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Photo: lab rat featured in Health Freedom Alliance newsletter

Can you believe it?! Even rats prefer ORGANIC food! This newsflash comes from a Health Freedom Alliance newsletter:

“The next time you find yourself in a debate about which tastes better (organic or non organic foods – if it’s still debatable), you can mention that even rats prefer organic food. In a study involving organic wheat production, researchers gave lab rats the choice between organic and non organic wheat. The rats preferred the former.

Because of similar chemical compositions between the wheat, the researchers found it remarkable that the rats could tell the difference. Furthermore the rodents were much more apt at telling the difference than humans were. Assuming the rats did not overhear which meal they were getting, how did they know the difference? The answer appears to be phytochemicals.

These are chemicals made naturally by plants to defend themselves against attack from insects. Most of the aromas and many flavors from vegetables, spices and herbs come from these chemicals which smell and taste pleasant to us but not to insects. And the theory goes: less pesticides for organic plants means more phytochemicals, which equals tastier food. Or so say the rats.”

[To read more, see “Even Rats Prefer Organic Food.”]

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Photo: OrganicLives storefront in Vancouver

Kudos to VanCity for financing new equipment for OrganicLives facility in Richmond! OrganicLives is a Vancouver-based organic food manufacturer and distributor, restaurant, and educational centre. Whenever and wherever possible OrganicLives supports fair trade and sustainable practices.

OrganicLives “has been making a positive impact to the health of our community for two years. OrganicLives has doubled its revenues year over year and is positioned for growth.” [Source: VanCity “Good Money™ an organic food business scale up to meet demand”]

The new investment dollars from VanCity will enable OrganicLives to expand its offerings into retailers such as Whole Foods

AND OrganicLives does have lots to offer.  A new OrganicLives Cafe was just opened in December 2011 on Granville (451 Granville Street at W. Hastings ), located near the newly opened Chopra Yoga CenterAND  an OrganicLives Cooking Series from Preet Marwaha, CEO & Founder of OrganicLives can answer questions such as these: “Why organic? Why sustainable? What is actually nutritious? What is actually fairly traded?” [For course start dates, cost and content, see “Cooking Series: Food 101.”] You can also shop online at OrganicLives at the Ultimate Organic Pantry.

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Photos: Kauai Chololate Farm offerings

Here’s to a chocolate lovers paradise, the island of  Kauai! That’s the “Garden Isle” in the Hawaiian Islands. After what seems like weeks of “dark, windy and wet” in Vancouver, hopping a plane to Hawaii for sun and warm AND a Steelgrass Chocolate Farm Tour sounds like a great idea.

Video: Quick look at Hanalei organic chocolate farm (2 minutes)

“Hawaii is the only state where the chocolate tree grows, and the only place on Kauai where you can experience a live chocolate tree orchard is at Steelgrass Farm, our family’s eight-acre tropical garden specializing in vanilla, bamboo, and theobroma cacao, the chocolate tree. (Tour Photographs) You’re invited to enjoy Chocolate From Branch to Bar, a guided exploration of everything there is to know about how to grow and harvest chocolate fruit, and turn that fruit into your own home-made chocolate.”[Excerpted from Steelgrass Chocolate Farm.]

Yet another delicious excuse to visit the Garden Isle!

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Photo: Model Courtney Murphy poses in a Bernard Callebaut-inspired chocolate dress creation by fashion designer Paul Hardy

Here’s a dress that’s good enough to eat! Literally! Organic too! This dress Paul Hardy designed using Bernard Callebaut chocolate. The dress was created for a Paris fashion show and the Bernard Callebaut Chocolate 25th Anniversary Celebration. Would anyone like a bite?

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Photo:  Health Freedom Alliance illustration

You can have “commercially produced” eggs or you can have organic, but any egg labelled as “commercial organic” is pure bunk!  “Commercially produced” (or “industrial-scale”) organic eggs come from chickens which are packed into tight spaces with “more fowl than foot room.”  Healthly chickens, these are not! 

Even though so-called “commercial organic” chickens are not fed antibiotics, they all are confined in a breeding ground for disease. That’s why the “farmers” who raise “commercial organic” chickens and procure the eggs usually wear “space-age, bacteria protecting, white suits when handling them.”

AND, get this! “Due to these unclean conditions, the USDA has mandated that all organic eggs be bathed in cleaning agents and chlorine. And while many companies tout their cleansers to be organic, it is still bleach – not meant to be consumed nor used on consumables!” [Source: Health Freedom Alliance]

[For more about what’s in organic (versus industrial or commercial) eggs, see “What’s REALLY in Your Eggs?”Be sure to check out “Comments” (link below) for feedback  from TWO separate organic egg producers.

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