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Video: Ray Villafane’s Zombie Pumpkin Garden at NY Botanical Garden

The inimitable Ray Villafane, pumpkin artist, goes BIG this year for a display at the New York Botanical Garden. The theme is “zombies”, perhaps in honor of 2012’s “End of the World” scenario!

Look at the size of the pumpkin Villafane (and his artistic crew) tackled: 1, 872 pounds!

Photo: Villafane and friend with giant pumpkin

Here’s how the same pumpkin looks, as carving starts.

Photo: Giant pumpkin in pieces 

Pumpkin carving with a chain saw?! Daunting, to say the least! But, check out this close up of just ONE part of the NY Botanical Garden display.

Photo: Ray Villafane’s pumpkin zombie

I’ll never feel the same about pumpkin pie again! But, if you’re in New York–be sure not to miss the Villafane display at the Botanical Garden through October 31st!

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Video: Operation Whole Foods Hidden Camera GMO Sting – Bait Organic and Switch to GMO 

This video is a MUST WATCH! Which so-called ‘natural’ or organic-promoting food companies are NOT supporting California’s Proposition 37–which hopes to make labelling of GMO foods law in California. For those who haven’t heard: Proposition 37if passed–will make labelling of ALL GMO foods mandatory. This will only be California to start, but what worries multinationals like Monsanto is that “so goes California, so goes the US.”

Photo: Poster for Proposition 37 initiative on California ballot in Novermber

You’ll be surprised to learn that Whole Foods is one of many multinational companies opposing manadatory labelling of GMO or GE foods! No dollars have been donated by Whole Foods in the US to help pass Proposition 37. In fact, Whole Foods contributions have gone to the opposition.

Other opponents to labelling GMO foods:

“…PepsiCo, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, ConAgra, General Mills, Kellogg and Hershey. Many of these manufacturers own “all natural” brands like Sun Chips, Naked Juice, and Kashi, all of which most likely contain GE ingredients. If Prop 37 passes, no food containing GE ingredients could be labeled “natural”.”

[For more about opponents and why, see Health Freedom Alliance “How Much Confusion can $32 Million Buy.”]

Nearly 50 other nations already make labelling of GE or GMO food mandatory, but NOT the US (or Canada). Right now in the US (and Canada) NO requirements exist to label GE foods. Consumers are left in the dark!

Only this week Russia suspended import or use of American GMO corn, after study revealed cancer risk.

Fingers crossed that Proposition 37 passes in California, despite all the BIG MONEY guns trying to shoot it down. Consumers have a right to know what’s in their food!

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