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Photo: Halloween treats

An organic “trick or treat” this Halloween? It’s about time!  A small but growing number of parents across North America are going green and organic this year by handing out organic treats, “carrying reusable trick-or-treat bags, making their own face paint and decorations and swapping used costumes.”

Producers are responding to this “green and organic” shift.  A door has opened for makers of organic products to share more of the rewards of the $5.8 billion plus Halloween market.

“Just this year, Annie’s Homegrown launched a new line of trick-or-treat-sized organic fruit snacks. Then there’s salty-snack purveyor Snyder’s of Hanover, which this year came out with Halloween treat bags for its pretzels; Nature’s Path, which introduced bite-sized organic crispy rice bars; and LaraBar, which started making mini granola bars — all for Halloween buyers.” [To read more about this current organic “Trick or Treat” trend, see “Halloween takes on a shade of eco-friendly green.”]

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 Organizers of the apple festival  include Anne Gartshore (left), one of the founders, Brendan Fisher,  Food Garden curator, and Marg Lawrence.

Photo: Organizers of the UBC Apple Festival include Anne Gartshore (left), one of the founders, Brendan Fisher, Food Garden curator, and Marg Lawrence.
Photographer: Jon Murray, Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Sun

An apple a day” can do more than “keep the doctor away.” With more than 7,500 different varieties of apples available worldwide, you could chomp one a day for years and never have the same kind twice!

Sunday’s Apple Festival at UBC’s Botanical Garden gives you a chance to sample apples you’ve never tasted before. The apples are organic, and everyone leaves with a bag of apples. For UBC’s Botanical Garden this Festival is a FUNDRAISER, a celebration of APPLES of all kinds, and the Botanical Garden’s 20th anniversary.

As many as 14,000 people are expected. The Apple Festival is the most popular of any fundraiser the garden puts on, bigger than the tropical plant sale and more of a draw than the perennial sale, which has lost a lot of its appeal in recent years and is about to be revamped, perhaps even replaced, by the Friends of the Garden (FOGs), the volunteer group that organizes all these money-making projects.”

This is your chance to sample a wide range of apples , “60 cultivars at least, including dozens of historic heirloom kinds like ‘Belle de Boskoop’, ‘King of Tompkin’, ‘Bramley’s Seedling’, and ‘Kidd’s Orange Red.'”

[For more information, see “Appeal of the Apple Festival.”]

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Video: “The Life and Death of a Pumpkin (the original)” 
Winner:  Best Short Film and Best Concept, 2006 Chicago Horror Film Festival, October (Chicago, IL)
(A cherished holiday from a new and horrible perspective. Brought to you by Blame Society Productions.)

“Tis the Season” soon for hacking and cutting up pumpkins, organic and otherwise! This video gives a different spin to the tradition. It’s the pumpkin’s point view. Memorable! You’ll never wield the knife with the same insensitivity again!

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