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Photos: Dole Organic

There’s a new tag on Dole pineapples: “Certified Organic.” Like all smoothie addicts, I consume lots and lots of pineapples. But, this is the first time I’ve seen a “Certified Organic” tag on any pineapple. Welcome! Apparently, Dole Pineapple now features an entirely “Organic” Program.

Here’s more from the Dole website:

“Dole produces organically-grown bananas in its own farms and sources from independent organic growers located in Honduras, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Peru for the European and North American Markets and recently in the Philippines for the Asian Market. 100% of Dole’s organic bananas are certified organic and follow the organic production standards as set by the law in the US, EU or Japan.

Dole is also working on an Organic Pineapple Program, a limited volume of which is now available in US, Canada and Europe. Consumers can find these under Dole’s “YOURCHOICE” label or “Dole Organic” label.”

[For more information, see Dole Organic Program.]

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 Photo: “Vegetable Orchestra” performing LIVE!

Presenting the Vegetable Orchestra LIVE! Yeah, really! All instruments played in this orchestra are VEGETABLES!  Good beat! Great vibe! Organic or not, the Vegetable Orchestra rocks!

Here’s the WEBSITE: Vegetable Orchestra

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Photo: Gisele Rasmussen, owner Facial Fitness Vancouver

This is from Gisele Rasmussen (owner of Facial Fitness Vancouver): “When I first started using Bioethique “Certified Organic” creams, I noticed after only a few days I could not use NON-organic body creams on my body anymoreAfter being introduced to ORGANIC, my body refused to have anything else! My body was saying, “Forget about it! You’re NOT putting that old stuff on me anymore! No way!”  I was surprised, but I got the message. Organic ONLY from now on for my body!

I tried Bioethique Certified Organic hand cream for about two weeks, when someone touching my hand said, “Oh my gawd, your hands are so soft!” When do you ever get compliments on how soft your hands are? I mean, especially at this age! I’m 55 years old! That’s what Certified Organic skin care products do.

France is where the best essential oils in the world are produced.  All of the products in the Bioethique line are made in France AND “Certified Organic.” What “Certified Organic” means, according to the French Certification Board, is this:

1) Your lab needs to be green;
2) Your containers need to be green;
3) Your brochures need to be green; and of course, obviously!
4) Your ingredients need to be green.

Bioethique skin care products are made with the best of the best ingredients, ALL green, ALL Certified Organic! I’m so impressed with Bioethique Certified Organic skin care products that I’m now carrying them in my salon, Facial Fitness Vancouver. These products are fabulous!”

[For more information, visit Bioethique, or call Facial Fitness Vancouver: 604-731-0044.

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Photo: WV Capers in Dundave (British Columbia)

This BLOG started to “give people in the community a voice,” an opportunity to celebrate a much loved COMMUNITY organic food market: West Vancouver Capers. Capers is now–as a store in Dundarave–GONE. The “spirit,” however, and the Capers “to love and feed people” original intent still LIVES–and GROWS!

What started as a celebration of West Vancouver Capers Community Market has since morphed into a source for “all things organic” WORLDWIDE. Thanks to Internet there are NO boundaries anymore!  Whether you’re an organic producer, or shopper, or simply interested observer–let us hear from you. We’ll add your leads for “Where Else ORGANIC?” to the BLOG.  

Email ORGANIC leads and news to: newpostings@gmail.com.

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