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Photo: “Pearl” by surrealist painter Vladimr Kush

Organically weird and wonderful! I just LOVE this artist’s paintings! Vladimr Kush’s “surrealist eye” makes us all look anew at everything in Nature! AND the three paintings illustrated here are only a tiny sample of his output!

tumblr_m47hlmzzBi1rn5wg4o1_500 apple and butterfly

Photo: “Apple” by surrealist painter Vladimr Kush

If grocery store apples always sported butterflies on stems, then ORGANIC “certification” would NEVER be in doubt!


Photo: “Bananas” by surrealist painter Vladimr Kush

This painting makes me laugh! In Canada there’s a lake that looks EXACTLY like this, except canoes are perched on the shore. Or, maybe those weren’t canoes–but bananas!

[For more Vladimr Kush artwork (paintings, sculptures, interactive books etc. etc.), check out his website: Vladimr Kush. Enjoy!]

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chocolate_cafe sharpened 2

Photo: Cocoa West, Organic Chocolate Cafe on Bowen Island

Could there be another reason for giving your sweetheart chocolates on Valentine’s Day, besides the romantic? Yes, absolutely! The reason is chocolate “cures” stress. This is scientific fact, apparently.

In a recent clinical trial the ACS’ Journal of Proteome Research found that eating “an ounce and a half of dark chocolate a day for two weeks reduced levels of stress hormones in the bodies of people feeling highly stressed.” Chocolate partially corrects biochemical imbalances. How cool is that! This comes from a Health Freedom Alliance newsletter article called the “Chocolate Cure.”

So, eat your chocolate! And we know just the place for your romantic, “stress reducing” get-away! It’s the Organic Chocolate Café on Bowen Island, Cocoa West. You can even stay in a room called the “Chocolate Suite.” Forget the Bed and Breakfast, try a Bed and Chocolate!

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kevin-camia enlarged

Photo: San Francisco comedian Kevin Camia with unidentified feline friend

“Free-range asparagus? Eggs from chickens raised by both parents?” This, according to comedian Kevin Camia, is “The Whole Foods conspiracy.” It’s a hilarious spin on “whole” or “organic” food!

Who is Kevin Camia? He’s a stand up comic who’s been featured on Comedy Central’s ‘Live at Gotham’,  AZN’s ‘Asia Street Comedy’, Rooftop’s Aspen Comedy Festival, and the SF Sketchfest.  Carnia’s brand of comedy is dry wit and social satire. In short, Camia is a funny,  funny guy. Enjoy “The Whole Foods conspiracy!”

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frankenfood-enlarged sharpened

Photo:  GE (Genetically Modified) Frankenfood humor in seasonal colors

How to avoid GE (genetically engineered) or GMO (Genetically Modified) food? The short answer is ONLY eat food LABELLED as “organic” or “certified organic.” GE foods are currently UNlabelled, and hidden in pre-packaged foods under catagories such as “corn” or “soy” or “canola.” If ingredients in pre-packaged food are NOT labelled as “organic” or “certified organic,” then what you are eating is GMO or genetically engineered. For a complete list of foods to avoid, see “Non-GMO Shopping Guide.”

Much more than avoidance is required, though. GMO’s are UNhealthy, destroy the enviroment and small farmers.  The politics are chilling! According to the Health Freedom Alliance, the GMO cartel has a near monopoly over food worldwide. “Scientists under Attack” is a 2011 documentary about GMO foods and the GMO cartel. [To view the trailer, click on  Avoid GMO Food -Buy organic or Grow your own.”] Or, watch documentary FREE online: “Scientists under Attack.”

[For further updates about GE foods, see “FDA Ignored OWN Scientist Warnings About GMOs.”]
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Video: Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

The Vegetable Orchestra of Vienna recently played a concert in honor of the 100th anniversary of the San Miguel Market in Madrid. Some of the instruments were even carved from food sold in the Market!

