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Video: “World’s Best Latte Art”

Pithy and upbeat violin music accompanies this lesson in “latte art” demonstrated by an expert.  Professional barista Luke Shaffer at the 21st Street Coffee and Tea in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania makes this look easy. If you’ve ever tried making lattes into mini-paintings, “easy” it’s not!

For more brilliance, check out 15-year veteran barista Musa’s latte art (Whispers at North Bridge Chicago, Illinois). Hopefully the coffee ORGANIC!

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Photo: Trees Organic Coffee in Yaletown

Have you tried Trees Organic coffee yet? Or the cheese cake? Delicious! Add to taste the fact that Trees Organic coffees are all organic, roasted on premise, fairtrade, shade grown, and bird friendly.

Photo: Inside view of Yaletown Trees Organic

Locations include Downtown Vancouver, Richmond Library & Cultural Centre, Gastown and Yaletown.  Visit Trees Organic online for addresses and hours of operation at each location.

[For more about Trees Organic, see Reviews in the News.]

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Video: “The Scarecrow,” Chipotle’s animated film for a new app-based game

“The Scarecrow” is a brilliant animation! Did you SEE that cow’s eyes?! You may never want to eat meat again! Created by animators at MOONBOT Studios, “The Scarecrow” gets us thinking about what we’re eating, and why–what our choices do to our environment.

 “The Scarecrow” is the companion film for the Chipotle’s new app-based game. The download for the app is free at The Scarecrow Game. The game, and the animated film, is Chipotle’s “call to action” for wholesome, sustainable food–organic, included. If you like the song “Pure Imagination” performed by Grammy Award®–winning artist Fiona Apple, you can download on iTunes.

Chipotle’s Restaurants, found across the US, are known for “Food with Integrity.” What that means: Finding and using only the best possible ingredients—those raised or grown with respect for animals, the environment and farmers. Sustainable, and whenever possible, organic, is Chipotle’s promise to its patrons.

If only Chipotle was across Canada too!

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toothy-dog enlarged

Photo: Kiss for a  happy, healthy dog!
Photographer: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

Your pet may be eating better than you are! Pets have now joined the trend to natural and ORGANIC  food.

“Big-box pet stores and precious pet boutique shelves are increasingly stocked with gourmet edibles that are corn-free, wheat-free, locally sourced, byproduct-free, free-range, minimally processed and raw. Many come with homey, inviting labels, and some look palatable even for humans. At Petco, a number of locations now have a wood-floored store-within-a-store for natural foods.”[Source: Jeannine Stein, Los Angeles Times]

Consumers are more savvy about food these days. Pets are often considered to be “family.” If you don’t  feed your human family refined, processed, UNreal food, why would you do that to your pets.  Join the organic trend!

[To read FULL ARTICLE, see “Pets join in on the organic food trend.”]

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organic-week reduced

Photo:  Illustration from Guelph (Ontario) Organic Conference

Saturday, September 21nd is officially the start of Canada’s fourth National Organic Food Week!  What is “National Organic Food Week”? The short answer is “celebration of all things organic.”

Organic farming continues to grow in Canada! Organic foods are carefully regulated, provide food sources not only good for health, but good for the planet. The Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper (Food and Wine/Life section) provides a special 3-page feature ALL ABOUT ORGANICS, and Canada’s National Organic Food Week.

To learn more about Organic Food Week events across the country, click on the Events Map and pick your Province. You can also follow what’s happening on Facebook, Twitter, and of course on the Organic Week website. [See below.]

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/organicweek

Twitter: http://twitter.com/organicweek

Web: http://www.organicweek.ca

Celebrate organic! Eat ORGANIC, lots and lots of organic!

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Photo:  Mohamed Hage in Lufa Farms (Montreal) rooftop garden

The world’s first rooftop garden farm! That’s what Montreal can celebrate now that Lufa Farms is producing organic vegetables and herbs on a downtown rooftop–and, this is only the beginning! Lufa Farms “vision” is a city of rooftop gardens.

Commercial development and urban sprawl are swallowing farm land in Quebec (and all round Canada and beyond).  Adding greenhouse farms to rooftops may well be the wave of the future, as much from necessity as vision.

We not talking “small” farm either. Check out the size of  this “rooftop garden” in Montreal below:

Photo (AFP Canada): Lufa Farms Montreal rooftop garden farm

This rooftop greenhouse covers 32,300 square feet–spread across 3,000 square metres! Its designers are Kurt Lynn and his partner Mohamed Hage (pictured above). What you can find growing here includes: lettuce, zucchini, eggplant, celery, herbs and bok choy. A fresh scent of coriander and thyme might even reach the streets below, wafting on the breeze!

Lufa Farms produce is not only varied, but plentiful enough to fill 2,000 grocery carts each week! This Montreal greenhouse garden can  supply baskets of greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, spices and other organic edibles for nearly 1,000 Montreal families each week. All Lufa Farms fresh produce is grown without artificial pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. Kudos to Lufa Farms!

[For more about Lufa Farms,  see Toronto Globe and MailRooftop farming gains high ground in Montreal.]

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