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Video: #Anon #NewZ Organic Farmers Sue EVIL CORP MONSANTO (Overview)

This is a MUST WATCH video that will give you a five-minute glimpse at the battle lines being drawn by organic farmers against GMO giant Monsanto Corporation. What is happening to organic farmers, organic food, organic seeds–even the possibility of ORGANIC food or seeds, is critical. Monsanto is a formidable opponent!

More than 300,000 organic farmers are filing suit against corporate GE or GMO agriculture giant Monsanto, which continues to squash independent organic farms from coast to coast.

[For details, see Huffington Post “Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto, Hundreds Converge in Support.”]

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Photo: Jennifer and Robin Delaney, owners of Delaney’s Coffee Houses

We do  love organic coffee on the North Shore!
Delaney’s, where ONLY organic, fair trade coffee is offered, has just won TWO more awards for excellence. Delaney’s Edgemont Village Coffee House has won a “Platinum” North Shore News 2012 Readers’ Choice Award. “Platinum” means this Delaney’s is a Readers’ Choice winner for seven years in a row! Plus Delaney’s Lynn Valley Coffee House won a “Coffee House of the Year” Award. [For a look at the barristas in each of these coffee houses, click on North Shore News 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards.]

Delaneys’ has four coffee houses on the North Shore, including Dundarave, Park Royal, Edgemont Village, Lynn Valley, and one coffee house in Vancouver on Denman Street.  All the coffee is organic, fair trade and always fresh and delicious.  [For more information, visit Delaney’s online.]

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Genetically Engineered, or Genetically Modified, foods–as we all know–remain UNlabelled in stores, making consumer choice to avoid them difficult. Despite this, avoiding GMO foods is in fact sometimes possible, by “reading between the lines.” Which ingredients are usually a “tip off” to GMOs? The Organic Consumers Association can help!

Activists with the Organic Consumers Association’s Millions Against Monsanto campaign went, in 2011, to a Whole Foods Market in San Francisco. Why there? In the US at least, Whole Foods admits it sells GMO foods.  Here’s an excerpt from Whole Foods Market Internal Company Memo, dated  1/30/2011:

“The reality is that no grocery store in the United States, no matter what size or type of business, can claim they are GE-free. … we are not going to mislead our customers with an inaccurate claim…” AND, despite claims to the contrary by shelf stockers in local Canadian Whole Food stores, Canada is likely the same!

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Video:Why Corporate Organic Food Brands Do Not Want to Label Genetically Modified Food”

Even the “good guys” are ‘bad guys”? This video is an eye-opener! Julia Sabin,  President of the Board of Directors at the Organic Trade Association, individually profits from genetically-modified foods GMOs) as a VP and General Manager for Smuckers. The video provides “financial proof” of that and much more.  Have a look! This is definitely a head’s up!  Are “fox” guarding the “hen house”?

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Photo: organic produce by photographer a Michigan Mom

Where to buy “door-to-door” organic food online? Treehugger knows, and provides this list and links for 5 online ORGANIC DELIVERY SERVICES:

1–Door to Door Organics.  (Delivery services across many states in the US, including Colorado, Kansas, and Michigan.) Guaranteed pesticide-free but not always local.

2–Urban Organic. (New York Tri-State area, including New Jersey, Long Island, and Connecticut.)

3–SPUD. (Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery includes northern West Coast: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange County, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and Calgary.)

4–Boxed Greens. (Delivers fresh produce from farms local to Phoenix, Arizona,  but also offer an overnight state and nationwide delivery.)

5–The Green Polka Dot Box. (For more than just produce. Green Polka Dot Box offers organic, natural snacks, condiments, and baking supplies.)

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