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Photo: organic latte art, sunshine in a cup! 

Photo:  an organic and artistic butterfly latte!

If you’ve ever had a coffee bar barista work magic in a cup, you know coffee that not only tastes but LOOKS GOOD can make your day. Whether simple or complicated, designs twisted and twirled in coffee to a recognizable shape is always a delight!

If you want to try this at home, here’s a demonstration of how the “World’s Best Latte Art” is created:

If you need further inspiration, you have  more than ONE MILLION designs to choose from (with your own originals to be added of course): “Latte Art Images.”  Enjoy playing in your latte!

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Video: free range organic turkeys

Oogle a gaggle! Close up and personal. The organic turkeys in this YouTube feature will have you smiling.  The video is a short and humorous glimpse of “conditions” on an organic turkey farm. It’s a good life…fresh air, open space, snacks, water, and comfortable companions.

Have an oogle, and be oogled right back by one really curious turkey! Even turkeys love a camera!  Canadian Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away. You can pick your turkey now, or let your turkey pick you!

Locally,  free-range, organic grain-fed, hormone-AND-anti-biotic-free ORGANIC turkeys  are available from  LadyBugManor Turkey Farm in Aldergrove.

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