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Photo: Illustration from “Guide to Eco-Friendly Wines”

If only organic labelling were so easy! In Canada organic wine is a “wine that has been produced from organically grown grapes, but no legal international definition exists. Organic wines are not nessarily sulfate-free, but they have no added sulfates.”  [For more information, see Wines of Canada.]

In the US organic wine is defined as “a wine made from organically grown grapes without any added sulfites”. By this unfortunate restriction, the vast majority of what you and I have been calling organic wines can now only be referred to as “wines made from organic grapes.” [For more from the “Organic Wine Company” (in the South of France), check out “What is an Organic Wine.”]

So, “depends on where you are” is the short answer to “What’s Organic Wine?” But, one thing is sure. Organic wines are more and more in demand. 

Vancouver Yew Restaurant’s sommelier in the Four Seasons Hotel says:

Customers aren’t just asking for any glass of wine. They want something that doesn’t just taste good, but actually does some good, too. Increasingly, they are looking for a buttery Chardonnay or spicy Syrah that’s also organic, biodynamic or, at the very least, sustainably produced.”

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Video: “Farmyard fugitive still on the loose!”

“Don’t fence me in!” could well be the theme song for Yvonne, Germany’s now internationally famous “escaped” cow! “Free run, free range” has been taken to extreme by this cow!

On May 24, 2011 Yvonne ran away from her Bavarian farm. Though she’s been sighted once (running in front of a police car into the forest), no one has been able to find her since. AND people all over the world have been looking! Yvonne-the-cow now has a FACEBOOK page with more than 15,000 friends.

“Ever since, she has been in hiding in the forest and nobody has found her hideaway. Since 10 July, Yvonne is under the protection of Gut Aiderbichl, Europe’s largest animal sanctuary. In her absence, Michael Aufhauser purchased Yvonne to make sure the police or hunters cannot harm her. A shooting ban remains in force until 26 August – hopefully, there’s still enough time to find her. All the keepers at Gut Aiderbichl, veterinaries and anaesthetists are out looking for her around the clock.” [Source:  Gut Aiderbichl]

Yvonne…You go, girl!

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Video: “World’s First Bionic Burger”

Any fast food lovers out there? You need to see this video!  Big Macs from MacDonald’s are definitely NOT ORGANIC–or even anything close. This video includes a list of what’s actually in these “fast food” burgers. The list is CHILLING! Kids are eating these hamburgers! Adults too! 

If you didn’t already have enough reasons to eat ORGANIC, then this video will certainly add more!

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Photo: courtesy of Huffington Post

Can you believe it? A recent poll in the US finds that 60 percent of respondents NOT ONLY prefer ORGANIC, but demand it!

“The greatest preference for organic comes from people age 35 and under, with those respondents citing the desire to support local farmers and the need to avoid toxic material in food as the top reasons for wanting organic.” [Source: Huffington Post]

This is bad news for multi-national chemical food executives. But, for organic farmers AND those of us who want healthy, REAL food, this demand is GREAT NEWS. Let’s keep it up! [To read more about this POLL and its implications, see “Organic: You Know You Want It.”]

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