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Photo: contest header from They Draw and Cook website

They Draw and Cook  is running another contest. You can win $500 for your best, most artistically drawn “fig” recipe.  Figs, dried or fresh, are the theme. If you make your recipe organic, that may set you apart from the competition!

This 2011 “Year of the Fig Recipe Contest” is sponsored by Simply Beautiful, Simply Delicious California Figs. $2,000 in cash prizes will be awarded to six They Draw and Cook winners!

1st PLACE PRIZES: $500 for best FRESH FIG recipe and $500 for best DRIED FIG recipe
2nd PLACE PRIZES: $300 for best FRESH FIG recipe and $300 for best DRIED FIG recipe
3rd PLACE PRIZES: $200 for best FRESH FIG recipe and $200 for best DRIED FIG recipe

[For contest requirements, see “2011 Fig Recipe Contest.”]

If you are as handy with a sketchbook as a spatula, you will love this website. In fact, anyone who likes something different will enjoy They Draw and Cook. It’s as visually “delicious” as culinarily delightful!

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Photo: sample menu selection at Google’s Cafe 150

If only we could ALL work at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California! All the food is FREE and all ORGANIC! For employees only, of course.

Here’s more from blogger Sarah J. Gim: 

“Google has taken corporate cafeterias to the next level by providing healthy, organic, non-cafeteria-ish food in a cafeteria setting. Head Chef Nate Keller named the cafeteria “150” because he is dedicated to sourcing ingredients for everything on the menu from within 150 miles of the Google campus.

This is Google’s way of supporting the ideas of sustainable, local, and organic that are so important to the San Francisco Bay Area food culture. Chefs are encouraged to be creative with menus, which may have up to 100 different recipes a day.”

Sounds good to me! Where do I sign up!

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Video: “Valentine’s Chocolate Truffles at Hollyhock”

For some Valentine’s Day organic “deliciousness,” check out the video recipe above. This video is compliments of Cortez Island’s Hollyhock education centre and the “Hippy Gourmet.” In case you haven’t yet explored this wonderfully informative “organic” website, now’s your chance. The Hippy Gourmet is  full of recipes and links, videos and books, ALL about healthy organic living.

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Photo: civet cat and coffee berries

Certified organic “cat poo” in a cup? How’s that  for a “conversation starter” at your local coffee house?

What is cat poo coffee? It’s coffee made from beans eaten and then either spat up or defecated by a civet cat (see photo above).  AND, you can try a cup in Vancouver at Urban Fare, Bean Brothers or Blue Parrot Cafe. (In London cat poo coffee is available in Harrods.) Cost: $30 per cup!

Vancouver-based Doi Chaang Coffee Company is the supplier, one of the most highly rated in the world (by professional tasters).  ALL Doi Chaang coffees are CERTIFIED ORGANIC. In Bangkok cat poo coffee goes for $40 per cup. So, “drink up” in Vancouver! $30 a cup is a bargain!

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