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Silk Soy Bait and Switch

Photo: illustration from Health Freedom Alliance newsletter alert

Organic is so popular these days that even when a food company giant like Dean (which produces Silk Soy Milk) “switches” from organic to “conventional” sources, no one is notified–neither grocers or consumers. Here’s a “head’s up” from Health Freedom Alliance action network about this “not really organic” soy milk:

“Food company giant Dean Foods got caught trying to fool customers into thinking the Silk brand soy milk they produced was organic. At one point up until early 2009 the milk was made with organic soybeans. But then Dean Foods switched to conventional soybeans which most of the time are grown with pesticides. But somehow they forgot to mention this to anyone. They kept the same bar codes on the milk cartons and kept the label the same, only quietly switching the word “organic” with “natural.” And of course they kept the price the same.

Many retailers and consumers never noticed the bait-and-switch tactic, so they kept buying Silk, thinking it was still organic. The shift on the product label from “organic” to “natural” wasn’t well understood by consumers, either. Many consumers continue to think that the term “natural” is basically the same as “organic,” when in fact they are almost opposites. The term “natural” is entirely unregulated, and almost anything can be claimed to be “natural” even when it’s sprayed with pesticides or treated with other chemicals.”

[To read FULL ARTICLE, see “Food Company Pulls Bait and Switch On Organic Milk.”The Chicago Tribune also ran an article this week about Dean Foods’ “Bait and Switch” tactics.  [To read that article, see “Silk Soy Milk Switcheroo.”]

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Organic Art?


Photo: food sculpture by artist and chef, Jimmy Zhang (San Francisco)

“Where’s the butter?” is obviously not the first thought that comes to mind for artist Jimmy Zhang, when he looks at a loaf of bread.  [To see more of these sculptures, see “Jimmy Zhang’s Food Sculpture.”]

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Photo: Le Whif Cocoa Puffer

Love organic chocolate but hate the calories? Well, Harvard professor David Edwards is your new best friend! Edwards has invented a pipe which lets you LITERALLY inhale chocolate. Here’s more from Gadget Lab:

[This] “cigarette-like chocolate inhaler allows users to take a puff of their favorite treat whenever they want. The product, called Le Whif, is a way to get chocolate without the calories…and it is an experiment and adventure in gastronomy…..Each whiff here fills your your mouth but has less than a calorie and is yet almost all pure chocolate. It tastes good.

Until recently, food particles could not be made small enough to get airborne and not offer the risk of choking says Edwards. But his [Harvard] team claims to have found a way to offer super-tiny particles of chocolate through an inhaler….But the technology means that Le Whif doesn’t come cheap. A pack of 24 Whifs is currently available for about $52 and is available through online orders only. Le Whif will have a launch party in Paris for the product on April 29.”

Stock up now, organic chocolate lovers! [For more information, visit LeWhif.]

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