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Photo: Capers (Dundarave) mural “photo bombed” by the Alberta squirrel currently an Internet sensation!

What’s “photo bombing”?That’s invading someone else’s photo without their permission or knowledge. The back story for this particular squirrel is this: an Alberta couple was snapping away with an automatic camera when a curious squirrel popped up near the camera to have a closer look.

Thanks to the “Squirrelizer,” this squirrel is now all over Internet. There are literally hundreds of “squirrelized” photos featured online. If you’d like to look, visit Buzzfeed’s “Crasher Squirrel”

[For more information or to join the fun, see The Squirrelizer.

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Photo: from ABC News I-Team Investigates video posted on YouTube, “Whole Foods ‘organic’ food made in China!”

Truth in packaging? Maybe, but ONLY IF you read the fine print! This video is an eye-opener for sure: “Whole Foods ‘organic’ food made in China!” ORGANIC consumers are perhaps too trusting! Either that, or we assume too much! Just because a Whole Foods’ packaged food proclaims “Organic” or “California” on the front does NOT mean that the back won’t read–in tiny print–“Made in China.”  The message of this ABC News expose is clearly “Buyer BE AWARE.”

Though the video ‘outs’ only Whole Foods, there’s an implicit “buyer BE AWARE” for all kinds of organic food shopping in any retail outlet. Read the fine print! Know what you are buying!

[For more information, see “ABC I-Team Investigates: Organic Foods” and “Whole Foods “Organic” food made in China !!!!”]

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Photo: paper versus plastic grocery bags

Which is better for the environment, paper or plastic? The answer may surprise you!

Here’s an excerpt from Treehugger:

 Neither. Both are bad. However, strange as it might seem, plastic wins the number crunching to beat paper, two to one, in Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). But ask that tall guy pictured [below], if plastic is good. We think he might say ‘No.’ Over 100,000 birds and marine life die each year, due to an encounter with plastic debris, much of it plastic bags. In Australia, alone, 80 million plastic bags litter beaches and public spaces. That’s out of nearly 7 billion check-out bags used annually. And because plastic lasts about, oh, say 500 years, when the bird it killed decomposes, the bag is freed to injure another.


But don’t go thinking that paper is much better. Oh no.

It’s been estimated that the US was responsible for the felling of 14 million trees to produce the 10 billion paper grocery bags used back in 1999. Not a figure that is likely to got any less in the meantime. So no, neither bag is greener. But there is another, that is. And it doesn’t require some nerd in a white lab coat to calculate what it might be. Indeed whole towns in Australia figured it out and declared themselves plastic bag free zones. All retailers are refusing to offer single use plastic bags. Their secret to success – it’s the reusable bag. One you use more than once. Simple, really.”

[For more about this “paper versus plastic” controversy, view this video  “Whole Foods Whole Fraud.”]

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Photo: “producers” at Farm House Natural Cheeses (featured in Edible Vancouver magazine)

Say “hello” to this happy quartet. If your summer adventures take you by Agassiz, BC, be sure to stop at Farmhouse Natural Cheese for “handmade” (and goat and/or cow assisted) selections. Choices include brie, camembert, cheddar, gouda and more. Farmhouse Cheeses are something to smile about. Say “cheese”!

[For more information and location, visit Farmhouse Cheeses.]

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Farm Folk Tours0001

Photo: Farm Folk City Folk Tour illustration from Edible Vancouver High Summer 2009

This happens next Saturday, and is the ONLY TOUR scheduled this year! The farms are in Aldergrove. Your “pick up” is from Kitsalano. Price is $80 (with transportation and lunch included). [For more information, call 604-730-0450 or visit Incredible EdibleTours.]

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