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Photos: unidentified Russian confectioner’s specialty cakes

Machinery never looked so good, or so appetizing! Everything in these photos is either cake or frosting AND a stunning patience. How long I wonder did these cakes take to make? Are any of the ingredients organic?

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Photo: Robin Delany, owner Delany’s Coffee Houses, pictured at Dundarave Village   ALL Delany’s Coffee Houses are now serving coffees that are FAIR TRADE as well as organic.  

Good news for ORGANIC and FAIR TRADE coffee lovers!

What does FAIR TRADE mean?  

  • Fair price to farmers for products
  • Extra income for farmers and plantation workers to improve lives
  • More environmentally friendly 
  • Closer link between consumers and producers
  • Stronger position for small farmers in world markets.

Source: TransFair (Canada)

All organic brews and blends “on tap” at Delany’s Coffee Houses now support more than just your taste buds. Fair Trade means those who supply organic coffee worldwide–plantation workers and farmers—profit more.  Three cheers for small organic farmers! Ditto for Delany’s!

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