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Video: The Vegetable Orchestra in action!

If you send musicians to the Market  you may not get lunch, but probably you won’t care! What you’ll get instead is fascination and delight. Carrots make that sound? Even cabbage sounds cool? You’ll be stamping your feet!

What’s the Vegetable Orchestra? It’s a one-of-a-kind orchestra consisting entirely of  instruments made of fresh vegetables! Organic? Maybe, but for sure VEGETABLES only!  (Formed in 1998, The Vegetable Orchestra plays concerts in all over the world.)

Two CDs are now available. The official website tells WHERE TO BUY, as well as all about the making of the instruments and where to see the orchestra perform LIVE. The above video is only an introduction to this remarkable creative collaboration. 

[For more, see Welcome The Vegetable Orchestra.]

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Photo: European Breads organic grains

Photo: European Breads in Vancouver

Tiny organic breads?! This is a new “discovery” on the organic bread shelves! These breads, made by European Breads Bakery, are about half the size of an average loaf. The size is perfect for single folks and those who prefer variety to quatity, when it comes to bread. Thank you Eurpean Breads!

These “Tiny Breads” are made from stone ground, certified organic grains and flours (Anita’s Certified Organic Flour Mill).  Ancient Roman SPELT and Kamut are two “Tiny Bread” choices. Moist and delicious–and just the right size for a quick sandwich! AND, kudos to European Breads “environmentally friendly” packaging. The packaging is biodegradable!

[For LOCATIONS where to buy European Breads, see European Breads Bakery.]

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Photo: Topiaries Montreal Gardens

The sculptures are alive! “Organic,” just NOT eat-able! Even the birds in the foreground are  “rooted,” just like “mega-man” stretching hands over the lake, spilling a waterfall of “vines.” Very cool!

[For more, take  the YouTube video tour: “Montreal Gardens”.]

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Photo: Vancouver Farmers’ Market Jules and Joni with “Smiling Strawberries”  

Be sure to check out local Farmers’ Markets this Canada Day long weekend. Of course there’ll be plenty of organic fruits and vegetables available, but there’ll be more. For starters, you’ll find unprocessed, natural and organic breads, cakes and cookies and other goodies!

Edible Flours, a local Vancouver vegan bakery, will be at the Kitsilano Farmers’ Market this Sunday.  From Edible Flours you have your choice of  “dairy free, egg free, whole grain, unrefined sweeteners, wheat free, gluten free, organic,  and/or soy free” products. Any or all are possible with Edible Flours.  You can even order in advance, if you like,  and pick up your order at the Sunday Market. [For more information, see Edible Flours.]

Kitsilano Farmers’ Market Hours (this weekend):  10 am-2 pm
Location:  Kitsilano Community Centre, West 10th Ave and Larch Street in Vancouver.  [For more information about Kitsilano Farmers’ Market, see EatLocal.]

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