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Photo: ABC News http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/story?id=4683795

Food prices are on the rise, even here in CANADA now! Canada’s“free ride” for stable food prices is nearly over. More and more front page articles trumpet the whys, the whens and the what to expect.

The Globe and Mail (Business Section) featured this article recently: “Why grocery bills are set to soar.”  Here’s the “lead in” for the article: 

“Canada’s near-free-ride on food inflation is coming to an end and consumers better brace for some steep increases in their grocery bills.

Food prices have been largely flat for months, mainly because of the surging Canadian dollar, which has reduced the cost of importing products from the United States such as fruits and vegetables.”

For more of this article by writer Paul Waldie: click here.

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 Photo: George Angelopulos, Sales Manager “360 Vodka”

Photo: Allison Evanow, founder and CEO of “Square One Organic Spirits”

“Will organic vodka save the planet?” That was the lead for an article by Beppi Crosariol Decanter in Globe and Mail recently. Then, just today, yet another another article appeared–this time is The Vancouver Province: “Vodka that can save the Planet”? (by Kate Webb, staff reporter)

Even the bottles (for 360 Vodka) are “earth-friendly, made from 85 percent recycled glass (the highest percentage possible). According to George Angelopulos (pictured above), “Our vodka is organic and brewed with grains grown entirely within a 150-kilometer radius of the factory.  You get a bottle from Russia or France that takes a lot of energy to get here. This (360 Vodka) is all about local and sustainable.”

So, drink up, all you environmentally-friendly, organic celebrating vodka lovers!

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Graph: Globe and Mail “Against the Grain,” Business Secion, April 17, 2008

This graph and the accompanying Globe and Mail article  “Against the Grain” by Geoffrey York (and reporters: Heather Scoffield in Ottawa, Marina Strauss in Toronto) illustrate WHY and HOW lucky we are here in Canada.

Food inflation is happening worldwide, most prominently in China. But here in Canada the only indication so far are minor price increases, like the cost of bagels in local coffee shops!

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Photo: Globe and Mail article “The new global menace: food inflation”
Photographer: Associated Press Photo/Aaron Favila

Food (organic and otherwise) is making the FRONT PAGES of newspapers worldwide just now. The cost of food is exploding everwhere. Two Canadian newspapers, Globe and Mail (Saturdays, March 29, 2008 and April 12, 2008) and National Post (Friday, April 11, 2008), feature long articles about this expanding worldwide crisis.

Here’s the lead in for today’s front page Globe and Mail (“Why Costs are Climbing”) article by Eric Reguly:

“The forces driving the global food crisis>>Swelling population>>Soaring energy prices>>Middle-class hunger for meat>>Competition from biofuels>>Hot money in commodities.”

The front page article in National Post by Kevin Libin focuses on the challenges posed to food production by biofuels: “Biofuels go from saviour to villian.”

Price increases are already being felt locally by you and me, even in coffee shops. Muffins and bagels cost more. Everything made from wheat, rice or corn costs more now, and will continue to cost more.

Link to Globe and Mail article: “The New Global Manace: Food Inflation.”  Have a read. This affects you! This affects us ALL! 

Photo: Indonesians queue up to buy cooking oil. from the Globe and Mail, April 12.
Photographer: Dita Alangkara/Associated Press

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Charts: (above) Organic Industry Structure (below) Acquisitions and Mergers

Here’s a link to the “who’s who” of players “calling the shots” in the Organic Food Industry. The chart above (structure) is excerpted from this link, along with the chart below (acquistitions and mergers) and in detail. Wowie!

For sure check out this link. Look who OWNS ORGANICS! Very interesting!

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diane with fish

Photo: Diane Latimore aka the “Fish Maestro”

All you fish fans out there! Our “Fish Maestro” Diane Latimore, (previously at West Van Capers for 16 years until Wild Oats merger with Whole Foods moved her to Park Royal) is NOW moving back again to Capers. But, this time her location will be in downtown Vancouver, Capers Kitsilano (Whole Foods) store.

Tomorrow, April 12th, is Diane’s last day at Whole Foods Park Royal. Stop in a say “Good-bye”! She will for sure miss all her “regulars” on the North Shore! Be sure to visit her in Kitsilano!

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