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Richmond Farmers Market 2

Photo: illustration from Edible Vancouver magazine Issue SEVEN

Country Farms Market, on now in Richmond, features “fresh and organic” produce.  It’s open 7 days/week, 9:30 am–8:30 pm. The slogan is “old fashioned prices and friendly service.” Check it out! [For more information, call 604-274-0522.]

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rocky mtn. flatbread 2

Photo: Rocky Mountain Flatbread in Kitsalano

ORGANIC  pizza? Definitely there is that–in Vancouver, on the North Shore and in Canmore, Alberta too. AND you can eat indoors or out in this fabulously warm and sunny Vancouver summer at Rocky Mountain Flatbread.  

On the delightful and information Rocky Mountain Flatbread website you’ll find “10 Ways to Revolutionize Pizza”:

1–Handcraft, 2–No GMo’s, no transfats or additives, 3–Ensure vitamins, 4–ALL NATURAL, 100 % ORGANIC ingredients, 5–One-of-a-Kind recipes, 6–Bake in artisan clay oven, 7–Use produce from Canadian organic farmers, 8–Make with love, 9–Create in local restaurants, and 10–Support local community.

These are the LOCATIONS. [For more information, see ROCKY MOUNTAIN FLATBREAD.]

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Photo: JJ Bean coffee homepage illustration

Whew! What a delicious photo! For all JJ BEAN COFFEE fans, here’s an update from the website:

“JJ Bean has embarked on a New Direction in our mutual journey with coffee. Since Dec 1996, when JJ Bean was founded, we have been dedicated to finding the best coffees and roasting them as often as possible to maximize freshness at our Vancouver roastery, located at Victoria and Powell.”

JJ Bean’s “New Direction:

  1. Six Organic blends of coffee: House Medium, Eastside, Doppio, Caffè Inferno, Espresso Nero, and Decaf House
  2. Two or three of the best single origin coffees available (called our Special Reserves).
  3. Coffee roasted five days a week rather than three.
  4. New graphics and labeling that will tell you all about the coffees.”

[For locations and distributors of JJ Bean, see “Our Stores.”]

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Canada Organic

Photo: illustration by Allison Carter for National Post article, “For the love of organic food–and country”

NEW ORGANIC REGULATIONS are now (as of June 30th) official.  These new regulations will insure (or at least reassure) consumers “that every apple, carrot and milk carton using the word “organic” has been federally certified and contains at least 95% organic ingredients.”

[To read FULL ARTICLE, see “For the love of organic food–and country” by Vanessa Farquharson in the National Post.]

The NEW official LOGO was designed by Allison Carter: ” To help consumers recognize such naturally grown, pesticide-and-hormone-free products, a small sticker or imprint will be placed somewhere on the item bearing an official logo.” [See below.]


Photo: the offical CANADA ORGANIC logo

 [To read FULL TEXT of the new regulations, see Canada Gazette’s “Organic Products Regulations, 2009.”]

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