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kocf_chocolate_facial enlarged

Photo: Organic dark chocolate facial

Attention chocoholics! Not ONLY does dark chocolate lower blood pressure, cholesterol and generally make you feel good all over, but now you can clean (and nourish) your face with chocolate. Let’s hear it for “multi-tasking”!

Chocolate masks are all the rage overseas. The woman in the photo is in a Notting Hill, United Kingdom salon.

Take heart, though. Here are the steps for a “do-it-yourself” version, generously provided by Wikihow.

How to Make a Chocolate Facial Mask:

1–Heat dark chocolate in a double boiler.
2–Mix salt and 1/4 of a cup milk in a bowl.
3–Remove melted chocolate from heat. Mix melted chocolate with salt/milk mixture.
4–Allow to cool.
5–Apply to your face while cool but not hardened. Before the chocolate becomes hard,
smear on your face and leave it on until it hardens. Relax lying down while waiting.
6–Wash or chip off with a mild cleanser and warm water.

[Tip: be sure to wear clothes you can get dirty. This can be messy!]

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Video: Dance Mob Nation–Amy’s (organic and natural) Kitchen celebrates 25th Anniversary

Celebrate, tap your feet! Dance Mob Nation steps up for Amy’s Kitchen 25th Anniversary flash mob at ExpoWest at the Anaheim Convention Center. Dance Mob Nation provides the moves–customers, the mood!

Amy’s Kitchen, a leading natural frozen food brand, started as a source for convenient, natural vegetarian meals for people who appreciate good food, but are often too busy to cook from scratch.

“This was in 1987, before the idea of “organic” food had become well known, and when there were very few frozen meals available for vegetarians to eat, either in health food stores or supermarkets.”  [Source: Amy’s Kitchen]

Video: Interview with Andy Berliner of Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen makes food the way you do (or should) at home. Only the freshest, organic vegetables,  Non-Genetically Modified (GMO) pastas, beans, grains,  and hormone-free dairy products are used. Everything is made by hand. Amy’s Kitchen is home-cooked cooking, away from home!

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Vidoe: New Ripe Near Me app introduction

Too much zuccini in your garden? More apples than you can eat? Well, how about share, trade, or even sell to other home growers in your neighborhood. There’s a new app to help you find those others. It’s called ‘Ripe Near Me’, and it’s a digital version of a local fruit stand.

Ripe Near Me helps you find (trade, buy, or sell) homegrown fruits and veggies to other growers near you!

Just search Ripe Near Me for specific fruits or veggies, follow whoever is growing what you want–AND you’ll then be notified when what you want is ripe. Others can follow you, or contact you for a trade or purchase of you own homegrown produce. Share, and share alike. It’s a win/win, all round!


Photo: Ripe Near Me app screenshot

This from writer Holly Richmond:

Ripenear.me launched in Australia (hence the charming accent in the video above) and has since spread to the U.S. and parts of Europe [and, lately, to Canada]. But since it’s still in beta, there aren’t many users yet. You can help by posting excess food you’ve grown (or seen on public land). Or if you’re stuck with a black thumb or tiny fire escape, spread the word to your friends with the awesome backyard garden!” [Source: Grist]

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Ah, the  wit and whimsy of food artists! Check out these TWO different food artists, from opposite sides of the world: Malaysian Samantha Lee, and American Terry “Bent Objects” Border. Let’s start with Lee:


Video: Creative Mom’s Amazing Food Art

Who’s Samantha Lee? She’s a stay-at-home mom in Malaysia who--4 years back--started making food into characters for her two daughters. Her art makes meals so inviting, it’s almost a shame to eat the food!

Fortunately, Lee photographs all her mealtime creations and posts to her 200,000 followers on Instagram. Her witty and memorable art as food forays feature movie-themes, superheroes, and celebrities. Here’s an example:

Lee example

Photo: Samantha Lee food art

If you’d like to know how it’s done, check out Samantha Lee’s Facebook for tips!

Now, check out the inimitable Terry “Bent Objects” Border–American artist. The video below is a walk-through Border’s studio where he shows off his creative hilarity with food. I love this guy’s art! 

Video: Bent Objects: Hilarious Food Art

Another example of Terry Border’s delightfully “bent and twisted” food art is below. AND, We’ve featured Border’s art before on Where Else Organic. Check out More “Bent Art” a la Terry Border! 

terry-border-bent-objects-2 duel

Photo: Terry “Bent Objects” Border–toasted!
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Video: The Story of Sole Food Farms
Producer: Point Blank Creative with support of Vancity

Soul food, or Sole Food? Maybe a combination. Sole Food Street Farms transforms —with the blessings of the City of Vancouver–vacant urban land in Vancouver into mini-farms.

The mission is to empower those with limited resources by providing jobs, training, and community support to grow quality—artisan--fruits and vegetables destined for farmers markets, local restaurants, and other retail outlets. By the numbers: Artisan fruits and vegetables are currently available for sale to 37 area restaurants, and to 100 local families. Plus, employment is provided for 26 Downtown Eastside residents.

Next steps coming up! Sole Food Street Farms wants to open permanent produce stands, one at its Main and Terminal orchard, and another at Granville Island Market. The hope is to provide produce AND jobs year-round.

To this end Sole Food has recently launched a ‘crowdfunding’ campaign online at Indiegogo.  The goal is to raise $100,000, and the campaign runs until July 1, 2014. Check it out!

[For more information, see Vancouver street farmers raising funds to help project grow.]

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VIDEO: YouTube “Organic Gardening” Instructions

For the freshest, most nutrient-rich food possible, an organic garden may be the answer. Grow your own organic! 

In the short (and highly instructive) video above,  Scott Meyer (Editor of Organic Gardening Magazine) tells how to grow an ORGANIC vegetable garden.  In our British Columbia climate it’s never too late to start a garden, particularly THIS year.  Sun, sun, sun–with just the right amount of water from the sky mixed in!

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white-cat-eating-grass-in-the-garden reduced

Photo: A little of this, a little of that–all healthy and organic!

Organic only for yourself–then, how about organic for your cats? Cats are “family,” after all. If you need a few tips for “healthy, organic, and environmentally friendly,” here are four recommendations from writer and cat owner Angela Lilly:

1. ORGANIX Adult Cat Food by Castor & Pollux (US) and in Canada     No unrecognizable ingredients or any you wouldn’t eat yourself. Cats love it!

2. Organic Catnip Leaf from West Paw Design (US) and in Canada

3. Organic Cat Grass
Cat grass is a “grow it yourself” product. But, since it’s actually a form of wheatgrass or oats, you could clip a few strands and add them a smoothie for yourself.

4. Whole Life Organics Chicken Cat Treats (US) and in Canada
Only ingredient for these treats is Certified Organic chicken breast.

cat eating grapes

Photo: Let it be organic munchies–for cats?!

[To read FULL ARTICLE, see “My 5 Favorite Organic Products for Cats.”]

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