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Photo: Huffington Post illustration for castoreum

A recent Huffington Post article “6 Ingredients You May Not Want In Your Food” will give pause even to savvy foodies.  These days it’s hard to know what we’re eating or drinking. Why?

“Let’s call it “foodiness.” Like Stephen Colbert’s truthiness, which wasn’t about truth, we’re not consuming food as much as we’re consuming an edible manufactured doppelganger designed to look and taste like food, but isn’t actually food: like veggie puffs with no vegetables; fruit bars with no fruit; like goldfish crackers with no goldfish.” [Source: Huffington Post]

See the beaver above. Well, if you like artificially raspberry-flavored cheap ice cream, jello, fruit-flavored drinks or yogurts, you’ve been eating from that beaver’s behind. Seriously! That artificial raspberry flavoring is “castoreum,” and extracted from beaver anal glands. Yum, or yuk?

Do you drink regular milk? Well, then ORGANIC only for sure! If you drink non-organic dairy, you get estrogen, those hormones the milk industry uses to “keep cows knocked up and lactating all year round.” Gross, huh?

Four  more “foodie” ingredients to avoid are these:

1–Butane, used in chicken nuggets to keep them “fresh” tasting.

2–Propylene Glycol (antifreeze), used in cake mix, low-fat ice creams, salad dressings, dog food.

3–Spinach Dust, used in vegetable-flavored snack foods.

4–Wood Pulp: Vanillin, used in artificially-flavored yogurt, baked goods, candy, sodas.

[To read FULL ARTICLE, see “6 Ingredients You May Not Want in Your Food.”]

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Video: Rijksmuseum Holland “flash mob” for Art 

The only “organic food” in this video is running loose in a shopping mall. It’s a chicken flushed from hiding by performers in the most imaginative art museum advertising I’ve ever seen! This video is exhiliarating!

Rijksmuseum Holland had an idea: “Let’s bring art to people and then, hopefully, they’ll come to see more at the museum. The museum took one Rembrandt painting from 1642–Guards of the Night–and brought to life all the characters! These Rijksmuseum Holland  performers then went “live” in a busy mall.

The rest you can see for yourself in the video above. Kudos, Rijksmuseum Holland!

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