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Photo: (top) Monkey or Elephant? (bottom) surplus seeds

Excerpt from “Seeking Africa’s green revolution”:


“From the begging bowl to the bread basket: in just two years, Malawi has gone from famine to food surplus – according to national statistics. Smallholder farmers are being given access to new crop breeds; fertilisers; irrigation systems; and new techniques in crop rotation and soil management.”

Three years ago the African country of Malawi was a dust bowl, like many of its neighbors. But then the Malawi government did something remarkableagainst all recommendations from economists. The Malawi government “gave away” crop seeds for FREE to all farmers. This “give away” did not–as expected by economists–undermine the country’s economy. Instead the economy THRIVED!

Malawi continues to THRIVE today, because everyone in the country is thriving! Not only does everyone in Malawi now have enough to eat, but the country has a surplus of corn to export to other African countries in need of food. “Duh!” to all “nay saying” economists!

[To read FULL ARTICLE, see “Seeking Africa’s green revolution” by BBC science and environment reporter James Morgan.]


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Photo: mural painted on outside wall of used-to-be West Vancouver Capers in Dundarave

There’s a NOTICE POSTED on the outside window of what used-to-be West Vancouver Capers.
It’s a call for COMMUNITY INPUT about the coming changes to the exterior of the building on Marine and 25th in West Vancouver. SHOPPERS DRUG MART has taken over the lease to the building and will be RENNOVATING SOON.

Will the outside mural. (which probably symbolizes the “spirit” and “look” of Dundarave more than anything else), be coming down? Of course the GIANT “CAPERS” letters in the “produce” window will go. Will those be auctioned?

The COMMUNITY MEETING is scheduled for December 2nd, Tuesday of this coming week, 7-9 pm at the West Vancouver Memorial Library (Peter J. Peters Room on the east end of the Main Floor). If you’d like to hear what’s planned, and offer INPUT of your own, Tuesday’s the day. EVERYONE is WELCOME.

[NOTE: Good news! Apparently local Dundarave residents (see “Comments” below) received a letter in the mail recently which clearly states: “the mural will be restored and preserved”.]

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Photo: an artist’s rendering of water from air “machine”
Credit: Image courtesy of American Technion Society

Did you know that “pure water” can be created from thin air? It’s not only possible, but now a reality thanks to a local BC company in Kelowna called Element Four.  

The name of this air-to-water making machine is “EcoMACHINE.”

Here’s more from an online article by Colleen Kimmett, writing for The Hook: Political News Freshly Caught:

The ability to produce clean water out of thin air may seem too good to be true, but one B.C. technology company is garnering international attention for creating a machine that does just that.

Jonathan Ritchey, president of Element Four in Kelowna, brought his invention to New York last weekend for an annual showcase of gadgets that could change the world, according to the editors at Wired magazine.”

This water will definitely be organic!

[To read FULL ARTICLE, see BC tech company pulls water from thin air.”] 

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Photo: GEN-Y entrepreneur and joyTshirt owner, Jeff Woodward
Photographer: Peter Redman/Financial Post

These t-shirts are ORGANIC, but NOT meant to be eaten. Enjoyed, yes. Eaten, no. Instead, joyTshirts are meant to “make the world a better place.” Why? Financial Post writer Daryl-Lynn Carlson has the answer:

“Mr. Woodrow, an artist who has travelled extensively, launched joyTshirt.comwith help from CYBF. He produces organic T-shirts with drawings he has done of faces from around the world. The T-shirts come with a tag that explains who the person is, where they are from and their passion in life. “It’s about promoting peace and equality,” he says. “It’s people wearing random everyday people.”

Mr. Woodrow began with sketches of 18 people he had met on his travels, and has since built his portfolio to nearly 600 faces from around the world by encouraging buyers to upload photos for him to draw.

As well as promoting cultural awareness, Mr. Woodrow wants to establish regional markets in developing countries for his T-shirts and reinvest the proceeds in local businesses that reduce the world’s carbon footprint.”

[To read FULL ARTICLE, see “Gen-Y slow to set up shop.”]

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