Vegetable concerts are concert you’re unlikely to forget! The music AND ALL THE  INSTRUMENTS  for the entire  orchestra consist of instruments made entirely from vegetables!  The musicians themselves handpick and fashion all the vegetables into playable delight. The musicians of the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra have been playing perishable concerts together worldwide since 1998. What started as a lark is now a tradition.

Not only do you get to hear upbeat and imaginative musical performances, but at the end of each concert ALL the instruments and chopped up and made into soup for concert go-ers! Fresh–only slightly used–organic, anyone?!

[For more about carrot, cabbage, pepper, cucumber selection, making and performing the vegetable instruments , see Vienna Vegetable Orchestra Plays Madrid.]

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Photo: Illustration from Natural News

The “To Label or Not to Label” GMO food battles continue across the US and Canada with no end in sight. But, all is not lost for those of us who do NOT want to eat genetically engineered foods!

Here are six steps—recommended by Natural News—to easily avoid common Genetically Modified (GMO) or Genetically Engineered (GE) foods:

1—Avoid the processed food aisle in your local grocery! Processed, packaged foods—unless specifically labeled as “certified organic”--all contain some form of corn, cottonseed, canola or soy. All these are typically GMO. Look closely at those packages of cookies, crackers or other snack food.

2—Check the PLU product codes on all vegetables and fruits—and avoid any that start with an “8”. Those are GMO.  Also avoid any four-digit PLU. Those are “conventional,” which means not technically GMO, but still might contain toxic residues or pesticides.

Look for five-digit PLU codes starting with “9”. Those are certified organic.

3—Check that any added sugar is from “cane” and not “evaporated cane juice.” Ninety percent of sugar beet crop in the US is GMO!  Pure stevia extract and agave nectar are also non-GMO, and safe as a sugar substitute.

4—Any artificial sweetener added is likely a GMO. The sugar substitute “aspartame” is produced using genetically modified bacterial strains of E.coli. Avoid aspartame at all costs!

5—All-too-common additives like citric acid, maltodextrin and xanthan gum are GMO, and should be avoided. Good luck, though, finding any packaged food without any of these! Same problem with supplements! Try to avoid flavor enhancers, sweeteners, thickens.

6—Avoid all dairy products that are NOT organic, or that specifically contain a “No rBGH” label. What “rBGH” is, is artificial growth hormone.

Follow these six steps to avoid GMO foods. Your feeling of well-being and health will thank you!

[For more information, see Six easy steps to avoid common genetically modified foods.]
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water world 2 enlarged

Photo: Liquid Sculpture/high speed photography of a drop of water/world
Photographer/Artist: Martin Waugh

Maybe this is not the question to ask after all those New Year celebrations: “Are you sure you drink enough”? Water! Water! Thirst means you’re dehydrated, ALREADY SHORT one litre of water just to function. Tired generally means dehydrated. Unfocused, likewise. More than eighty percent of the body is water. For the brain that’s more than ninety!

Remarkable we don’t all make sloshing sounds when we walk around!

Caffeine dehydrates (but pleasurably for some of us!). For every cup of black tea or coffee (or bar of chocolate–preferably organic dark!) consumed, add a cup of water as a chaser just to stay even physically and mentally.

The BIG SECRET is to start every day by drinking at least ONE LITRE of WATER (on a completely empty stomach), and to avoid eating anything whatever for ONE HOUR afterwards. This gives your body a chance to clear all toxins (accummulated while you slept), and to hydrate ALL your cells, freshen your digestion and be ready for all those delicious organic foods you’ll be consuming.  For overall health, energy and mental clarity, the “Amazing Water Therapy” cannot be beat! [For more information, see The Amazing Water Therapy.]

Here are two informative and well-researched books: 1) Your Body’s Many Cries for Water. Even aches and pains can often be ELIMINATED almost INSTANTLY with water; and 2) Miraculous Messages from Water. Thoughts we think, what we feel and even our intentions affect water at the MOLECULAR level. This book illustrates that with experiments and breathtaking! photos.

So, drink up! Your body will thank you. You’ll be able to boogie longer–and in much better condition!

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