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Video: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution flash mob

Jamie Oliver is a man with a mission to promote healthy, “preferably organic” food choices for homes and schools  everywhere. This “food revolution” started in the UK, where Oliver launched a crusade against the overprocessed foods served in school cafeterias. After four years of struggle the British government finally came around and spent almost ONE BILLION dollars to provide fresh, healthy foods to millions of kids for lunch.

Next Oliver moved his mission to the US. “Plate by plate, this determined father of three (with a fourth on the way!) wants to freshen up American meals.”  His ABC television show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” chronicles his adventures. Getting healthy, organic food to tables everywhere  is more a  challenge than might be expected!

[For more about the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution, see Oprah’s “Chef on a Mission.”]

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Photo:  Prince Charles and son William on the family’s organic farm

Prince Charles owns an organic farm. That might be one reason “organic” was served at Kate and William’s wedding luncheon earlier this month. But, a larger reason is Charles own long-time commitment to organic farming and food. This past week Charles was a speaker at the Future of Food Conference, held in Washington DC.

In his speech Charles said that “over the past 30 years I have been venturing into extremely dangerous territory by speaking about the future of food. I have all the scars to prove it. Questioning the conventional world view is a risky business.”

In a nutshell the issues are “Understanding of the relationship between food, energy, water and economic security, and then creating policies which reward producers who base their farming systems on these principles.” These issues, critical for us all, are what the conference was all about. The world’s leading experts on food were participants.

[For a short video introduction to the Prince’s remarks, see Washington Post online “The Future of Food”]

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Video: Inside West Vancouver Capers
Videographer: Tanya (formerly of WV Capers “Natural Living”)

West Vancouver Capers lives on…thanks to YouTube!  With Internet, apparently nothing is ever really gone! I happened across this video clip (of our now “ghostly” community market) while googling something else. Enjoy!

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Photo: volunteers-at-work on the organic farm Garden of Eve in Aquebogue (New York)

How about all-you-can-eat organic for a little volunteering on your vacation this year? “Educational, beneficial to your health, and costs nothing” could well describe such a vacation. Organic farmers like Eve at the Garden of Eve in Aquebogue, New York, would be happy to welcome you!

What’s volunteer work on an organic farm like? For one man’s view of such a holiday, see “Free farm holiday if you’re willing to work.”

[For more about opportunities worldwide, see WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms).]

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