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Here’s a list of 10 organic foods that are definitely worth the money (courtesty of  Joseph Mercola, MD).  The WHY is the number of pesticides likely to be on the NON-organic varieties. Sometimes the difference in price between organic and NON-organic is negligible (as for instance strawberries) or considerable (as for instance cucumbers). But, when you see WHAT pesticides and HOW MANY pesticides are on the NON-organic produce in this list, price will likely become irrelevant.

1—Apples:  More pesticides are found on apples than are found on any other fruit or vegetable – a total of 36.

2—Baby Foods:
Generally made from fruits and vegetables treated with chemicals.

3—Butter and milk:
Non-organic milk often contains bovine growth hormone and antibiotics. Cows also eat grains treated with chemicals which can show up in milk.

4—Cantaloupe:  “Cantaloupes often are contaminated by five of the longest-lasting chemicals. Dieldrin, a very toxic and carcinogenic insecticide, still gets taken up through the cantaloupe’s roots even though it was banned in 1974.

5—Cucumbers:  Ranked the 12th most contaminated food and the second in cancer risk due to pesticide content.

6—Grapes:  Treated with numerous chemicals, especially Chilean grapes, which can be sprayed with as many as 17 different pesticides.

7—Green Beans:  Over 60 pesticides are registered for use on green beans in the US alone.

8—Spinach:  Chemicals used on spinach can cause cancer or interfere with hormone production.

9—Strawberries:  Among the most contaminated of all produce.

10—Winter Squash:  Like cantaloupe, can absorb highly toxic Dieldrin from the soil.

[For more information, see “EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce”(Clean 15 versus the Dirty Dozen).]

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Photo:  Health Freedom Alliance “California Ballot Initiative to Label GMO Food”

Did you know that there are basically NO genetically engineered foods (or crops) anywhere in Europe?  In the US 75% of ALL supermarket foods  (including many so-called “natural” foods) are genetically modified or GE-tainted. How has Europe managed to avoid GE or GMO foods (and crops) while the US is all but swamped with them?

The answer is this:
In Europe GE (genetically engineered) foods and ingredients have to be labeled. In the U.S. they do not.” California would like to change that!

“Lawyers representing a broad and unprecedented health, environmental, and consumer coalition, including the Organic Consumers Association, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, Center for Food Safety, Mercola.com, Nature’s Path, Natural News.com, LabelGMOs.org, Food Democracy Now, and the Institute for Responsible Technology” have filed papers with “the California Attorney General’s office to place a Citizens Initiative on the Ballot in November 2012 that would require mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods and food ingredients.”

“If California voters pass this ballot initiative in 2012, it will likely be the beginning of the end for Monsanto and genetically engineered food in the US.” [Source: Health Freedom Alliance]

You can believe the GE or GMO cartels will be fighting back! If this initiative passes in California, other states will inevitably HAVE TO follow! A skull and crossbones might be an appropriate GE logo. Europe proves that labelling GE foods drive them OFF the market.

“The trillion-dollar biotech, supermarket, and food industry are acutely conscious of the fact that North American consumers, like their European counterparts, are wary and suspicious of genetically engineered food–made by out-of-control chemical and biotech companies like Monsanto, Dow, or DuPont….Biotech, food, and grocery corporations are alarmed by the fact that every poll over the last 20 years has shown that 85-95% of American consumers want mandatory labels on genetically engineered foods.” [Source: Health Freedom Alliance]

[For more information, see “California voters in control of GMO labeling initiative.”]

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