

Organic Lives restaurant is upscale, bright and modern, with see-through-walls into the kitchen. You won’t see a stove, though. All you see is an array of freshly prepared ingredients, food dehydrators, blenders for smoothies, juices and tonics. You might also glimpse a “go-fer” for Katie Holmes, Tobey Maguire or Kyra Sedgwick, all of whom have favored “take out” from Organic Lives.

Location: 1829 Quebec Street in Vancouver. (Open daily from 9am — 9pm.)

[To read FULL ARTICLE, see Vancouver SUN “Organic Lives restaurant review.”]

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Video: Food Landscapes from Carl Warner

This video offers a quick tour of Australian artist and photographer Carl Warner’s food landscapes. Clearly the art is “organic,” but whether the vegetables and fruits might be is anyone’s guess. I also wonder about the size of his grocery bill, and whether any of the food gets eaten after the art is done!

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Photo:  Rory Stavro-Pearce, founder of Organic Vending, displaying organic and natural snacks he stocks in the vending machine at Volkswagen Downtown Toronto.
Photographer:  Andrew Wallace/Toronto Star

Organic vending machines?! Nutritional snacks only in US schools? That’s a “yes” and “yes,” thanks to  the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010” passed by the US Congress at the end of  last year. AND these organic and natural snack food machines are more and more available in Canadian schools as well.

This is NO April Fool’s joke! Healthy, organic snack options are now available in Canadian and US schools “at the push of a button”!

[To read more about ORGANIC VENDING MACHINES, see (Toronto Star)  “Goodbye Junk Food Hello Healthier Snacks.”]

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Photo: Latin Organics founder and CEO, Martha Bowen and Rainforest Alliance friends

Latin Organics (coffee) farmlands in Columbia are “certified” Rainforest Alliance. What does that mean? This is from Latin Organics’ Chandra Meyer-Lopez: 

This certification goes far beyond that of organic and fair trade certifications. [Rainforest Alliance] protects wildlife, the habitat, water, soil and the quality of our crop.  In addition, [the Alliance] provides healthcare and even education to the farmers’ families.”  [For more information about Latin Organics coffee and organic certifications, see Brewing a Better Future and Latin Organics at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre (video).]

You can find Latin Organics in stores across Canada. Here’s a list of “where to find.”

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