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Photo: from Livia Skin Care homepage

Raw and organic? Now you can do more than eat that. You can smear “raw and organic” on your face. A product developed in Salt Lake City, Utah is now available in Canada: Livia Skin Care.

Thanks to Celia Milne of Metro News for the head’ up about this new organic skin care product. Her article in Metro News earlier this week featured Livia. [To read FULL ARTICLE, see Skin care goes raw.]

Here’s more from the Livia Skin Care online:

“Our All Natural Skincare is infused with every raw, essential ingredient already recognized by the most basic layers of the skin as nutritious. With Livia Pure Skin Care, we feed your skin with the utmost in raw, organic, all natural and wildcrafted nutrition, known for corrective, potent and beautifying results.”

Prices range from $35 to $75, which is fairly standard for organic skin care products. [For more information, visit Livia Skin Care.]

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[For more information or registration, see HANS.]

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Photo: Organics@Home ORGANIC delivery service, brochure cover

This brochure arrived in the mail in the same envelope as a bank statement earlier this month. Advertising OTHER THAN bank offerings coming in the mail with statements?! How weird is that? Things are worse than I thought for the banking industry in this “economic downturn”!

All the same, an ORGANIC delivery service is certainly welcome. Not only does Organics@ Home deliver, but you can shop directly from a warehouse in North Vancouver on Saturdays. The address is 1479 Hunter Street. Hours are 9 am — 4 pm, every Saturday.

[For more information, call 604-983-6657.]  AND let us know your experience with this organic delivery service. Good, bad, indifferent? Fabulous?

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Photo: in store “certified organic food” sign

What is ORGANIC food, certified or otherwise? What can stores claim? Who regulates that? All those questions and more are answered on the Canadian Food Standards Agency website under this heading:  Organic Food.

Here are some of the questions answered on the website:

  • How is organic food production regulated?
  • Who controls the standards for organic food production?
  • How should organic food be labelled?
  • Is organic food safer than other food?
  • How are pesticide residues and additives controlled in food?
  • Is organic food and milk more nutritious?
  • Isn’t there evidence that organic food is safer and more nutritious?
  • [For the answers to these questions, see Canadian Food Standards Agency.]

    Shared Vision magazine (soon to be called something else but “Shared Vision”) also features an article this month about “Canada’s new organic regulations”: “National Standards, Eh?” 

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    Photo: Choices Markets advertisement in Shared Vision Magazine

    Choices Markets’ “Wellness Series” for 2009 is about to begin. The first lecture is on January 9th, 7–8:30 pm in the Fireside Room of  the Canadian Memorial United Church & Centre for Peace, 1825 W.16th Avenue, Vancouver.

    The subject  is “The Power of Whole Food Nutrition.” [For more information, see “News & Upcoming Events” on Choices Markets website.]

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    Photo: illustration from Organic Pharmacy

    I’ve just found–while Googling something else–an online ORGANIC pharmacy that stocks even hard-to-find ORGANIC supplements and other  products. It’s called, appropriately enough,  Organic Pharmacy.

    Here’s the “welcome” that awaits on Organic Pharmacy:

    “We are real, live human beings at the Organic Pharmacy. That may sound funny, but too often Internet organizations are primarily automated, impersonal monoliths. Not here. We do have a heartbeat, plus we are easy to contact. We truly welcome your inquiries. We are here to help you!

    Also, unlike most Internet supplement providers, we (and our handful of drop shipment manufacturers) actually stock the products offered.  In most cases, we process and ship your package(s) within 48 hours of receiving your order (Monday through Friday).  We do not have a ‘fulfillment subcontractor’ who may or may not be able to deliver your order promptly, if at all.”

    I love that! Real people, on Internet! What a concept!

    [To find out more. see ORGANIC PHARMACY.]

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