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Photo: Antwerp Central Station (Belgium) just before Flash Mob “Sound of Music”

Photo: participants in “T-Mobile” Flash Mob commercial

Happy time!  To get you in the spirit of  Christmas “Joy to the World,”  here are LINKS to some of the more memorable Flash Mobs of the last year or so…starting first with the now famous “Sound of Music” inAntwerp Central Station.

For more, see “Elf Yourself Dancing Flash Mob Invades NYC” and Vancouver 2010 Olympics Robson street flash mob and Flash Mob “Worshiping the Purdue Engineering Fountain” and The T-Mobile Dance.”

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Photo: Capers founder Russell Precious cheese cake delight.  Russell’s and wife Teresa’s original recipe! (“used with permission.”)
Indulge yourself with a little cheescake from Capers founder Russell Precious and his wife Teresa!

This recipe is featured in Capers 1993 recipe book,  To Love and Feed People. If you search, copies are still be found online. This delightful and charmingly artistic book consists of original recipes, drawings, and lots of organic food tips. Might take you awhile online, but the search is definitely worth your time!

Meanwhile, enjoy this Precious sample from Russell and Teresa! Capers “original” cheesecake!


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Video: Interactive singing horses

The harmony is ALL organic! AND you are the musician! Make music with this humorously interactive animation. This is a “warm up” for your ear. Christmas carols are just around the corner!

Here’s the LINK: Singing Horses. Click on horses noses (on and off)  to create endlessly variable harmonies!

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